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  • blackra1n Released! Jailbreak 3.1.2 For All Devices

    geohot has released his tool blackra1n to jailbreak 3.1.2 for ALL devices. This is a windows only release for now. iPod Touch 3rd generations must have their device plugged in and have to run blackra1n on every boot (tethered).


    1. Update or Restore to 3.1.2 in iTunes (BASEBAND WILL BE UPGRADED FOR 3G AND 3GS)
    2. Launch blackra1n
    3. Press "make it ra1n"
    4. Enjoy!

    So, what is blackra1n? blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n.

    Download blackra1n here:
    MMi Member Mirror

    Please post your success stories or problems here.

    Via blkcadi:

    Take heed people.
    Warning 3g and 3gs unlockers, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team's offerings. Also blackra1n doesn't hacktivate.

    UPDATE: NetMage created afc2add to take care of adding the service for you. It's available on Cydia and is hosted by MMi. Thanks Bro!

    blackra1n doesn't patch the services.plist. You will have to do it manually to get usb browsing back.

    SSH into your phone and navigate to /System/Library/Lockdown/Services.plist

    Copy Services.plist (copy the original for backup) to your computer and open it in a plist editor or a text editor. Add the following info:

    Paste the following key/dict combo above the line that reads

    PHP Code:

    or if you are lazy, here is a pre-patched services.plist

    I recommend editing your own services.plist tho. Reboot your phone and you should be able to use whatever USB browser you want.

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    1. Nickybum's Avatar
      Nickybum -
      Because of earlier fears I'm still running iTunes V8 - have the issues surrounding upgrading to iTunes V9 been sorted?

      Also because of previous fears I'm still running 3.0, is it safe to jump straight to 3.1.2 with the blackra1n software.

      Ohh, and is it really as easy as explained in the points 1 - 4 above? sounds too good to be true!!
    1. DeathIsMyGift's Avatar
      DeathIsMyGift -
      I am an unfortunate Sidekick owner (have you guys heard about the crap going on over at T-Mobile). Anyhoo...I have an iPhone 2G that is not activated. Also, the "Home" button seems to be non responsive. The iPhone is already upgraded to 3.1.2. Can I get this unlock to work with a nonactivated phone who's Home button is jacked up?
    1. JJMA's Avatar
      JJMA -
      Quote Originally Posted by bluenwhitenikes View Post
      I have tried this numerous times on different CPU's!! Still stuck on running with connect to itunes on screen. Using windows XP!! Can anyone help?? I have restored several times.
      I think that it is just luck I am in the same boat bad luck and I can not get my iphone to jailbreak It worked on Ipod so maybe I have some luck. I would just say wait till something new comes out and see it that will work

      Quote Originally Posted by DeathIsMyGift View Post
      I am an unfortunate Sidekick owner (have you guys heard about the crap going on over at T-Mobile). Anyhoo...I have an iPhone 2G that is not activated. Also, the "Home" button seems to be non responsive. The iPhone is already upgraded to 3.1.2. Can I get this unlock to work with a nonactivated phone who's Home button is jacked up?
      I would say you have to have it to get in DFU mode
      The 3.1.2 you can not unlock it yet look on page 1 of this thread
    1. DeathIsMyGift's Avatar
      DeathIsMyGift -
      Thanks JJMA...
      I can't get it into DFU mode with no working Home button. Balls.
      Thanks anyway!
    1. JJMA's Avatar
      JJMA -
      you might look to see if you can replace the home button. First then you will be able to get the iphone jailbroken

      I would say you should be able to replace it. You can for the screen and other parts inside
    1. DeathIsMyGift's Avatar
      DeathIsMyGift -
      Quote Originally Posted by JJMA View Post
      you might look to see if you can replace the home button. First then you will be able to get the iphone jailbroken

