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  • blackra1n Released! Jailbreak 3.1.2 For All Devices

    geohot has released his tool blackra1n to jailbreak 3.1.2 for ALL devices. This is a windows only release for now. iPod Touch 3rd generations must have their device plugged in and have to run blackra1n on every boot (tethered).


    1. Update or Restore to 3.1.2 in iTunes (BASEBAND WILL BE UPGRADED FOR 3G AND 3GS)
    2. Launch blackra1n
    3. Press "make it ra1n"
    4. Enjoy!

    So, what is blackra1n? blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n.

    Download blackra1n here:
    MMi Member Mirror

    Please post your success stories or problems here.

    Via blkcadi:

    Take heed people.
    Warning 3g and 3gs unlockers, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team's offerings. Also blackra1n doesn't hacktivate.

    UPDATE: NetMage created afc2add to take care of adding the service for you. It's available on Cydia and is hosted by MMi. Thanks Bro!

    blackra1n doesn't patch the services.plist. You will have to do it manually to get usb browsing back.

    SSH into your phone and navigate to /System/Library/Lockdown/Services.plist

    Copy Services.plist (copy the original for backup) to your computer and open it in a plist editor or a text editor. Add the following info:

    Paste the following key/dict combo above the line that reads

    PHP Code:

    or if you are lazy, here is a pre-patched services.plist

    I recommend editing your own services.plist tho. Reboot your phone and you should be able to use whatever USB browser you want.

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    1. mokeiko's Avatar
      mokeiko -
      Quote Originally Posted by 3xChamp View Post
      So back to my problem...Has anyone had the same issue???

      ...I have updated and restored my iphone to 3.1.2 and followed the very simple instructions for installing blackra1n, but when I try to 'make it rain' itunes pop's up when its in recovery mode and says...'itunes has detected that an iphone is currently in recovery mode...' etc, and requires me to fully restore again using itunes. The phone appears to be wiped of data at that point. I have done this several times and it is time consuming. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Please HELP!
      click the x to close out/quit iTunes and continue with blackra1n

    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      Quote Originally Posted by imprtkid04 View Post
      It seems to be something with the 3g, Myself and others seem to be having the same issues. If you go back a few pages someone managed to do it by restoring, and he gave some directions for doing that. Post up what your workin with so that anyone that anyone that can help has a better idea of what to help with.
      i tried
      restore and use blackrain = not working
      DFUmode and go itunes to restore then use blackrain = not working
      dled the 3.1.2 restore file and restore and use blackrain = not working
      restore and restore the backup as well then use blackrain = not working

      anymore ways that i can try?

      btw my iphone is 3G 8gb and im on XP SP3
    1. mkedge's Avatar
      mkedge -
      i dont understand!
      all worked like a charm, but nothing appears on my iphone desktop!
    1. slbburr's Avatar
      slbburr -
      Can this be done on Vista or does it have to be XP? Ive tried a few times and it keeps getting stuck on the connect to itunes screen, Please help?

      BTW This isnt the first time ive jailbroken but its the first time ive needed help!! lolol
    1. triphop718's Avatar
      triphop718 -
      I had to DFU restore to get my phone back. Once I did that I used blackra1n and all is fine now. reboots every time.
    1. 3xChamp's Avatar
      3xChamp -
      Thanks, but I tried closing itunes like you suggested, plenty of times, but it doesnt work. I even tried running blackra1n again and again, but the same problem??? Please any other suggestions??
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Is this the land of the 3G and 3GS jailbreaking? I have read nothing on how its going for the 2G.
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      cant even JB my 3G.. help anyone.. been fiddling with it for over 5hours and still not JBed... T_T
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Quote Originally Posted by imprtkid04 View Post
      It seems to be something with the 3g,
      I was jb'd running 3.01. I upgraded to 3.1.2, ran blackra1n (run as XP under Windows7, 32 bit), reinstalled Cydia, biteSMS (beta), 3G Unrestrictor (purchased version), MyWi, RockApp, Intelliscreen, etc. All seems to be working well. VonAgent, another RockApp, nevers comes back after an upgrade like this.

      The only 'issue' I've seen is with RockApp. Every time I start it, it keeps telling me it's detected an inconsistency with installed packages and asks if I'd like to reinstall all apps. I did this once and it reinstalls all the same apps Cydia did. Plus Cydia thinks MyWi is at a backlevel release.

