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  • blacksn0w is out - Unlock 05.11.07

    GeoHot has released his free tool for Windows and OS X, blacksn0w - which unlocks the latest baseband (05.11.07).

    We'll drum up a quick guide on usage ASAP and put it in our brand new, completely redone guides section.

    blackra1n has also received an update to RC3, which will jailbreak your iPhone (name your model!) from Windows or the Mac.

    blacksn0w is a free unlock for the latest iPhone 3G and 3GS. blackra1n is a super simple jailbreak used to install unlock new visitors, go to blackra1n.com download and have fun

    blackra1n RC3 is also live for both Windows and Mac!!! Clean firmware 3.1.2 and baseband 05.11.07 are recommended.

    • Unlock!!!
    • Hacktivation
    • Keep legit activation if activated before running app
    • 15 seconds faster, you'll feel it
    • Tiger + PPC support

    blacksn0w is also available on Cydia, add blackra1n.com as repo
    requires firmware >= 3.1 and baseband 05.11.07
    Download blackra1n RC3 OS X
    MMi Member Mirror

    Download blackra1n RC3 Windows
    MMi Member Mirror

    GeoHot's Blog

    (thanks to the dozens who sent this in)
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    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Verizon don't use SIM cards except when roaming outside the USA.
    1. Directfromcali's Avatar
      Directfromcali -
      .. lol well that explains it . so its only going to work with T Mobile or something else with a sim card ?

      i feel dumb now
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      It's a GSM/UMTS device. T-Mobile's 3G isn't supported because it's on the wrong frequency. In the rest of the world we have choice but it seems you are denied that in the USA...
    1. tarlok's Avatar
      tarlok -
      can i upgrade my iphone 2g to version 3.1.2 and run blacksn0w to unlock it?

      thanks in advance...
    1. Rayfosho's Avatar
      Rayfosho -
      Does this Unlock and Jailbreak? or just a damn unlock?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Quote Originally Posted by tarlok View Post
      can i upgrade my iphone 2g to version 3.1.2 and run blacksn0w to unlock it?

      thanks in advance...
      You can upgrade your iPhone to 3.1.2 with a custom firmware made by PWNage tool. Blackra1n/sn0w is not for the 2g
      Quote Originally Posted by Rayfosho View Post
      Does this Unlock and Jailbreak? or just a damn unlock?
      Blackra1n is the Jailbreak, and from blackra1n you have the option to run blacksn0w which is the unlock.
    1. Bgmcghee11's Avatar
      Bgmcghee11 -
      Awesome by far!!
    1. the_uidx's Avatar
      the_uidx -
      yes you can
      if you have your blackra1n still installed in your iphone just run it and download the latest blackra1n
      if you don't you need to add cydia repo for blackra1n
    1. LHINSA's Avatar
      LHINSA -
      hi can anyone help, my cydia & Snow keeps crashing, I cannot acess my bossprefs as well as SB settings, is there a way to reinstall it with out doing a restore?

      how can i access my iPhone with FileZilla, is it Possible?

      Please help.
    1. LHINSA's Avatar
      LHINSA -
      Hey Thanks Man, Managed to get it working by doing doing a firmware download and then upgradign the firmaware to 3.1.2, now it works perfectly..
      GeoHot Rocks, and so does this BLOG Site
    1. mohanbu's Avatar
      mohanbu -
      Well, a strange thing happened today. Am using a 3GS with 3.1.2 (factory installed) and iBoot 359.3.2 (bought in week 43). Successfully JBed and unlocked using Blackra1n. Been using it since a month. Of course, to restart, I do a tethered one.
      Today, installed some apps and after that, phone didn't detect wifi. So, did a reset network setting, phone went into recovery mode. Connected to PC, ran Blackra1n and pressed "make it rain". Phone showed geohot's photo but then is stuck there. Then, it cycles between recovery mode and geohot's photo. iTunes and other services not running.
      Any help guys?
    1. emilacouture's Avatar
      emilacouture -
      While running this jailbreak, are you not supposed to be connected to iTunes?
    1. Mira30's Avatar
      Mira30 -
      i tried everything to get my WIFI to work and no go.
    1. starjar's Avatar
      starjar -
      Just gave you a thanks. Hope this works!
    1. raja16sep's Avatar
      raja16sep -
      Hi Brother,
      This blackrain donot work on windows 7. Please give any link of black rain for windows 7.

      Br, Raja
    1. Viversuz's Avatar
      Viversuz -
      hey how can i unlock+jailbreak iphone 3g[s]?
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Click the link in my sig
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Download Blackra1n from www.Blackra1n.com
    1. LEVMAN's Avatar
      LEVMAN -
      Has anyone had a problem with the blackra1n site? Tried to run it today and had a failure exe.