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  • UPDATE: Free Giveaway! - iTunes-less Music Importing, On the Go? Meet PwnTunes.
    The Giveaway is Over!!

    Thank you to everyone who participated! The members below were randomly drawn using www.random.org, and are winners of a FREE PwnTunes license, courtousy of SpiritOfLogic!


    Congratulations to the winners! Please PM me with your iPhone's serial number (Settings > General > About) as well as your e-mail address to claim your reward. Thanks everyone!

    Every once in a while, a developer comes along and reminds us why we jailbreak:
    Because with freedom, nothing is impossible.

    SpiritOfLogic, the developer behind iRealSMS, has just proven this once again. Meet PwnTunes, the latest in what is sure to become yet another staple app of jailbreakers everywhere.

    PwnTunes' main feature is two-fold. It first enables "real" raw USB disk access, thumbdrive style. In the root of the now-accessible disk, a drop folder is created for dropping music you'd like to import. Secondly, PwnTunes adds itself as a plugin to the native iPhone Music Player app, and upon launch, syncs music from your drop folder directly into your iPhone music library.

    Voila! It's that simple. Finally, we have an elegant, on-the-go iTunes-less importing solution!

    In addition to its' main feature, PwnTunes boasts additional abilities as well. Your phone is now raw-access enabled, so you can add files (anything, not just music) to it directly using no special software, very much like a thumb drive. On top of that, they've added the ability to copy normal iTunes-synced songs off the phone, via raw-access mode. They've even made the filenames pretty via ID3 tags instead of the normal ABCD.mp3 convention as well! Even the Downloads folder used by several applications is mapped, for easy moving of songs. SpiritOfLogic truely has thought of everything here.

    There is one easy-to-overcome hiccup for XP users, which is driver-related. XP drivers do not allow writing to the iPhone device without a tweak, but the developer has conveniently added this tweak to the read-only section of your new iPhone USB Disk, so you can install the fix immediately. (See graphic below)

    iPhone (and especially Windows users) rejoice! Zero setup iTunes-less syncing is finally upon us!

    PwnTunes is available now for purchase in the Cydia store (via the BigBoss repo) and directly on PwnTunes.net. It is unfortunately one of the more costly "jailbreak apps", weighing in at almost $13. Here's hoping they lower it, but this writer paid it gladly.

    It appears that due to PTP restrictions on Macs, writing to the phone does not work without "extra software".
    "Sadly due to Apple's restrictive implementation of the Picture Transfer Protocol (iPhoto) currently PwnTunes does not work on a Mac without extra software."
    I've emailed the developer for recommendations on what this "software" might be. I believe it may still work on other devices like gaming consoles, however. I will look into this further and post my results. Stay tuned

    Update 2:
    Some quirks I've noticed:
    • When adding or deleting music, the iPod app exits. (This is necessary for how it functions)
    • The files you are adding via drag-and-drop must have ID3 tags to be sorted properly in iPod.app. If they do not, the filename will be treated as the Song Title, and it will only appear by looking under Songs.
      Windows itself has a mechanism for quickly adding ID3 tags to files that are missing them. This must be done when files are on the COMPUTER. ID3 tags cannot be edited once they're on the phone. Right-click the problem file, select Properties, and go to the Details Tab. At least "Contributing Artists" and "Song Title" should be present for songs to be properly categorized when imported. Note that "Contributing Artists" in Windows is equivalent to the "Artist" field on the iPod. Filling in just "Artist" via Windows will not work.
      To mass-view (and maybe mass-edit), you can enable the Contributing Artists and Song Title columns under Windows' Details view.
    • Files cannot be renamed, nor can ID3 tags be viewed once files are on the phone. They must be moved to the computer to be renamed or re-tagged, then moved back to the phone. Files can be deleted from the phone directly, however.

    Update 3:
    I spoke with SpiritOfLogic, and he liked the article and gave us 5 licenses to give away! See the top of the article for information.

    He also informed me that I was mistaken about the ID3 tag quirk initially. I have updated my notes above to reflect its' actual functionality. Files without ID3 tags are not skipped when importing. Instead, the entire filename is treated as the Song Title, and the Artist and Album fields are left blank. This means that those songs can only be found under the Songs list in iPod.app. Try searching for your filename under Songs, and it should show up.

    Finally, he is not aware of any software yet that will easily add MTP functionality to OSX, thus the lack of Mac support. He had this to say:

    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritOfLogic
    The answer is sadly that to our knowledge at the moment there is none for Mac that works directly. There is the project libmtp (libmtp: Project) which provides an MTP interface to any UNIX operating system. (MTP is the compatible successor to PTP.)

    For Linux there are a lot implementations – I am not sure if they work with iPhone/PwnTunes though – this would be something Linux experienced users will find out.

    Currently it seems that there is only one implementation, XNJB (XNJB) for Mac. It was developed for the Creative Nomad Players. Right now it does not recognize the iPhone properly. This is most likely due to the different folder structure. I am currently trying to get in contact with the developers of XNJB to determine if they are interested in supporting iPhone/PwnTunes.