      My guess is RockApp and MyWi need upgraded to support 3.1.2 correctly. I uninstalled MyWi until they get this straightened out.

      EDIT 1: Just noticed when I go into App Store, Updates it reports it can't connect to iTunes store yet I can search the store and installed DropBox.

      EDIT 2: I think letting RockApp reinstall all the Cydia apps screwed Cydia up. Cydia now thinks everything it installed needs to be uninstalled. Since everything seems to be working. I will let well enough alone for now.

      Edit 3: Uninstalling MyWi resolved the Cydia issue.
    1. c1mermaid's Avatar
      c1mermaid -
      Quote Originally Posted by imprtkid04 View Post
      Yeah, i know, But i click the "download here" and it takes me to his site/blog. Which is fine but where is it on his blog. I get the blogs and the donate button.
      click the windows logo button to start the download
    1. Gimmicks's Avatar
      Gimmicks -
      My first JB!! Done in less than a minute!

      Laptop is - Windows 7 64bit

      Iphone is - 3G 16GB on 3.1.2 Never been JB

      restarted laptop and once it was at desktop I closed every program I could that opens in background

      then I right clicked the balckra1n icon and properties>compatibility>run in xp sp3

      then I ran the program as administrator just to be on safe side.

      Let it rain!!

      Job done!

      I will now donate to geohot and keep using these forums.

    1. eremeya's Avatar
      eremeya -
      does this cause issues with the internet connection like purplera1n (I've had to restart both edge and wifi many times to get internet working but only after jailbreaking with Purplera1n )?
    1. 3xChamp's Avatar
      3xChamp -
      Okay, I have tried the other suggestions of closing down everything running other than blackra1n, but no rain is coming. I have 3G iphone, so I guess that's the problem right there! I have restored my phone after it crashes several times via itunes and it takes ages! Is there a quicker way? Please make it simple!
    1. Gimmicks's Avatar
      Gimmicks -
      Quote Originally Posted by eremeya View Post
      does this cause issues with the internet connection like purplera1n (I've had to restart both edge and wifi many times to get internet working but only after jailbreaking with Purplera1n )?
      Just tested mine, wifi and 3g working fine...
    1. shaldi's Avatar
      shaldi -
      hi, i have 3gs version 3.1(7c144) do i have to restore to 3.1.2 than run blackrain?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Please stop posting links to con men!
      |There is no unlock.
    1. sakhund's Avatar
      sakhund -
      i am running windows 7 updated my 3gs to 3.1.2 ran blackra1n in all possible ways i.e. as an administrator, xp compactability etc but it fails .. i click make it rain...itnues detects the phone in recovrey mode... i get the msg from blackrain saying its done wait for reboot...reboots doesnt jailbreak ... screen is stuck on itunes+usb cable screen please help

      INFO: welcome to blackra1n for windows
      INFO: loaded dll at CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\iTunesMobileDevice.dll
      INFO: button clicked
      INFO: internal device callback called
      INFO: callbacks registered
      INFO: sent enter recovery command
      INFO: internal recovery callback called
      INFO: unregistered normal mode callback
      INFO: go go gadget ra1n
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 1
      INFO: command setenv auto-boot true sent
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: command saveenv sent
      send payload: 0
      INFO: start sending exploit
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: exploit closed 0
      sent exploit
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: command geohot sent
      send picture: 0
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: command setpicture 0 sent
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: command bgcolor 1 1 1 sent
      send ramdisk: 0
      INFO: send command started
      INFO: file opened
      ioctl: 0
      INFO: command geohot sent
      WARN: wtf who called this?
      INFO: global callback finished
      INFO: unused callback called
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      FOUND the best solution for all have trouble.. found a new way to do it..
      1. update ur iphone to 3.1.2
      2. off the itunes or quit it
      3. right click the blackrain icon and click "run as..."
      4. untick the box where it says "protect my computer..."
      5. Enjoy!

      hope it help for all people who stuck at running, or DFU mode. at last my fiddling of 5hours pays off.. ^^ thx Blackrain altho it takes my 5hrs but it worth it..
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
      i think mine took less then 30 seconds! lol wohho
    1. imirish02's Avatar
      imirish02 -
      geohot is a genius. thanks so much!!