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  • [GIVEAWAY] MasDesign Titanium IPhone Back Plate
    Okay so every one has seen on ebay the cheap metal backs that usually don't last to long. Quailty is horrible and they add a little more bulk to the phone. Well now there is a company making true Titanium Back plates.

    Mas Design
    When i got the products i was really excited to see the quality of their work and was shocked when it arrived. Usually aftermarket parts are oem fit and not of the best quality. These on the other hand were amazing. Nicely packaged.
    I also tried various cases on with them and all that i had fit perfectly with no problem. Personally looks super sexy with a bumper case

    Here is some more basic info about the products
    - Precision cut solid Titanium sheet
    - Hand polished and detailed to specifications
    - Designs are imparted through precision laser engraving
    - Original components are incorporated into the Titanium back, with minimal deviation
    - Not mass-produced
    - Titanium material that we use are Grade 2 commercial pure Titanium
    - Black color are black PVD coated over Titanium. This is a type of Titanium coating used in the industry to prolong the life of high-speed toolings.

    Price point: $68 /Kit( cheaper than bedazzling), which includes:
    - 1 Titanium back
    - 1 Titanium handle screwdriver of your choice
    - Genuine Leather-wrap envelope for back cover storage.

    Availability: Now (Limited quantity in stock) / Please contact mas design for details.

    AND the GIVEAWAY! Comment below and tell us what you think of the product and i will choose 1-2 lucky winners and send them on the backs i have received.
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    1. bootlegskate's Avatar
      bootlegskate -
      the price of the oh so precious titanium seems as if its becoming more affordable in the manufacturing of products. I wonder how long it will be until the metal jumps back up lol

      I just fixed my cracked screen with this, a titanium backplate would be a nice touch! lol
    1. ccuento's Avatar
      ccuento -
      Hey ModMyi, I've tried some of the metal back plates from ebay and I agree with you. They don't fit well, poorly constructed and broke easily. I would like to have one that fits nicely and doesnt break. I want one hahaha.
    1. jazzyjeff's Avatar
      jazzyjeff -
      Ohh Geez that looks SO COOL!, the back of that looks like rivets on a old school airplane or ship like the titanic!!

      and Come on! its made out of Titanium!! and it's not mass-produced! If there's one way to stylishly stand out from other people with boring "default" looking Iphones and walk around with one custom looking one that looks like you stole it from a cyborg THIS is it! lol

      If the terminator had an Iphone....that's EXACTLY how it would look!!
    1. pnut78's Avatar
      pnut78 -
      This looks so professional. Very much for the businessman who is i'd up! Very awesome!
    1. Halfgingghost's Avatar
      Halfgingghost -
      Those look oh so sexy. Having that would make my iPhone look like a Jaguar compared to a Ford Escort. Looks good.
    1. gabster508's Avatar
      gabster508 -
      that looks sooo nice, i would like to try that out, specially now that my wife droped my ohone if i don't get picked i would still buy one, even if i have to wait a few months to afford it... looks perfect!
    1. paxayang's Avatar
      paxayang -
      looks nice
    1. Delerowen's Avatar
      Delerowen -
      Man that looks really cool!!! I could really use a new backplate as mine has cracked over the last couple months and I can't afford to buy a new one at this time.
    1. DuBCaDiLLaC's Avatar
      DuBCaDiLLaC -
      Nicest backs I've seen yet.
    1. faffyface's Avatar
      faffyface -
      looks cool. definately want one.
    1. nhoj_yelbom's Avatar
      nhoj_yelbom -
      Cant wait to get one, best iphone 4 mod yet!
    1. awiest82's Avatar
      awiest82 -
      Maybe its just my internal engineering nerd coming out, but I find the backs very appealing and only for the the Periodic symbol Ti on the back.
    1. MacJax50's Avatar
      MacJax50 -
      I check this website everyday when I get to work and throughout the day and I just had my 28th Birthday Yesterday and TO come on and see this product I was really happy and Want it! This looks so hot its what we call FIRE! Please pick me to receive one of these as it will be the best birthday gift I got! I am always promoting this site to friends and family and through my channels! This product is something I want bad and will tell everyone about it! I've been with MODMYI for a long time now! I hope I get it Thank you!
    1. carlwithaK's Avatar
      carlwithaK -
      Wow, actual titanium. Apple needs to learn from us and do stuff like this. This would be a really nice to have and show off
    1. odoggy75's Avatar
      odoggy75 -
      Looks great!
    1. ealvinito's Avatar
      ealvinito -
      Been looking for a back plate for quite some time now. Want to make sure good quality and good fit! This seems to be the ticket. Looks very nice!
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Do not want.
    1. congapraise's Avatar
      congapraise -
      Pro: I think the case can definitely give a smoother look. I also would have a little more piece of mind since the glass back gives me smudge-itus

      Con: Putting it on ! hahaha
    1. teejayhanton's Avatar
      teejayhanton -
      Oh man oh man ... WANT! That is so slick looking, and the leather case is swank too!
    1. i.Annie's Avatar
      i.Annie -
      Looks great. I love the brushed metal look. Would look great with my bumper. Now to get the balls to open up my precious iPhone

      Yea I know it's "easy" but this is my baby lol