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  • GameCenter & HDR Enabler for iPhone 3G(S) iOS 4.1

    Developer Macusercom, has created a tweak for the iPhone 3G and 3GS on iOS 4.1 which will enable some options that have been both removed and limited in the latest iOS 4.1 update. If your an iPhone 3G user, and have upgraded to iOS 4.1 you may have noticed that GameCenter is not available. The iPhone 3GS does however have GameCenter, but Apple failed to include the HDR capabilities it has given the iPhone 4, in iOS 4.1.

    With this tweak you will be able to enable GameCenter on the iPhone 3G, as well as enable HDR Photography for both the iPhone 3G and 3GS. You MUST be on iOS 4.1 for this to work, so if your not already on this firmware, do not lose your jailbreak just to update. The Greenpois0n release is right around the corner, just be patient.

    Some of you may be asking "Wait, what? iOS 4.1 is required? How is that possible if we don't have a jailbreak?". While indeed, there is no official release for the newer models, the iPhone 3G and 3GS have been jailbroken via redsn0w by the Dev Team and Sn0wbreeze, released by iH8sn0w. There are quite a few requirements, so don't get your hopes up too much. However, if your confident in your geek skills, you can read more here.

    Tweaks like these always make me laugh, and wonder why Apple does silly things like this to us. Just state the conditions and let the users CHOOSE to have GameCenter or not. That's my thought at least.

    Search HDR/GameCenter Enabler in Cydia. You can find it on the ModMyi repo.
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    1. GoldenTequila's Avatar
      GoldenTequila -
      By the way, I just saw some concerns about 3G JB with sn0wbreeze. I did it, and i have no problem. As far as I know (and, I read quite a bit before I even took the chance), the problems affect those that want to unlock. If you are with ATT, and you don't need to unlock, you can safely JB your 3G. I used sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 to create custom FW, but instead of staying with it, when it asked "Is your phone already JB?" I closed the program and used iREB + iTunes to restore my phone to the custom FW. Went smoothly. No problem at all.
    1. Oqsy's Avatar
      Oqsy -
      I'm on an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1 jb with sn0wbreeze. No combination of toggles in winterboard or settings.app seems to be enabling this function. I believe that there is more to this tweak, and whoever has posted this tweak to cydia needs to reconsider their methods. My guess is that the .app for gamecenter and the .app for camera will have to be ported from the iPhone4 and or 3G(s) to make these tweaks feasible on a 3G. Just because springboard has the function enabled doesn't mean the camera.app will know what that flag actually MEANS, and have the appropriate software capabilities to take advantage of the flag being set to "enabled". I'm sorry, but this appears to be a bit more complicated than just a .plist edit.

      If it WERE that easy, then all you would have to do is add the video recording plist entry from a 3G(s) or 4 to a 3G's .plist file, and video recording would just magically appear in camera.app. Unfortunately it's NOT that easy, and anyone with a 3G on 4.x already knows there's no option for video recording any more (no cycorder or video recorder for 4.0+ yet, COME ON DEVS!)

      Stories like this posted to blogs without anyone actually looking into the TRUTH of the story are an embarrassment, and a small microcosm of what's wrong with the mainstream media as well. Vet a story before you post it! Vet an app before you recommend it! If you don't know its real and/or works, wait until someone ELSE can confirm it instead of just adding to the noise and inaccuracy of 99% of the internet, radio, television, and print!
    1. GoldenTequila's Avatar
      GoldenTequila -
      Update on my attempt. This does not work on my 3G. I tried different suggestions, rebooting, etc. It's not all that important to me anyway, so I'm uninstalling it and going back to my already satisfying iPhone
    1. ErMasLoko's Avatar
      ErMasLoko -
      I updated to HDR/GameCenter Enabler 1.0.1, but in my 3GS HDR not work. Only saw a new option in Settings/Photos, but no HDR button in Camera app.
    1. Oqsy's Avatar
      Oqsy -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyrob2g View Post
      Sweet. Works great on iPhone 3G
      wow don't you feel like a tool... it obviously doesn't work on iphone 3G since NO ONE has reported success with example pictures or screenshots of the HDR toggle in the camera screen.

      Please don't post stuff like this in absolute ignorance, because there's always a chance something like this will happen and you'll end up looking foolish. Always make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT WHEN YOU POST!!!
    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      Quote Originally Posted by ErMasLoko View Post
      I updated to HDR/GameCenter Enabler 1.0.1, but in my 3GS HDR not work. Only saw a new option in Settings/Photos, but no HDR button in Camera app.
      Only on / off switch in Photo app, you won't see it in Camera.
      Does it have an option in Iphone 4 in the Camera app ?
    1. Oqsy's Avatar
      Oqsy -
      Quote Originally Posted by yeow202 View Post
      Only on / off switch in Photo app, you won't see it in Camera.
      Does it have an option in Iphone 4 in the Camera app ?
      Yes, there is also a translucent button in the top-middle of the camera screen, as seen here

      After watching the video on the page where the above image was posted, I realized that Apple seems to have failed HARD on the software for processing the HDR images, and they don't appear to do much of anything besides wash out the original photo with extra white / gray. I'm sure it really IS using more than one exposure value, but I'm almost certain from watching the video that it's not actually taking multiple exures (bracketing), but simply taking the same image, adding brightness to one version, original in the middlpose, and subtracting brightness from the third, and processing them as a 3 exposure HDR. This method can work somewhat, but it NEVER looks as good as 3 different images with different exposure values combined via true HDR software. I imagine this was a decision made because no one is going to place their iphone on a tripod to shoot HDR pictures, as holding an iphone still for 3 identical shots with different exposures is near impossible. Anyone that wants an HDR image that badly will use a real camera with 10+ megapixels and true exposure bracketing.

