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  • Florida High School First to Give Students iPads Instead of Textbooks

    Lake Minneola High School in Central Florida will be giving all 1,750 students iPads instead of textbooks this fall.

    Lake Minneola is also officially the coolest public high school in the country now.

    School administrators tapped into $700,000 in capital funding as part of a state pilot program designed to save money on textbooks as well as provide a new approach to education. As part of the program the school must report costs and savings associated with the program as well as how the tablets influenced student learning.

    The Lake Minneola project is part of a larger plan in which all Florida public schools will have adopted digital textbooks and instruction materials by the year 2015. Lake Minneola teachers have already started planning lessons via the numerous educational apps and iBook-formatted textbooks.

    Other Florida schools will no doubt be watching the progress of Lake Minneola throughout the year to see if the digital transition pays off or if the students devolve into Angry Bird and Zynga drones (yes the iPads will be locked so students can't install their own apps, but that can only prevent so much).

    Source: Sun Sentinel
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      Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post
      Thank you, what a freaking waste! I'm glad that the money that uncle sam takes out of my paycheck every two weeks is going to give 1,700 kids something to go on Facebook with during class.
      Quote Originally Posted by capufo View Post
      It says that this Ipads are locked if not the schools will be able to learn with try and error.
      You must not be living on your own, trying to support a family, otherwise you would have not missed my point. The problem is that MY tax dollars, that I am forced to give to the government, are absolutely-100%-without-a-doubt being wasted so a Florida school can be "progressive"! Here's an idea for that school district- let's not and say we did! Seriously, we are so far in debt as a nation and this school wastes nearly $1 million?? Something is wrong with this picture, very very wrong..


      (I apologize if I offended anyone with my statements)