    Considering this I think help from the community could fasten this – some emails in their inbox asking for iPhone support will certainly give them motivation
    Any experts out there willing to help or who have found solutions are welcome to PM me to update the article.

    Original Contest Rules: (now over)
    SpiritOfLogic really liked our article and feedback, and has decided to reward us with 5 FREE licenses of PwnTunes!

    For anyone who comments after me with the phrase "Go PwnTunes!" as the first line, you will be entered into the drawing.
    I will run this drawing for one week, ending 12:00 noon PDT on Friday, May 28th. As a reward to active members of our community, I will restrict this to those who have accumulated at least 10 posts to ModMyI. Do not spam any threads, including this one. I WILL find out and exclude you

    Winners will be PM'ed for their iPhone info at the end of the drawing.

    Good luck all!
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    1. camaro-ss's Avatar
      camaro-ss -
      Go PwnTunes!
    1. bojomojo's Avatar
      bojomojo -
      Go PwnTunes!

      Now here is a good suggestion: I think its pretty much possible now to make it work that I can receive mp3s via iBlueNova and the app syncs it to itunes..

      Will this work if I use iBlueNove to put the song in that folder? And can any app edit ID3 tags before moving the song?
    1. omgitszmk's Avatar
      omgitszmk -
      Go PwnTunes!

      This sounds beastly!
    1. mestapho's Avatar
      mestapho -
      ifunbox doesn't run on the iPhone it runs on the pc. It doesn't sync songs to the native iPod app as far as I know either. Copytrans manager works well to transfer songs to the iPod app from a pc, but doesn't run from the iPhone. I highly recommend copytrans manager for second pc music/video syncing.
    1. Mattpwns's Avatar
      Mattpwns -
      Go Pwntunes! Thiis is what I need. I used to have a crappy mp3 player, but I could drag and drop files to it.
    1. smokey_jnr's Avatar
      smokey_jnr -
      "Go PwnTunes!"
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      Quote Originally Posted by bojomojo View Post
      Go PwnTunes!

      Now here is a good suggestion: I think its pretty much possible now to make it work that I can receive mp3s via iBlueNova and the app syncs it to itunes..

      Will this work if I use iBlueNove to put the song in that folder? And can any app edit ID3 tags before moving the song?
      Technically, this will work if files are moved into the /var/mobile/Media/My Music folder via iFile on the phone. However, there is presently no way to manually trigger an import. It may only happen when adding files to the folder via a computer. Thus, the next time you added a song via a computer drag-and-drop, your iFile songs would be imported.

      SpiritOfLogic is looking into either placing a manual import button somewhere, or coming up with a more sophisticated way to see if files have been modified. This is not as easy as it sounds, as many implementations would result in a massive lag during launch of iPod.app.

      As for apps that let you modify ID3 tags of MP3 files on-phone, I'm not aware of any. I suppose previously there hasn't been a need.

      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      I just realized u can do this with ifunbox
      No, you can't. The only other app that can import songs into iPod.app is MewSeek, and you must pay their subscription to do so.

      This is the only Drag-and-Drop implementation for importing, anywhere.. and it comes with "free" USB drive-like functionality.

      Quote Originally Posted by Arutoa View Post
      Go PwnTunes!

      Because my computer's screen is messed up, I have to use an external monitor. There are only three USB ports, and two of them are taken up by my mouse and keyboard. My music library has to be on my flashdrive, so to sync I have to unplug my keyboard, which is very annoying because of how iTunes works, even with backups disabled.
      It's called a hub.
    1. goodgregg's Avatar
      goodgregg -
      Go PwnTunes!
    1. dlowe's Avatar
      dlowe -
      Go PwnTunes!
    1. iDriftKing's Avatar
      iDriftKing -
      Go PwnTunes!!!! :-D
      little cheaper would be nice since you dont know if it would still work on 4.0 :-(
    1. SkItZo_666's Avatar
      SkItZo_666 -
      Go Pwntunes!
    1. Exo III's Avatar
      Exo III -
      Go PwnTunes
    1. Caboose1408's Avatar
      Caboose1408 -
      Go PwnTunes!
      This would be so freakin' helpful.
    1. Gustavo Saliola's Avatar
      Gustavo Saliola -
      Go PwnTunes!

      Seems a great app. I'll give it a try.
    1. strimli's Avatar
      strimli -
      Go PwnTunes!

      Seems like the best app yet!
    1. tukster100's Avatar
      tukster100 -
      Go pwntunes!!
      I've already bought it and it's the best thing ever made for the iPhone. I've bought it for my computer, but pitty enough my computer don't works as will as it works so I need a second membership for my laptop
    1. Hellshavoc's Avatar
      Hellshavoc -
      I just got Pwntunes on my Ipod Touch, Its an MC model 3.1.3 Jail broken using sprint. Whenever I add music to the My music folder it dose not show up in the music player on my Ipod. Anyone know why this is?

      Ok so I just figured this problem out. If you have backgrounder enabled on your device It wont kill the Ipod and will cause the music not to load. So if your using backgrounder make sure to turn it off when adding music.
    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      Go PwnTunes
    1. kressley's Avatar
      kressley -
      Go PwnTunes!
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      Go PwnTunes!