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  • HeyWire: Free International Text Messaging With A Real Number

    On September 22nd, a new service and app was added the iTunes App Store without much notice. A company called MediaFriends has created Hey Wire, a service which allows anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or PC to send text messages to people around the world for free. HeyWire is the first and currently only multi-platform texting and chat service that delivers free international messaging with a real phone number.

    Not only does HeyWire give you a real number, the service also enables users to text eachother worldwide, anywhere, and even supports all major languages, thus allowing people to communicate in their native language.

    The App is available in the Apple App Store and the Web PC/Mac Beta versions can be found at HeyWire.com. HeyWire will soon be available for Android, GoogleTV, gaming devices and e-Readers in 2011.

    Download in iTunes

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    1. my1past1is1ur1future's Avatar
      my1past1is1ur1future -
      i just test this app and to me that's the best app ever!. honestly coz i couldn't find any app that could really text worldwide phone numbers for free. this one acctually can even if the person u r textin doesn't have it. just wish if it could make free calls too that would be awsome!
    1. codvisp's Avatar
      codvisp -
      Quote Originally Posted by vgmod View Post
      This app need WiFi/internet/data plan to send with your real number. The people who ever received this sms will be charged by their phone carrier unless they join HeyWire. Once your friend on other end join HeyWire and start using this app on his/her iphone with WiFi/Data Plan then is free. Hope this is clear thing up.
      They'll be charged if they SEND you back a reply to ur HeyWire Number...

      In fact it's a great app! interface + SMS around the world for free! common guys give it a chance...
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Good, I needed something like this since I'm already over my monthly amount of texts

      Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
    1. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
      Dayvidpriddy -
      So why is this program any better then any of the other texting apps on the app store? They all seem to have 4-5 star ratings. How is one to know which to choose? I don't feel like trying every single one out.

      BTW I'm still confused...does this app go against your text plan with AT&T or is it strictly data? Just tested it out, works like a charm. Isn't this going to kill the billions of texting cows at AT&T? Hehe

      UPDATE: I tried the others mentioned here (text+ and textfree...I think it was?)...they both sucked, had horrible UI's and wanted me to create a "texting email address"... Heywire def seems to be where it's at!

      Great find guys. I never even knew these apps existed.
    1. giorgos_rou's Avatar
      giorgos_rou -
      Works for me like a charm, iTouch 4th Gen, texted in Greece, reciepent did not get charged
    1. tjb5099's Avatar
      tjb5099 -
      Just another texting app, this one at least has a nice looking ui.

    1. giorgos_rou's Avatar
      giorgos_rou -
      Well, two things they should look at is the delivery of msgs sent to the sender, they never get their way sometimes and they should also add retina support. Other than that, it is GREAT
    1. dscottjr81's Avatar
      dscottjr81 -
      So to be clear if someone receives a text from you and they dont have the app and they send you a text back, then they will be charged? Also is it not possible to text at all with your real provider #?
    1. MindGem's Avatar
      MindGem -
      Not working om iPod!!!
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
      TextNow is the best

      Youre Own number that you can actually choose, based on ur area code, unlim texting, voicemail, You can even call people, etc..
      TextNow is free in the app store for a limited time. !!
    1. MindGem's Avatar
      MindGem -
      Dude, it have been free for 3 months, dont come and say limited time. They are making an Premium version.
    1. CONVBMW's Avatar
      CONVBMW -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raptors View Post
      TextNow is the best

      Youre Own number that you can actually choose, based on ur area code, unlim texting, voicemail, You can even call people, etc..
      I love textnow but they dont do intl texting

      Quote Originally Posted by itaintrite View Post
      Does TextNow do international SMS too?

    1. daytonaviolet's Avatar
      daytonaviolet -
      so.. this is only free international texting if both parties have this app on there iphone? so.. if the recipient does not have an iphone, then they will get a bill if they reply?
    1. MikeThomson's Avatar
      MikeThomson -
      There are two things that make this app better then others like text plus, first you get an actual number which is nice, but the second is when someone receives your text on other apps it usually says under your message "sent from text plus" or it will have some weird user name in the message, with hey wire the only thing they receive is what you type, so it's 100% official looking. My only concern is the 302 area code which is in the states so would it cost extra for them to reply to an American number if they live in Canada
    1. Miz.Michele's Avatar
      Miz.Michele -
      I use text free but it does not do MMS. Hey tell gave me non local # which I don't like but nice interface. I didn't know that textnow gives you a real number. I gotta check that out

      I just downloaded. Thanks.
    1. JAE's Avatar
      JAE -
      I like iTim best.
    1. David666's Avatar
      David666 -
      I doesn't work in UK on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.02. I sent few msgs but nobody receive them
    1. ainyul's Avatar
      ainyul -
      Quote Originally Posted by MikeThomson View Post
      I've used almost every text app for the iPhone and this one is by far the best, you get your own 10 digit phone number.. And when someone receives your text there is nothing else added to it, it's received like a normal text message
      there is a blurb added, the advert for heywire but...

      Quote Originally Posted by MikeThomson View Post
      Obviously it needs some sort of data to send, and it doesn't require you to have an existing phone number. whoever receives texts from this is not charged anything above what they would while receiving a regular text..

      I have had no issues with messages being delayed.. So far heywire texts are received by other phones within 3 seconds, and the same goes for receiving texts with heywire
      tried last night, worked well, but trying to add a 2nd account to app since phone is shared but no luck, cannot sign in under a different account; this flexibility would have helped..
    1. lolento's Avatar
      lolento -
      This app is pretty iffy.....sometime my gf would get the text and sometimes no....

      Also, it is much slower than Textfree....I tested this side by side.
    1. MikeThomson's Avatar
      MikeThomson -
      Quote Originally Posted by ainyul View Post
      there is a blurb added, the advert for heywire but... .

      Thats actually just the signature... you can clear that in the settings so just your message sends...

      textnow isnt available in the canadian appstore so this is the best for canadians so far... text plus is nice because you can send pictures, iTim does mms aswell but its not free