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  • Swype Ported To iOS By Jailbreak Developer

    Swype, upon release, has been a popular alternative to the simple tap to type. With its patented sliding and recognition technology, your simple swipe of a finger through the letters of the word you're spelling out will spell out the word you desire. According to the Swype website, this software has been deployed to over 26 million phones in 50+ countries. The entire list comprises of Android and Windows OS phones; the iOS community was left out. Swype has promised beta testing for iOS however restrictions by Apple have made it difficult. Andrew Liu (@WyndWarrior) decided that the community couldn't wait any longer and decided to port Swype to iOS.

    It's currently in its early beta stages but seems to work well. Andrew has confirmed that there are some limitations however he is working to fix them:

    • The Swype beta does not work in AppStore applications or Cydia (only in stock iOS currently - he is looking to fix it today)
    • No blue line to indicate where you are swiping

    I can not confirm what devices/firmwares are supported (I'm currently on iOS 5 Beta 2 and it works fine) so test at your own risk. You can have access to Swype beta in the following ways:

    (1.) Add this repository: wynd.x10.mx (includes http:// in front)

    (2.) Download from mediafire: Swype Beta (v0.1.0)

    Follow Andrew Liu (@WyndWarrior) on Twitter to keep up to date on the progress with the Swype Beta for iOS.

    UPDATE: After speaking briefly with Brian Resnik - Community Relations Specialist from Swype, here are clarifications made by him on behalf of Swype in regards to this recently released beta application:

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Resnik;
    The first thing we want to make clear is that this version released via Cydia is not in any way an official Swype product, or related to SwypeInc. in any way. It appears this developer wrote some of his own code to emulate a Swype-like experience and is using our brand. We donít know if this is a Ďhackedí version of Swype or not. Iím thinking not. We are still investigating, but either way, this is not an official release or port of Swype to iOS. Additionally, since we weren't involved with the development of this application, we can not vouch for the integrity of the software. From a consumer's perspective, we recommend researching the developer on your own to ensure the trustworthiness of this application from a security standpoint.

    Our legal counsel is advising us on the best course of action regarding this 'hacked' release. We'll continue to follow the situation and do whatever our management team determines is appropriate to protect our intellectual property. We're not looking to prove a point or anything like that. Frankly, as our CEO mentioned in an interview with GeekWire on the topic, the clear interest demonstrated by this release from iOS users in having Swype is exciting. But we do still need to protect our brand and, if it turns out that some of our code are being used, our patents.

    Also, people are already saying "this proves that you can get Swype on iOS, even if it's through Cydia, right?" Well, not really. Yes, you can get "tracing" to work via some serious hacking (and even then it only works on jailbroken phones, and in stock iOS applications), but there are other really important elements to Swype. For example, word replacement and editing. With Swype, we know that the prediction engine won't get it right 100% of the time. Most of the time, absolutely, but there will always be a mistake once in a while. The nice thing about Swype is that when that happens you can quickly pull up a list of alternative suggestions - in the new v3.0, they're automatically shown whenever you swipe a word or tap on a previously entered word. When you pick an alternative suggestion, Swype replaces the previously typed word with the new one. Without keyboard APIs, we have no way of interacting with the text field in those kinds of ways. Sure, you can get basic character entry to work, but to get the full Swype experience, we absolutely require certain features to be implemented by Apple themselves.
    Source(s): Andrew Liu, Swype
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    1. z28kid's Avatar
      z28kid -
      IOS 4.3.3 on iphone 4 works for me.. I too thought it wasnt working until I tried to type something as normally.. I was thinking I'd have to go into settings and enable it or something but nope. Just install and go.

      edit I dunno if its just me but it didnt work with quick reply. I know it said beta and only works on "normal" iOS apps. hope there will be something in the works
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      It works fine and I'm on 4.2.8 Verizon iPhone
    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Shame the guy that developed dicked around and didn't do this for us ... I'd have paid good money to have this long ago.

      Thank you Andrew!!!

      Working perfectly on iPhone 4 v4.0.1
    1. ratbrain's Avatar
      ratbrain -
      is there a way to toggle between swype and standard keyboard?
    1. yomamashump's Avatar
      yomamashump -
      Working on my iPhone 4 w/ 4.3.3. I'm sure you know this but having the word selection list after swyping is almost a must have.

      Having said that though, it does seem to work pretty well.
    1. iFiend's Avatar
      iFiend -
      Quote Originally Posted by ratbrain View Post
      is there a way to toggle between swype and standard keyboard?
      Just don't swype
    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      Quote Originally Posted by ratbrain View Post
      is there a way to toggle between swype and standard keyboard?
      There's no need to. You can still tap to type. It's only when you hold and swipe does Swype "activate".
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Nice tweak . It works on my iPT4 on 4.3.3
    1. mestapho's Avatar
      mestapho -
      I'm finding that it is much slower by the time youake all the
      corrections than just thumb typing.

      I've never played with a legit swype keyboard
      so maybe it's just becausebe this is a beta
      ported and not the official version.
    1. Samberg865's Avatar
      Samberg865 -
      It works well, hopefully we get a blue line soon
    1. deathbybunnies6's Avatar
      deathbybunnies6 -
      I love wynd soooooooooooooooooo much
    1. ThaNatrix's Avatar
      ThaNatrix -
      It works on my iPhone 4 running 4.3.1 but as a former Nexus One user I have to say that its not nearly as accurate on the iPhone. Hopefully this will improve. Does anyone know if Wynd plans to implement the "choose a word if its not sure" feature of swype?
    1. cbutters's Avatar
      cbutters -
      just a warning, this seems to break mobilenotifier; however reinstalling mobilenotifier afterwards made it work again, and swype appears to still be working.
    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      wynd i didnt think u would be the one to do this!!!...
      love the fact that it's DreamBoard compatible
    1. iGamers's Avatar
      iGamers -
      is it working on iPhone 3Gs 4.3.3?
    1. PathKiller29's Avatar
      PathKiller29 -
      take a gamble!
    1. iGamers's Avatar
      iGamers -
      wynd is the greatest

      working on iPhone 3Gs 4.3.3
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      It's alright, its not recognizing some simple words I'm trying to put in...I understand it's still in beta though.
    1. The_13th_Plague's Avatar
      The_13th_Plague -
      Another great work from Wynd! Seems as though it was a lil more accurate with my HTC and a stylus, but I'm def gonna give it a fair trial.
    1. DonSebbo's Avatar
      DonSebbo -
      very very nice