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  • iPhone 5 May Have LED Notification Alerts

    As of now iOS 5 allow users to customize the back facing LED flash to go off as a nortificication tool. According to a iPhoneDownloadBlog source Apple is planning to include a Blackberry-esque LED indicator light on the next iPhone.

    This makes a lot more sense than just using the back-facing flash to indicate an incoming call, text message or other alert. What happens when the phone is sitting backside down on a table? While this feature is by no means confirmed, it does run in line with the Digitmes article purporting that the iPhone 5 would come with two LED flashes, with one on the back and front.

    Above is a user created concept video showing what a LED indicator light would look like on the iPhone 4.

    Please let this be a feature finally. Pretty please Apple...

    Source: iPhoneHacks [via iPhoneDownloadBlog]
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    1. blackbelt2094's Avatar
      blackbelt2094 -
      it already does on iOS 5 .....
    1. Megaorange's Avatar
      Megaorange -
      Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
      The Square in the Home button should be touch on the new iPhone and it should be a multicoloured LED.
      Putting an LED in the Home Button Sounds cool.
    1. CONVBMW's Avatar
      CONVBMW -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      It's encouraging to see many more people understand the strategy behind Apple's feature implementation.

      I still stand in the place to say that they have the best product, they get to charge a premium as a result of. I am one that pays that premium and I don't blink an eye. Just don't wrap your hands around my next and tell me what I cannot do to mod my phone.


      Rage Against The Machine
    1. Edward7's Avatar
      Edward7 -
      custom logo design
      Video is fake, it's a computer edited. I don't know about the real iPhone LED function. But we have to wait for it's official launch. Apple have to change it OS UI, because all the previous had same UI. That is the only thing i want Apple to focus on.
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      snapseng -
      very nice phone.....