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  • iStartupMovie: Play Clip Upon SpringBoard Launch Or Respring

    If you remember from about a month ago, a developer brought startup sound customization to iOS with his application iStartupSound. Although this application is not a staple function for iOS users, it is a fun tweak that gives you some unique customization to your iDevice. Vladislav Korotnev (@vladkorotnev) has recently released his second "sequel" to his line of startup applications called iStartupMovie. His new application once again brings a unique feature to the startup genre.

    Just as the title says, iStartupMovie allows movie or video clips to play on your device during startup or respring. Whenever you reboot, shutdown and turn on, or even respring your device, whatever clip you have chosen will play before the SpringBoard displays on your device.

    The videos files must be in .mov/.m4v format and placed on your device via SSH. Here's the SSH location:
    To choose what clips play, use the iStartupMovie Manager application that will appear on your SpringBoard after installation.

    Note: Since the SpringBoard will not display until the clip is finished playing, a word of advice: keep your clip short and sweet.

    Try iStartupMovie out on Cydia (on the BigBoss repo) and post your thoughts here: it is compatible on all iDevices and firmwares (has not been tested on the iOS 5 beta - testing and using on a beta is done at your own risk. Note the consequences and risks of testing software on a beta that has unconfirmed compatibility). It is also free, however the creator is accepting donations if you so desire. Donate to him here.

    Name: iStartupMovie
    Author: Vladislav Korotnev
    Version: 1.0.0-10
    Price: Free

    Keep up to date with iStartupMovie and other projects by the author by following Vladislav Korotnev (@vladkorotnev) on Twitter.

    UPDATED: As you can see from the first photo, it appears that words are overlapping on the status/toolbar. This is due to incompatibility with Ryan Petrich's DietBar. The problem doesn't inhibit use of the application so no worries. I have spoken with Vladislav and he knows of the issue.

    Source(s): Vladislav Korotnev, Vladislav Korotnev Donation Page
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    1. eddietah's Avatar
      eddietah -
      I'm on iPhone4 4.2.1 greenpois0n JB and everything is okay except 3 things.

      1) It always go into safe mode whenever I reboot my iPhone.

      2) The call timer in settings always show 0 minute.

      3) My charge sound is gone whenever I plug into the usb to charge my iPhone.

      Other then that everything is a okay
    1. jl1's Avatar
      jl1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ash3s2012 View Post
      I've been palying with this great tweak for couple hours I just notice when I tried to charge it it doenst look that is actually charging It's just me or this is something that ha to be fix I'm on 4.3.3 on iPhone 4

      When I tried to charge my iPhone
      That's what I meant 
      I have the same prob on my iPhone 4 4.3.1. When I unplug my phone it still says its charging until I respring too. Timing is a little off as well. The springboard starts then the video plays and the device is automatically unlocked.
    1. eddietah's Avatar
      eddietah -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sashyflelay View Post
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      Farking Stupid spammer Go And Die lah
    1. keispiegel's Avatar
      keispiegel -
      I thought this was a really cool tweak as well so I tried it out..but I've also encountered some bugs.

      Like people mentioned, charging is hit or miss. I have to respring to hear the noise, but my icon still stays on charging even when unplugged.

      When dismissing an active alarm from the springboard, the sound from the startup movie will play.

      Also when clicking a phone number to initiate a call, like from an e-mail, the sound will also play at the beginning and end of the call.

      Sorry to say, but I'll be uninstalling till this can be fixed. Hopefully it can be addressed soon though