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  • What's New In Cydia : LSRotator, Home Page in Safari, FoldersInFolders

    This week everything is available in Cydia, as you all know there is no more Rock. There is quite a bit to cover so lets get started. Fire up Cydia and enjoy these new apps... or continue patiently waiting for the newest jailbreak tool.

    Home Page in Safari
    Will Strafach

    Developed by Will Strafach (@cdevwill), Home Page in Safari allows you to easily set a default home page in Safari. This beats the hell out of a white screen. You can grab it in Cydia for $0.99.

    More by this developer: Camera Preview Disabler, PDF Loading Warner

    LS Rotator
    Elias Limneos

    Compatible with your iPhone or iPod, LSRotator allows you to rotate your lockscreen according to your device's orientation, similar to the way the iPad currently functions. Once you pair this bad boy with SBRotator, you can have your device act just like the iPad.

    By simply tapping the lockscreen with 2 fingers, your able to lock the orientation for those moments when you just don't want to rotate. Rotation duration, orientation angles and graphical options are available under settings.

    *Supports Cydgets, CyDialer, LockInfo, ClockHide, SmartScreen and several other addons.

    Grab it now for only $0.99 in Cydia!

    More by this Developer: TwitScreen, SBRotatorSBRotator, SBSettings Toggle, Lighttpd SBSettings Toggle, PagePreview, Call InfoFields, FoldersInFolders

    Elias Limneos

    Note: this is very unstable. Wait for further updates or wait for FolderEnhancer coming soon.

    FoldersInFolders allows you to do just that: Add Folders inside Folders! This tweak will allow for even more in depth management of your folders. You'll need iOS 4 for this one obviously.

    Available in Cydia for $1.99

    NOT yet compatible with GridLock

    Switcher Plus
    biteSMS Developers

    From the developers of biteSMS comes SwitcherPlus. SwitcherPlus is a simple little tweak that allows the native multi-tasking "Switcher" feature to also be used on the Lock Screen at any given time.

    Find it on Cydia for FREE!

    Unify Music/Video into iPod App

    This tweak merges the Music and Video into a unified iPod App. I've always wanted something like this for my iPod. It works on all iPod Touches (1G,2G,3G). Requires Winterboard.

    Grab it for free in Cydia.


    Be sure to also check out these new apps and updates:

    Covert - Private Browsing for Safari (iOS 4 Only)
    Flash SMS - Send Class 0 SMS.
    FullyFeatured - Enables iOS 4 Features on all iPods
    iDNS - Dynamic DNS update client for noIP, dynDNS and DNSOMatic services.
    Speedssid - Recover Thompson/Speedtouch password
    UDID Finder - A simple UDID information app
    Direct Closer - Adds a red x to MultiTask icons.
    UniScribe - Universal Note taker
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