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  • Limera1n is Live!

    How to Jailbreak 4.1 with limera1n

    Big breaking news in our world tonight as limera1n (to jailbreak iOS 4.1 for all iDevices) has been released - though it is for windows only (Yes, yes, a Mac version would be nice, but let's appreciate what we've got and give props out to where they belong).

    A full guide and a slightly restructured guide system will be provided by ModMyi later this evening. By several accounts, and corroborated by those of you have have already delved right in, it works pretty well so far (though issues could become apparent, as the release is so fresh anything could still develop in the moments ahead). So exercise the degree of caution you're comfortable with and stick with MMi for tons of info, insight, and fallout in the minutes and hours to come.

    Making this weekend a jailbreaker's dream, let's not forget about what Sunday has in store. Chronic Dev Team member Joshua Hill recently tweeted that Greenpois0n will launch on October 10, at 10:10:10 A.M. “Things have progressed to the point where we don't expect anymore roadblocks. ETA for greenpois0n is 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM.” so be on standby with your iDevices for what will be a pretty sweet Sunday.


    There is high drama in jailbreaker's paradise tonight as we're learning all is not smooth sailing with limera1n (the bugs are alive and well), as it simply isn't working right for everyone. Adding to the drama is the apparent reality that greenpois0n isn't coming out tomorrow after all. To be sure, the Chronic Dev Team is not happy with GeoHot at the moment. Stay tuned.
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    1. cadsii's Avatar
      cadsii -
      Just made a video that might help some people

      Using iPhone 4, i noticed if you run it twice in a row you will be missing icons in the end

      i also used itunes that i downloaded 1 hour ago

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ081UDRZ6c]YouTube - Jailbreak 4.1 using Limera1n Oct 9/2010[/ame]
    1. Halten77's Avatar
      Halten77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Brad1279 View Post
      everything on y i am having the issues, thank you for the info.
      You're welcome
      Btw if you need a JB for the iPhone 3G you have RedSn0w 0.9.6 available or both Mac & PC and you have Sn0wbreeze 2.0.2. For windows. If you need any help feel free to PM me.
    1. loafomatic's Avatar
      loafomatic -
      ChronicDev is making themselves look like spoiled children with how they've been raging against GeoHot. You snooze you lose, Drama Queens.
    1. jdm.accord's Avatar
      jdm.accord -
      Quote Originally Posted by Blochead21 View Post
      So would limerain jailbreak and be able to unlock a 3GS that is on 4.0.2 with the 5.13 BB
      I'd like to know if this has been tried as well. I'm hearing that the 3GS isn't supported right now.
    1. cory's Avatar
      cory -
      Quote Originally Posted by Apple. View Post
      he did not make enemies..
      the only person that is mad is @pod2g the person who discovered the SHAtter exploit.

      MuscleNerd even agreed Geohot releasing his exploit makes more sense.
      And Comex AGREED to Geohot using his code.

      Its all on twitter. Geohot did what was smarter. He believes Apple already knows about the exploit he has because he has had it for so long. While, SHAtter is a new exploit and has a better chance of existing in upcoming devices.
      Maybe I'm just misreading things, but I believe musclenerd was more interested in not giving apple two exploits for one iOS.


      The ultimate goal should be not wasting 2 bootrom holes at once, all other issues aside"

      This has been the talk of twitter and here on mmi for a few days now.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdm.accord View Post
      lol so why release it if its beta. Dumb. I've been a huge Geohot fan up till now. Dude "retires" then pulls this stunt for publicity. Weaksauce
      The answer is obvious (and justified): to force their hand and preserve the SHAtter exploit for future devices.

      Now they are delaying. It's exactly the outcome he wanted / we needed. He has no other reason to release it but for the betterment of the community.
    1. Apple.'s Avatar
      Apple. -
      Quote Originally Posted by CZroe View Post
      Are you kidding?! This exploit SAVED the community from a wasted bootrom exploit (think about it: only the EARLIEST Apple TV units would be able to use it and NO 2nd-gen iPads). This is the WRONG time to play that card and it sounds like GP was going to ignore that just because they were nearly ready.

      Geohot knows the SHAtter exploit is better than what he had discovered which is why he wanted to save the SHAtter exploit.

      The chronic_dev_team still wanted to release even though Geohot wanted to share his exploit with them. (And everyone knows, Geohot NEVER shares his exploits)

      Geohot isn't being the self-centered person here. chronic_dev_team still are contemplating if they should release greenpoison tomorrow, and burn 2 exploits in one week that Apple will fix before we can use it on upcoming devices.
    1. Halten77's Avatar
      Halten77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Blochead21 View Post
      So would limerain jailbreak and be able to unlock a 3GS that is on 4.0.2 with the 5.13 BB
      LimeRa1n doesn't work on the 3GS as of now. Don't even use it if you rely on an unlock, as it will update your baseband to 5.14.02 which is currently Unlockable. Use Sn0wbreeze on Windows so that you can update to 4.1 and keep your baseband and unlock. (Note: You need to be already jailbroken)
    1. businesssuit's Avatar
      businesssuit -
      Worked like a charm!!!

      iphone 4
      version 4.1
      Windows 7 64 bit
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      geo is a p****. everyone knows that. he just wanted to come in with a half-developed JB and try to steal the show from chronic.
    1. knowledge561's Avatar
      knowledge561 -
      Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im jailbroken baby!
    1. jf907079's Avatar
      jf907079 -
      It worked on my iPhone 4! Ohhh yea!!! (in my koolaid voice)
    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      Wait so is greenpois0n not getting released so we can preserve the SHATter exploit? Then geohot better fix limera1n cuz it didnt work for me.
      iPhone 4 4.1
      Windows 7 64-bit
    1. Apple.'s Avatar
      Apple. -
      From MuscleNerd's Twitter:

      "If geohot's exploit works on all, & since either exploit is as likely to be "known" by Apple, his makes more sense IMHO"
      about 8 hours ago via web

      From Comex's Twitter:

      "Fine, geohot's release now has my approval, because otherwise everyone would use the initial (pulled) broken version. Ugh."
      about 4 hours ago via web

      They all know what geohot did was BETTER for the community, they just wish he said it sooner so they didn't spend all this time working on greenpoison and pwnagetool.
    1. TristianLyons1022's Avatar
      TristianLyons1022 -
      Just limera1n'd my iPhone 4, no major bugs so far. I'm running iOS 4.1 with the 1.59.00 baseband. Still going to try GP should chronic release it.
    1. appsis's Avatar
      appsis -
      So if limera1n won't support the 3GS due to the bootroom issues and greenp0ison only supports devices with the A4 chip, what am I meant to do as a 3GS owner?
    1. cory's Avatar
      cory -
      Quote Originally Posted by loafomatic View Post
      ChronicDev is making themselves look like spoiled children with how they've been raging against GeoHot. You snooze you lose, Drama Queens.
      really? your calling them drama queens for working bugs out of a program that so many people a dying to have? I call that responsible programing.
    1. vomer's Avatar
      vomer -
      let's talk about the more important topic now: unlock for iphone 4 os4.1?
    1. King Shady's Avatar
      King Shady -
      Is this guy stupid or something? This has been out for the past 3 hours AND chronic dev-team said they will most likely release the jailbreak tomorrow, but not using the shatter exploit. This guy never posts any accurate articles
    1. ShredNasty's Avatar
      ShredNasty -
      Yawn, who gives a sh*t? That thievin punk's trash wont touch my device. If it means waiting for 4.2, so be it. I'm already jben with Star on 4.0.1 on my i4. I want a prox fix, but ill do without before I'll touch geohot's work.