      Nice gimmick Apple, but I'm not impressed this time around. I'll stick with my Canon for HDR, and use my iPhone for making calls, sending texts, and the occasional game.
    1. Mirro17's Avatar
      Mirro17 -
      Hi guys, I couldn't find these apps on Cydia anymore, despite having ModMyi repo and all other apps on it available. Can anyone confirm that it has been pulled? Was it because they weren't working properly and screwed multitasking?

      BTW, in regards to previous post, I fully agree, but I would myself never expect this "HDR" to be anywhere near the real HDR on specialized cameras. It's like comparing optical and digital zoom. I don't think it's in iPhone's (any model) capabilities to perform 3 simultaneous exposures for real HDR processing. It's just a trick to fool your eyes, but it doesn't necessarily mean it cannot produce better looking photos
    1. Chilling_Silence's Avatar
      Chilling_Silence -
      Jailbroken 3G with snowbreeze here and I can't seem to get game center or hdr working, the game center app shows on my home screen but doesn't open, it just closes straight away.
    1. jiffypop31's Avatar
      jiffypop31 -
      I cannot find the app in cydia. I JB my iPhone 3g with snowbreeze 2.0.2 on ios 4.1. I have let cydia update and the HDR/Gamecenter enabler is not there
    1. namdamage's Avatar
      namdamage -
      Please when looking at a post,read over the comments that other people have posted.
      1) This tweak doesn't work n never did.
      2) It's been removed from cydia as it doesn't work
      3)The guy who posted this on this site doesn't reply or update his own post to inform anyone that might be reading that it's not working.Its got nothing to do with your jailbreak tool be it redsnow or snowbreeze.
      They is another guy that has recently enabled game center on 3G iPhone and in video it shows working 100% he said he would do a step by step of how he did soon and I don't think he used this stupid tweak.
      I hope I've answered anyone elses questions
    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      Quote Originally Posted by jiffypop31 View Post
      I cannot find the app in cydia. I JB my iPhone 3g with snowbreeze 2.0.2 on ios 4.1. I have let cydia update and the HDR/Gamecenter enabler is not there
      GameCenter is on 3GS but not HDR.

      For 3GS, you will need to enable it through editing the Plist file.

      For 3G, you have to do both, that is why you are not seeing the GameCenter and HDR in your iphone.
    1. leocol26's Avatar
      leocol26 -
      Thats funny, i have an Iphone 3g on 4.1 and have video recorder, there is loads of apps availible for iphone 3g running 4.1 on **********.

      So why say theres nothing for the 3g when there is loads of stuff out there for video still...???

    1. iYeow's Avatar
      iYeow -
      You have to ask Steve Job, he wants us to upgrade
    1. villeveee's Avatar
      villeveee -
      cant find it in cydia anymore
    1. RONZO77's Avatar
      RONZO77 -
      Quote Originally Posted by yeow202 View Post
      How to enable HDR manually.

      You must have OS 4.1 and jailbroken in order to gain access to your root system.
      You have to ssh into your Iphone go to this directory, you can use WinScp to edit and do the transfer.

      iPhone 3G: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N82AP.plist

      iPhone 3GS: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N88AP.plist

      In the Capabilities section of this property list file, add a key named ‘hdr-image-capture’ with a boolean value of ‘true’.
      Your key should look like this :


      Save it and copy back to the folder and overides the old.
      Reboot your iphone
      Go to the Photo in Setting and turn the normal to OFF.
      You are all set.
      i do not know what i was doing wrong but if i tried to use the same procedure u had described with ssh method. my phone would not reboot. i had to restore and jailbreak twice. then i just tried it with i file and it worked fine. i tried the ssh method before i read your post. but thanks to your info i was successful thanks
    1. m0isty's Avatar
      m0isty -
      All this does is add a option in the photo settings for HDR, which does nothing. It DOES NOT enable HDR on a 3gs.
    1. thatoneguy159's Avatar
      thatoneguy159 -
      Hey everyone. Sorry to bump an old thread here, but I've made a bit of progress with enabling HDR on iPhone 3GS. Here's how to get the HDR button to appear in the camera:

      Step One:
      Directions: Edit /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N88AP.plist by adding the boolean 'hdr-image-capture' in the 'capabilities' dictionary and set it to 'true'.

