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  • What's New In Cydia: 05/07/2011
    Today we cover Bigify+, HiddenMail, AnimateBattery, ArrangeStatusBar, RandomFlip, and SBFader.

    J.Corbett & J.Einbinder

    For anyone that used used Bigify before, this is a huge upgrade and a step forward for what the app can offer. It allows you to change various properties of your icons including colours, overlays, effects, textures and so on. You can preview all of these changes in a seperate viewer before applying them, allowing you to really tweak that specific look.

    Simply adjust the sliders, or tap the numberical value to enter one in specifically. The way Bigify+ works makes it unique to each person, as everyone will have various settings that they perfer.

    I spoke with John and here are some suggestions he had

    "...here are some of my favorite settings for Bigify+. We didn't put them in presets because we didnt want to clutter it up, and they are a bit advanced for a regular user, but they seem like a great thing to show.

    One of the techniques I use is to make all the images black and white. You can do this by going to advanced and turning on the custom layer. Set the R G B and Alpha bars to max, and set the blend mode to "Saturation". A nice thing that goes with this is going back to colors and turn on invert colors. Also adding a texture like "slate" makes for a nice effect.

    You can also darken/lighten your icons by changing the blend mode to "normal" and then changing the alpha transparency. Set the r g b to 0 to darken, to or max to brigthen. This is reverse if inverting is on.

    I also just like some simple things like just texture on and set to granite. Things tend to look best with only 1 or 2 of the options set up."
    Find Bigify on Cydia for $2.00


    Here's a nifty little security based app for your Mail. Let's say for some reason you wish to hide the fact that there is an email account even existing on the phone. Use this tweak to display the usual "Welcome To Mail" setup screen. By simply tapping three times, the screen will bring you to your hidden mail account. While it may not be the most secure way of hidding personal email, it's a great idea. Best of all, it's free. Find it in Cydia.

    Elias Limneos

    Another unique tweak brought to you by Elias Limneos. AnimateBattery adds an nice animation to the battery charging screen on your lockscreen. For this particular animation, the battery bar will start from empty and fill up to its current charge point, and then repeats.

    This tweak is part of the TweakWeek, where developers set goals to release a new tweak every day, for a week.

    Check out Animate Battery in Cydia for FREE

    Elias Limneos

    Another TweakWeek release brought to you by Elias Limneos. ArrangeStatusBar enables you to be able to drag various items in the status bar and arrrange them as you please. Simply drag and drop

    Check out ArrangeStatusBar in Cydia for FREE!

    Random Flip
    Elias Limneos

    Yup, that's right, he's on a roll. Here's another great tweak from Elias Limneos. Random flip does something interesting, which at first I wasn't sure about, but now I'm really enjoying it. Make it feel as if the phone is always alive (Aside from way too many twitter notifications). Icons on yours springboard will randomly flip around. I like this as it adds some character to the phone.

    This tweak is part of the TweakWeek, where developers set goals to release a new tweak every day, for a week.

    Check out RandomFlip in Cydia for FREE!

    Alexandros Melakis

    SBFader has lots of potential. It's a simple twaeak that allows you to add fade-ins/outs in almost evey transition. It does have it's kinks for now and it will take a lot of time getting it just the way you want, but the concept leaves it wide open for you to do with as you please.

    Find SBFader in Cyida for $0.99

    That's it for now guys, If I missed something, feel free to post it
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