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  • [GIVEAWAY] Mountek MT5000 - CD Slot Universal iPhone Mount

    The Mountek MT5000 iPhone Mount surprised me. It's a pretty typical universal mount as they go - a couple sliding arms with a quick-release button to release your device. However, it's got a couple features which set it apart, and the build quality was surprisingly great.

    The box threw me off. It comes in a plain thin white box with a Mountek sticker on it. Inside the mount is in a plastic bag with a little folded piece of paper telling me about the product, and referring me to a Gmail address for my customer service (they've responded quick though to questions I had while reviewing). I expected little.

    However - the Mountek mount was far better than I thought! The material is a grayish black firm plastic or composite (their site doesn't say). The mount differs from most in that it inserts into your CD changer, and the 4 inserted tabs expand away from each other as you turn a screw, holding the mount firmly in place. What? You still listen to CDs in your car? Well, this mount isn't for you then.

    Once in place, the MT5000 melded perfectly with the design of my dash (an added bonus!), and was easy to set my iPhone in and press the sides towards the phone to keep it in place. The padded bits left the phone snug and clean. A button on top of the mount was easy to press and sprang the sides out for me to grab the phone out when I was done. The mount itself is sturdy and the unique method of attaching to the car (in the CD slot) is surprisingly strong.

    Rotating the phone was easy, 360 degrees as well as being able to tilt it towards and away from me. This mount would just as easily work with your iPod Touch, older iPhone models, or most smart phones or GPS units. A removable bit at the bottom makes sure the device doesn't slip down.

    I like the placement of the mount quite a bit - I don't really listen to CDs much anymore, and have a changer in my car anyway so there's 6 in there (meaning I don't foresee having to move this much if at all). I actually decided to keep this mount in my car after using it a few days - spot on, Mountek. My only issue I have is my volume button is under the changer, and while this does leave enough room to get to it, it's a bit cramped. I use the volume on my steering wheel usually, so that wasn't too much of an issue for me. It did bug me a bit, though. Many cars have the volume buttons to the side though, so that may be a non-issue for you.

    You can grab one for the decent price of $19.99 on their site, but we've got one for giveaway of course as well! Leave a comment and we'll pick a winner to send this out to this week!
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    1. gr8fasushi's Avatar
      gr8fasushi -
      I would love this! great design!
    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
      would love this to hold up my iphone while driving.
    1. jvargas.spqr's Avatar
      jvargas.spqr -
      Great idea. I want one.
    1. vlad12's Avatar
      vlad12 -
      really nice and not that expansive
    1. Klimax9's Avatar
      Klimax9 -
      this is a pretty cool unit and the price point as well is nice as well. I would love to have one, for the rig!!!
    1. aburas's Avatar
      aburas -
      Wow, thats pretty cool. Would fit well with my iphone to aux cable
    1. Foozelz's Avatar
      Foozelz -
      This gadget looks unreal. I was wondering when someone was going to make something like this since they already made one for the cassette player.

      It looks neat and cool, and would be a great piece to start a conversation out with. Thought that issue with the volume buttons being blocked by it seems like a hassle, but there are way around that. Something like this is usually around 50-100$ and it's weird seeing it being sold at 20$.
    1. Brasileiro135's Avatar
      Brasileiro135 -
      This is what ive been looking for, i would love to win one!
    1. Zenitram's Avatar
      Zenitram -
      Good price and good functionality!
    1. DayumQuitPlayin's Avatar
      DayumQuitPlayin -
      Hmm, I've seen this before. Now that I see this on this article, I'm more willing to try it out. And if I should win then I guess it was all worth it lol
    1. metalliccornflakes's Avatar
      metalliccornflakes -
      Wow this actually looks perfect for me! I've been trying to find a decent mount for my car and I have tried many different ones that weren't really that great and since I don't use my CD player I'll definitely have to get this one way or another!
    1. Brr's Avatar
      Brr -
      I got one from them a few weeks ago and I use it every time I'm in the car. I slide it in and out so I don't even adjust it but every so often. Great product.
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      Sweet. I've been looking to buy an iPhone mount for the longest time but recently tore my Achilles making it pointless for me to buy one at this point in time. But I should be driving within the next few weeks so having one (especially a free one) would be awesome!
    1. azxken's Avatar
      azxken -
      Where is the iPad version?? I'd definitely get it!! Never thought of CD slot mount. Very impressive.
    1. Ashengrace's Avatar
      Ashengrace -
      This would be totally awesome, but considering placement of my head unit in my RX7 id be punching my damn phone when I shifted gears
    1. miztahsparklez's Avatar
      miztahsparklez -
      Thats exactly what I need for my w203!!
    1. DaMacGuy's Avatar
      DaMacGuy -
      This looks pretty awesome. No suction cups, that never stick. No adhesives, to mar my dash. I love it.
    1. MOJO5873's Avatar
      MOJO5873 -
      THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA! Would love to have one.
      Now all they have to do is find a way to mount an IPad in your car.
    1. NikeJS's Avatar
      NikeJS -
      Awesome! i need this!
    1. djrbx's Avatar
      djrbx -
      This is actually awesome. I currently have the TomTom dash mount kit paired with Navigon but I never use it due to the fact that since my iPhone sits on the dash, the iPhone gets hot to the point I can cook eggs on it because of the sun.