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  • Official Skype For iPad Now Available

    Thanks to a tip from Twitter (@iBattaglia), it has been found that the official Skype application is now available for the iPad.

    The iPad version has been long awaited by the public so this release is taken with positive reception. Over the last month or so, there have been tons of teasers and rumors indicating that the release was coming soon. A leaked video was even found and confirmed to be a working version of Skype for the iPad. However, there was no indication or statement from Skype confirming the date of availability.

    Without any notice, the iPad version has been snuck into the Skype AppStore application. It is available for download now. Give it a shot and post your thoughts here.

    Here's a few pieces of information.

    • Video calling on Skype for iPad works over 3G and WiFi
    • Skype for iPad is compatible on firmwares 4.0+
    • You can Skype all supported devices from the iPad (Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.)

    To find the application in iTunes, follow this link (if you search "Skype for iPad" in iTunes, it does not come up):

    Skype for iPad

    Thanks to Nick Battaglia for giving me a head's up; if you're on Twitter, give him a follow!

    UPDATE: Skype has announced that they will be removing Skype for iPad from the iTunes Store for the time being. According to their tweet on Twitter, it a was apparently prematurely released. We will keep you posted.

    Skype for iPad is available again: the link should work, as well as searching "Skype for iPad" in iTunes.

    Source(s): Nick Battaglia, Skype - Twitter
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    1. Rhinoo's Avatar
      Rhinoo -
      Video not working, do this...
      If you are JB and run backgrounder you have to set skype as exception and set backgrounding to Native apple mode, respiring and video works...
    1. wherwel's Avatar
      wherwel -
      it's totally cool
    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeepshots View Post
      I was excited for this release. I've been using the iPhone version on my iPad2. So I download it, and start it up. Then I'm told that this version of Skype only works on non-modified iOS platforms. What the crap?? So I try it again, and it opens up just fine, and tests just fine.

      Did anyone else get the "you're jailbroken" warning?
      Warning Message is just a formality gesture, I don't think Skype wants to lose its Customers.