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  • 100 Million iPhones Could Ship By Years End

    Stop and think about that headline for a moment. Apple's grand total number of iPhones shipped during 2011 could reach 100 million units.

    What else sells that much anything in a year? Bananas? Individual Skittles?

    Shipping that many units doesn't guarantee sales of that many units, but even so, what other industry that deals in electronics does those kind of numbers? Record labels in their heyday were happy shipping 5-10 million units world wide. Now labels are lucky if an Artist's album goes gold (500,000 copies).

    A better comparison would probably be video game consoles. The best selling console of all time, the Playstation 2, took 5 years to reach 100 million units sold, and as of this year has sold 150 million units in its lifetime. Apple, this year alone, will ship nearly 100 million phones and they aren't cheap at $200 with a contract, and more than three times that without one.

    Even though thats an unfair comparison, not everyone needs a video game console, the point is we'll all be there to buy the next iPhone, and the next one after that. Man I should have bought some Apple stock back in 2007.

    Source: Digitimes
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      That... is a ridiculous amount of phones. Maybe Old Steve can loan the US government some money afterwards.
      U.S. government debt is in trillions, quite a lot more than the billions Apple's got. The war cost U.S. billions a day, that means Apple can support a couple of days war.
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      I'm pretty sure he was leaning more towards the OS.
      Thank you!
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      Thank you!