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  • Finally, a DSLR Mount for the iPhone

    Photojojo, purveyors of a wide array of camera accessories, has just announced The iPhone SLR Mount. This accessory will let you mount either a Canon (EF-mount) or Nikon (F-mount) DSLR lenses onto an iPhone 4 and should be available starting in mid-August. This gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your iPhone images. You can now take complex photographs instead of relying on image editing apps that simulate unusual focusing and “faux filters.”

    Using the iPhone SLR Mount gives you the ability to create unique photographs with varying degrees of depth-of-field exposures and also lets you focus your shots manually. “Telephoto, wide angle, macro, or your fixed-fifty lenses all attach to this mount giving you a full range of lenses at your iPhone lovin' fingertips.”

    You do lose about 1 to 2 f-stops when using the adapter, so unless you compensate for this, your pictures may turn out a little on the dark side. It’s also important to note that traditional SLR’s have mirrors inside of them that flip the image as it’s being captured, so you’ll have to manually flip your images using an image editor after you take your shots. This is a small price to pay for using high-end glass with an iPhone.

    The adapter itself is made up of three parts, an iPhone 4 case, a UV filter, and the SLR lens adapter. Of course you’ll have to provide your own camera lenses. The iPhone recently became the most used camera on Flickr, surpassing DSLR’s and traditional point-and-shoot cameras as well. The camera is no longer a lavish accessory for high-end cell phones anymore, but has become standard equipment. Although The iPhone SLF Mount is a bit pricey at $249, for some photographers, it will undoubtedly become an invaluable tool in their camera bag.

    Source: Photojojo
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    1. epignosis567's Avatar
      epignosis567 -
      IT'S A PHONE! the only person who this makes sense for is a crappy hipster photography student to show off their apple products. I have worked as a professional photographer and I have never NEVER met anyone that would take this seriously. It's a phone! Relax. It doesn't need to do everything. It's a phone. If you spend $250 for 5mp pictures you are the biggest sucker since those people who buy fake glasses to look smart.
    1. psychodave's Avatar
      psychodave -
      So.... how does this still fit in my pocket? LOL
    1. davshirley's Avatar
      davshirley -
      Quote Originally Posted by mr117 View Post
      Let's see- you carry an iPhone around in your pocket and use it as a camera because it's...small... and... convenient. So now you are going to carry around a three-piece setup to attach to your phone. Not in your pocket, you're not. You'll need a bag (ooh, a CAMERA bag) to carry all this goodness, or you'll just have to carry this around in your hands ALL THE TIME. Not very convenient, is it?

      In addition, as a (retired-30 years in the game) professional photographer, this strikes me as a gimmick which will DEGRADE your image quality. Just as tele-extenders lessen image quality, add grain and decrease light, this will be the same. And with a tele-extender there is no secondary lens for the light to travel through, unlike the iPhone, with its itty-bitty lens.

      Plus, $250!? Really? As someone above posted, a fool and his money.... If you need a good camera, use a good camera. Slapping a good, or even decent, lens on an iPhone is not going to do it for you. Really.
      Yeah. What he said. To which I would add: Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
    1. xerray's Avatar
      xerray -
      BAHAHAHA!!!! I'm loving the comments on here! I love how people go so crazy, so wounded up over an ARTICLE! Oh my gosh I haven't laughed so hard in while, thank you for this. You just made my day you guys!
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      Putting that lens on your phone doesn't turn your phone into a SLR. Its still a ****** phone camera.
    1. smoelge's Avatar
      smoelge -
      Haha you'd look so stupid running around with one of those. I hate taking photos with anything but a camera. And this would somewhat make it look even worse.

      Get a real camera if you feel the need to take quality pictures! Or just don't.
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      Statistics say the iPhone 4 camera is very popularly used in photography. I'd assume it's casual photography. This accessory doesn't really make it professional-grade. It's silly really.

      And really...$249 for a *MOUNT* + the price of the lens (if you already own a lens, you must own an actual camera, why would you slap a lens onto an iPhone when you have the camera, just curious) that's $400-$500 in total. That price can get you a camera body+lens, or cover half the price of a high-quality camera. Might as well just buy a DSLR camera, I'm sure even the cheaper priced cameras can produce better quality photos than an iPhone with a lens slapped on for the price.
    1. olliegrl's Avatar
      olliegrl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Treeml View Post
      i am a pro photographer, is no one considering the fact that no matter what you attach to the iPhone camera, it's still going through the tiny, crappy iPhone lens too.

      it's like buying a 5000 lens and putting glad wrap over the front of it before you use it.

      no amount of extra lens resolution is going to compensate for the lens that is already FIXED to the camera and it's minute CMOS sensor.

      Totally stupid.
      agreed! buying this would be like trying to use old food to make a good meal...