      Explanation: This tells SpringBoard.app that you have the HDR feature enabled so that when mobileslideshow.app looks for that particular dependency, it knows that it has it within reach.

      Step Two:
      Directions: Edit /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/N88/AVCapture.plist by adding the boolean 'HDR' in the dictionary 'LiveSourceOptions' under 'AVCaptureMode_PhotoCapture' and set it to 'true'.

      Explanation: Any operating system is based on dependencies and in this case, the HDR function was dependent on the camera celestial framework to house the 'HDR' function in order to work properly. Now that we added it, the dependency has been met and the HDR button will now show up.

      So What's the Situation?
      Even though the HDR button does show up, it still will not take HDR photos. Why? That's a question that's been puzzling me for quite some time now. It could be due to the fact that there are more unsolved dependencies needing to be fulfilled somewhere inside of the vast ecosystem which is iOS. Who knows? I'm just here to make progress and report back to the community in hopes that someone can take another step in the right direction.

      Extra Notes
      You may also notice that the HDR button in the camera app is 2x the normal size. This is because mobileslideshow.app knows that the only phone that is suppose to have HDR enabled is an iPhone 4 which has a retina display that is capable of outputting 2x the amount of pixels the iPhone 3GS's display can output.
    1. eirefire22's Avatar
      eirefire22 -
      I did get Game Center [finally] to work on my 3G on 4.1. I had to delete that Cydia fix, then follow the steps here:

      How To: Install Game Center on iPhone 3G [Fixes Game List] | Gadgets DNA

      Tedious, but working!

      Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 3G on iOS 4.1 using redsn0w 0.9.6 / PwnageTool bundle on a Mac or using sn0wbreeze on windows. Make sure that the root partition size for a custom PwnageTool firmware must be 400 MB, and a custom sn0wbreeze firmware must be at least 800 MB in size.

      Step 2: Download The Game Center file package []GC 3G-v2.rar and the patch package []Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!. Unzip the files.

      Step 3: Open Cydia and then search for ďOpenSSHĒ. Install OpenSSH on your iPhone 3G.

      Step 4: You will now download software to access your iPhone 3G via SSH.

      Mac users can use Cyberduck. Enter the following details to login to your iPhone 3G:

      * Server: The IP address of your iPhone Settings -> WiFi >
      * Username: root
      * Password: alpine
      * Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

      Windows users can use WinSCP. Enter the following details to login to your iPad:

      * Server: The IP address of your iPhone Settings -> WiFi ->
      * Username: root
      * Password: alpine
      * Protocol: SCP

      If you donít know how to SSH into your device, please watch this video (this is for WinSCP users; Cyberduck users can reference this one) before proceeding, or else you may find yourself adding and modifying files improperly.

      Step 5: Navigate to /private/var/stash/Applications

      Step 6: Copy the Game Center~iphone.app folder into the directory. Then, right-click on the folder and scroll down to Permissions. Make sure the permissions are set to 755. Then, double click and open the Game Center~iphone.app folder and highlight all of the items inside. Once again, change the permissions to 755 (also, check a box that says Set Permissions Recursively, or something similar to that so all files will be set to 755).

      Step 7: Navigate to /system/libary/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/ and choose one of the N82AP.plist files you downloaded to overwrite the current one (I recommend the Game Center and multitasking one).

      Step 8: Navigate to System/Libary/LaunchDeamons/ and copy the com.apple.gamed.plist file to this directory. Double check that the permissions for this file are set to 644.

      Step 9: Navigate to usr/libexec and copy the gamed file into this directory. Make sure the permissions for this file are set to 755.

      Step 10: Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ (if this folder doesnít exist, install MobileSubstrate through Cydia) and copy PatchGC.dylib and PatchGC.plist into this directory. Once again, make sure the permissions for both of these files are set to 644.

      Step 11: [Optional] Navigate to System/Library/Frameworks and copy the GameKit.framework file from the patch folder over (if it asks you to replace files, just say yes; itís for multi-language support

      Step 12: Reboot your device and Game Center will be installed. However, weíre not quite done just yet.

      If a certain game still isnít showing up in Game Center, what youíll need to do it navigate to User/Applications/ and find the folder until you find the game youíre looking for. For example, if youíre looking for Fruit Ninja, open each folder until you find Fruit.app. Then, youíll need to copy PatchGCGame.txt into the Fruit.app folder. Although this isnít required for all applications, I highly recommend doing it for all games you own that are compatible with Game Center.

      To do it quicker, download and install AppLinks via Cydia. Open the application and hit the little arrow in the bottom left-hand corner. After this is done, exit the application, close your SSH connection, then reboot your device and reconnect via SSH. Then navigate to User/AppLinks/ and find the application by name, rather than a bunch of crazy symbols. You have to open the .app folder, then copy the PatchGCGame.txt into the other .app folder (for example, donít just copy the file to User/AppLinks/Fruit.App, but rather User/AppLinks/Fruit.app/Fruit.app/). If an application doesnít show up in this folder, than youíll have to take the long way and find it in the User/Applications directory, open the folder and copy it to the .app folder inside of it. Thanks Clayton!