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  • Conan Hits Final Cut Pro X Where it Hurts, Everywhere

    The backlash against Apple's new version of Final Cut Pro has been harsh to say the least in the 48 hours since FCP X's release. It stands as the most poorly rated piece of first-party software in the online Apple store, and has been pegged as "iMovie Pro" by many professionals.

    Whether the ribbing is warranted or not is a long discussion tailored for another time (this video editor think it is), but when Conan O'Brien makes a parody of your software for late-night television the extent of the video editing community's backlash becomes evident.

    Apple has promised updates to the software will be faster and more frequent than previous versions, but not including multi-cam support, and making previous Final Cut Pro projects compatible with the new version means editors will need to have two versions of the same editing software on their systems for the time being.

    That is if they don't switch to Avid, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, or a number of other video editing options.

    So much for being the industry standard.

    Source: Team Coco
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      plcrules -
      stupid copyright i wish i could c that
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      Joseph_Prophet -
      check it out here Conan Shreds Apple's Final Cut Pro X [VIDEO]
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      hitman10 -
      ^^^ agreed
    1. wthjobs?'s Avatar
      wthjobs? -
      FCP wasn't ever really the 'industry standard.' Long story short-- Avid began as a tv editing nle, quickly became the movie industry standard, Avid announced it was switching platforms from Mac to PC, Jobs got pissed, made his own nle (called FCP), pushed it past Avid in sales & hype. Then oops! the initial basic achitecture of FCP prevents it from really competing at the high end-- i.e. seamless multi-editor projects where many people can be working with the same media of a project in the cloud (so to speak) via internet. FCP can sort of do that, but it's not the same coz the base architecture & media management won't allow it. So they've conceded the high-end back to Avid which has all that stuff including multicam and scriptsync (maps dialogue in the script to clips-- click on a line in a script and the clip gets loaded to the monitor). Much faster to edit projects with text scripts in Avid-- .txt or import script from Final Draft-- movies, docs, reality, anything that has a transcript typed out.
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      itzthestoff -
      I wanted to see this video!