      I would say you should be able to replace it. You can for the screen and other parts inside
      I'm shopping around to see who can replace the HOME button for the best price. So far the cheapest I've found is $45.
      Thanks for responding though.
    1. ynti21's Avatar
      ynti21 -
      I just want to say Thanks to Geohot!
    1. JJMA's Avatar
      JJMA -
      it must have worked for you, but even if it did not work at least someone is trying to get it figure something out
    1. Agudan's Avatar
      Agudan -
      I don't understand why geohot doesn't come out and start helping with these issues. It's obvious that thousands of people are having loads of luck and bad luck with this jailbreak. I have tried all the different methods here and non have worked. I'm very happy for all that have been able to get this jailbreak. Unfortunatly I'm one of thousands that can't get it. I would kill to be able to get it. I just think there should be a set of instructions that are precise to all users. If I could get it, I would most def donate to this. I'm very very sad that I can't get it. Cheers to all and happy jailbreaking!!!!
    1. theunderdog2's Avatar
      theunderdog2 -
      1. Closed out all of ipod, itunes, iphone services in task manager.
      2. run: msconfig, then services tab, then disable bonjour.
      3. put blackra1n into xp compatible mode
      4. shut phone down
      5. ran blackra1n as administrator
      6. clicked make it rain.
      7. booted phone into recovery mode.
      8. blackra1n was stuck on waiting for phone..
      9. left black rain running
      10. went to the program and took xp compatibility off, while it was still running
      11. ran it again as admin, while it was still running and waiting on phone
      12. clicked make it rain, and then geohot popped up
    1. yentrog31's Avatar
      yentrog31 -
      Quote Originally Posted by RocketshipVirus View Post
      Umm... Blackra1n ROCKS!! BUT why are none of the cool jailbreak apps working?? SBSetings, Winterboard, Backgrounder, ect. iPhone 3G 3.1.2 and it seems like every time it tries to respring it crashes. How can this be resolved or do we have to wait for those apps to update??
      you didnt happen to install Icy did ya?...info from Big Boss in big red letters..DO NOT use Icy......Geohot released all device 3.1.2 jailbreak blackra1n. | iPhone News, Help and Guides
    1. JJMA's Avatar
      JJMA -
      Well I agree it suck that some can not get it. I am also on of the thousands
    1. twilight_gaijin's Avatar
      twilight_gaijin -
      i finally got blackra1n to work...it is all about the bonjour program...disable that and your good.
    1. cypher7810's Avatar
      cypher7810 -
      I have disabled bonjour and all apple services and all the stuff people say and still no go. Done on vista and on xp. This thing simply just wont work. really anoying, now I am stuck with 3.1.2 and no jailbreak, and apple still hasnt fixed the battery drain issue, so now my phone goes down battery wise at double the rate so now I can barely make it through a day.
    1. boodi's Avatar
      boodi -
      Quote Originally Posted by boodi View Post
      Ok uhhh, im having a problem, it dosnt seem that anyone else is having it? i guess. Ok so for all the people that are stuck on Running, Waiting for Phone, the plug in to itunes and all that other crap, Download BlackRa1n from blackra1n.com then click on the window logo... save on C: then right click it go click properties, then right at the buttom it should say Unblock... click it then dont put on the Run as Windows XP service pack 2.... that just made it worse for me and it makes me get stuck on the itunes logo (to plug it in and restore...) and now just Right click BlackRa1n and Make it Ra1n, Should say entering recovery then running (if u where stuck on that... There u go it should pass it now) then u will see the sign were it says Thx... donate and all that. now u see some guys face (the guy that made it i forgot his name ) then it will take a few seconds mabye 1 min... and then here is my problem my ipod 2G 3.1.2 just shuts off!!!! i dont know what to do... (mabye people dont want to listen to me because im having a problem and they dont want to mess up like me... well anyways it might be my itunes... my computer or even my ipod im not sure....) I restored it about like 9 times so far... and no result after that thats the farthest i got.... someone help please!
      Anyone help? still having same problem i tried it like 17 times so far... im going to stop at 20 so hurry plz D:
    1. alexseat's Avatar
      alexseat -
      no luck here, read every thread to see if I could resolve my issue.
      running all the latest versions on both itunes and iphone. XP O/S
      turned off itunes and all ipod/iphone services in the task manager. connected iphone, ran blackra1n everything seems fine... goes into DFU, then says running... then wait for reboot and a pop up that states its been jailbroken and to wait for reboot... then my phone just sits there with a lit black screen for what has been up to 10 min one time... tried 9 times before I realized obviously there's something wrong here. not impressed.... not satisfied. I have been jailbreaking AND unlocking (although im on att now so no need for unlock) since 1.1.2!!! with NO PROBLEM. I liked all the other programs with nicer graphical interfaces and troubleshooting techniques.... maybe I would be better off trying it off someones MAC with a different program....
      if anyone has the trick let me know... otherwise too bad for me - no jailbreak.
    1. Agudan's Avatar
      Agudan -
      OH MY GOD!!!!!! I FINALLY GOT IT! IM SO FREAKIN HAPPY!!! i just got home from a ****** day at work cuz i had been trying for these past few days and no cigar.....

      here is what i did, i am running vista home edition:
      i right clicked on blackra1n and went into compatibility and unchecked windows xp, unblocked it then applied the settings. i then held down Control, Alt, Delete then opened task manager. once that opened then i stopped service on Bonjour, ipod then went into processes and turned off ituneshelper. after i did that i closed it then i right clicked on blackra1n and ran as admin. i clicked make it rain then it got stuck on the itunes/usb screen. then i held down the power and home button down until it flashed. as soon as it flashed i let go. the congrats jailbreak came out. i didnt click the OK button or close blackra1n. my phone didnt restart automatically, i then opened up another blackra1n in admin mode but didnt make it rain yet. i then turned on my phone and in the apple screen i made it rain and it said waiting for iphone. blackra1n read my phone and it automatically went into the geohot screen.
      i had tryed everything everyone had posted and i realized that the thing that works is that you have to take off the compatibility to XP and turn off bonjour, ipod and ituneshelper. NOT APPLE MOBILE DEVICE.
      i hope this works for you!
      please let me know if it does!!!

      i am extremely happy that i got it to work. i am most def gonna pay this man some cash!!!!!!!!
    1. 24inthelead's Avatar
      24inthelead -
      ran blackra1n today on my win7 laptop
      with my G3, 8GB, 3.1.2

      took 30 sec......DONE
    1. lol_release's Avatar
      lol_release -
      so should I use this method to replace my already jailbroke 3.1 iphone
    1. mikeydooodie's Avatar
      mikeydooodie -
      why cant they make something this easy for a mac ... i loved quickpwn ... i cant deal with pwnage tool its too hard to use