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  • 10-Year Old Hacker Demos iOS and Android Exploit at DefCon

    A 10-year old hacker, going by the name of CyFi, demonstrated an iOS and Android hack to the DefCon Kids section of the conference today.

    The exploit is exceedingly simple, and leave it to a 10-year old to figure it out. CyFi was sick of waiting for her crops to grow in an unnamed game (*cough*farmville*cough*). Being a kid, and by nature impatient, she set the clock forward on her iPhone and presto her crops were already grown!

    Manipulating time in games is nothing new, and many developers have coded against such an exploit. However, CyFi discovered disconnecting the phone from wi-fi and making smaller incremental time adjustments circumvented most blockades.

    To top it off CyFi is "an artist who has performed an improvised, 10-minute-long spoken word piece in front of 1,000 people at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a Girl Scout, and a state-ranked downhill skier." What doesn't this girl do?

    Source: CNET
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    1. bigliquid530's Avatar
      bigliquid530 -
      I know alot of people are hating on her but she has accomplished alot by the age of 10
    1. AkkeDaBest's Avatar
      AkkeDaBest -
      Quote Originally Posted by fatherq View Post
      wonder what were you doing when you were 10..
      And I was actually CODING hacks in Visual Basic to a game called WarRock back when I was 10...
    1. RC_OZ's Avatar
      RC_OZ -
      "10-minute-long spoken word piece in front of 1,000 people",

      That's pretty cool for a 10 year old!
    1. boxxa's Avatar
      boxxa -
      The title is a bit misleading. I came here thinking that some 10 year old exploited the device itself, not just a improperly coded game.
    1. hadzo's Avatar
      hadzo -
      Guys stop getting all technical, it's a 10 year old kid unlike most other 10 year old kids. Good luck to her!
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by raduga View Post
      She may not be a hacker, but she already embodies two of the three principal virtues of a programmer,
      and "using computers in ways they were not intended" is the garden path from which all hackery springs.
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Quote Originally Posted by korbyn8495 View Post
      Reminds me of the 'exploit' that people use to keep their iTunes rentals forever (which I believe still works) rent a movie, set your years on the computer's clock back, and keep the rental 'forever'
      Or you could set the date a year forward, rent the movie then go back to the real date
    1. swarley!'s Avatar
      swarley! -
      Quote Originally Posted by SwatPac View Post
      Pretty cool, although it doesn't seem like a "hack" to me. I would label this a "glitch" or "cheat".
      Yeah, agreed.
      When I think of hacking I think of code and exploits... not a time change.
      I did the same at 10
      And I am... in no way... a hacker.
    1. Trex03's Avatar
      Trex03 -
      This is pretty cool because of the fact that she's only 10 years old and because she is a very athletic and active girl. This thing obviously isn't anywhere near groundbreaking, but it's still quite interesting.
    1. syedsufyan's Avatar
      syedsufyan -
      This is a useless hack. When I had an iPod Touch when I was 9 (I'm twelve right now), I used to do this all the time. I don't know what is so special. I read the title and thought it would be something amazon. And it is not an "exploit"
    1. back9player's Avatar
      back9player -
      Quote Originally Posted by syedsufyan View Post
      This is a useless hack. When I had an iPod Touch when I was 9 (I'm twelve right now), I used to do this all the time. I don't know what is so special. I read the title and thought it would be something amazon. And it is not an "exploit"
      Because she's 10 AND a girl?

      Although I think people should cut her some slack...
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      "Waaaaa! This article made me read, and I didn't want to! Do you know how much important stuff I missed out on?!"

      Do yourself a favor guys, hack yourselves some free tickets to a weekend at the spa.
    1. raduga's Avatar
      raduga -
      When I was a 10 year old girl, I used to hack AOL floppies, and reformat them!!!
      And draw KEWT pictures of bunnies in pink highlighter on the sleeve!

      But this one time, in band camp, I...
    1. KartRacer's Avatar
      KartRacer -
      She discovered a bug. There is no 'hacking' here. She is not a 'hacker'. She did nothing to modify the game code, she didn't redirect its' functions to accomplish anything that wasn't intended. Why people are giving this girl kudos and calling here a 'hacker' is stupid. Those people are stupid. All this girl did was discover a bug in the software to make crops grow. That's it. Stop giving praise where it isn't warranted.