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  • AT&T Reportedly Gearing Up For September iPhone 5 Launch

    It's almost go-time.

    That's the latest report from sources close to AT&T who say that the long-awaited iPhone 5 release is, indeed, taking place in mid-September, effectively corroborating months of speculation about the time-frame for the 5th generation device's market debut.

    Sources tell BGR this morning that "AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations, to finish any sort of employee training as soon as possible." Rumors of a later-than-usual iPhone refresh have persisted since spring when overseas parts suppliers began confirming that production hadn't yet been put in motion on the next generation iPhone.

    In recent weeks, MMi reported what BRG also picked up on today - news that Apple is said to be gearing up for significant retail store employee hiring by early August, which would give the company adequate time to train and prepare the newbies for the consumer feeding frenzy that habitually accompanies a new iDevice refresh.

    What remains to be seen, however, is when Apple will formally introduce the iPhone 5. It isn't yet clear if Apple will unveil the product in August, followed by a September release, or if the announcement will come in conjunction with the release in September.

    Source: BRG
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    1. GodStang's Avatar
      GodStang -
      Sweet the wife's tmobile contract is up then so we both can move over.
    1. GodStang's Avatar
      GodStang -
      Just want the specs on the thing.
    1. qumahlin's Avatar
      qumahlin -
      Quote Originally Posted by iBwizzle View Post
      So this means they'll be hitting the switch to rollout the new upgrades to handle more capacity... Wait, that'll be unnecessary as they don't offer unlimited data anymore! Nobody would be foolish enough to by a device they can't use to it's full extent.
      You do realize even with limited data plans the majority of users don't go over them right? Also that consumers buy electronics they will never use to their "full extent" everyday. Plenty of people buy new desktop computers with 4+ gig of ram and quad core processors when all that computer is ever going to be used for is word documents and browsing the web...

      The reason companies can get away with lowering data plans and the like is because it primarily effects the "power users" and that is a minority demographic compared to all the other people buying the device. Not everyone is using their phone to stream movies and music non-stop. Sure more people are doing it these days, but its still nowhere near the userbase that doesn't do these activities.
    1. jrl_1644's Avatar
      jrl_1644 -
      After seeing At&t's commercial for unlimited any mobile to mobile, I feel that Apple may be trying keep customers that may switch over to Sprint. As Sprint offers unlimited mobile to mobile calling already.
      Maybe At&t knows that there will be an even broader carrier base for the newest iPhone? Like Sprint and T-mobile! one can only hope.
      Before anyone posts the "{insert wireless company} sucks" posts, just remember that different carriers have better service in some places.