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  • Apple Officially Going to War Against Jailbreaking

    Apple is officially in the market for a new top cop on their jailbreak police force. With the booming business that is jailbreaking only growing bigger by the day, Apple is planning to seriously crack down on the ease with which hackers exploit the iPhone platform and modify their devices' operating systems.

    And Apple isn't making any secret of its intentions. In fact, a new position is posted for all to see on the company's website. They are hoping in the very near future to fill the position of "iPhone OS Platform Security Manager" - aka, a jailbreak cop.

    Apple Insider reports that "The company is looking for someone to oversee its team which ensures secure booting and installation of the iPhone OS and protecting and hardening it against outside threats."

    It's not clear whether the position is new, or if Apple is looking to replace someone on an existing team. The Santa Clara Valley job was posted on Oct. 16, 2009.
    It seems plausible that this is an entirely new position altogether at the company, as Apple is likely surprised with how easily and readily the iPhone is being jailbroken by more users than they can possibly imagine. Consequently, the obvious purpose of this position is to invent and erect as many barriers to jailbreaking as possible.

    Sounds like Apple is really going to war with jailbreakers this time.

    It has been a long back-and-forth battle between Apple and hackers since the iPhone debuted in 2007. While those working to crack the phone have, until now, been able to maintain their ability to run unauthorized code, Apple, at the moment, appears to have the upper hand. The most recently updated iPhone 3GS, released mid-cycle in October, requires what is known as a "tethered jailbreak," meaning that the iPhone must be attached to a computer via USB and have a hack applied each time it is restarted.

    Image via revolver360

    Thanks to Melech518 for the heads up!
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    1. smiska2's Avatar
      smiska2 -
      Well it's about time Apple took a stand! Well done.

      Quote Originally Posted by billmilo View Post
      when I can't JB my iPhone anymore, I will simply move on to another phone, and apple can suck. I will never ever ever use any of their products and turn myself into an eternal apple-hater, if they do this.

      I have influence at least on 10 people in my family who ask me for anything when purchasing computers, cell phones and so on, since they trust me to do the research. That's thousands of dollars apple is risking of losing because of one user like me.

      Are you 7?
    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      Quote Originally Posted by smiska2 View Post
      Well it's about time Apple took a stand! Well done.

      Are you 7?
      yes I am 7. even a 7-year-old like me can tell apple is being a douche bag. it wouldn't take me but one minute to move to android. are you steve job's wife?
    1. samurai_vara's Avatar
      samurai_vara -
      This sucks.
    1. smiska2's Avatar
      smiska2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by KabutoCub View Post
      When will some ONE or some ENTITY ever gonna really challenge Apple in the legality of their tactics? I don't give a damn about what they think is legal or not, I bought the damn phone, I do whatever I frakin WANT with it! Simple. Where is this Electronic Frontier Foundation? This needs to be defined.
      Actually you probably bought a subsidized iPhone. (they don't really cost $199 dollars). If you want to claim "I paid for it I'll do what I want" maybe you should look into buying one imported from Italy that is factory unlocked?

      Quote Originally Posted by billmilo View Post
      yes I am 7. even a 7-year-old like me can tell apple is being a douche bag. it wouldn't take me but one minute to move to android. are you steve job's wife?
      How did you guess? Well done on that one!
    1. frankydabull's Avatar
      frankydabull -
      Lets be real, ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END

      Quite often I think that the iPhone is a great device, and as of right now, there is no option better in terms of a telephone. But who honestly believes that the iPhone will NEVER lose the pedastal as the number one phone? Na, I dont think so...

      I think that this may be the first step in apple losing its grip on the cellular market. not completely letting go, but has anyone notice the large amount of phones carrying the Android OS? Hmmm... Is this possibly the setting of the platform that every phone worth mentioning is either an Android phone or iPhone? And then the phone with the exclusively released AOS version XX is brought out on the scene and dominates the market?

      Google has it right, and has for a long time. Lets be honest, the GUI for iphone and lets say HTC Hero are day and night, mytouch emphasizes customization. Android market has a lot of the same apps that you see on cydia. Yes, an open source OS is the ish.

      I'm telling you, with more phones that actually do more, apple is going to have competition. Apple made a product that was so over the top and before its time that people couldnt help but buy it. Apply that to a good OS and features that iphone can't touch, and the mobile phone market will be light years ahead.

      Think about it like this. Active Jailbreakers dont make up a large percentage of the iphone community. Thats the truth. But Jailbreakers and unlocked people make up a percentage large enough to hurt sales for when a new phone with a good hype aroudn it is released for apple to notice.

      Our outrage on this board equals in a decision to switch phones. I'm with all of you. Imagine that plus all the other message boards.
    1. aekhamsouk's Avatar
      aekhamsouk -
      apple, you guys are idiots. you're pushing your users to an open source platform. something that has already been proven to be better than the bull$hit you keep dishing out...

      if apple does succeed, it'll be the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot..

      good thing i didn't renew with att or get the 3gs...
    1. billmilo's Avatar
      billmilo -
      How did you guess?
      Easy to spot your virtual fellatio of Apple. You fail at posting: stop double-posting.
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      what exactly do they mean with jailbreaking cops?
      I guess all this will also mean that the future 4g iphones will probably be built from the ground and up to be jailbreak proof.

      God! I SO!!! ******* HATE APPLE, if wasn't for the iphone's usefulness, I would have dropped their azz long time ago.

      Quote Originally Posted by ty22 View Post
      I hope they get sued out their azz for trying to control what people do with what they purchased!
      +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000

      that will be the day!!!! of course that will also be to good to be true.

      IF ONLY!!!!!!
    1. kugi_igi's Avatar
      kugi_igi -
      if apple will add all the features and functionalities of Jailbroken iDevices to the official OS,then it's ok to stop jailbreaking,but...the hell,many people don't like iPhone as is,everything can be done with Jailbreaking,i reallt don't know about this Apple.
      maybe they should put their concentration on apps piracy not jailbreaking
      Piracy=Jailbreak is always true but
      Jailbreak=Piracy is not always true!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      Their profits on the iPhone come greatly from app sales. This is the reason they want to close the door. As much as we hate the idea of losing JBing, which I doubt we ever will,I understand why Apple would want to do it. If you had a company and were making insane profits from product sales, and then someone figured out a way to crawl into your store through a tunnel and steal your products, you would close the tunnel and hire security personnel to ensure the tunnel stays closed.....

      Furthermore, the developers of a majority of these apps are also complaining. Yes apple gets 30% of sales, but the other 70% belongs to some guy/girl trying to feed their family. This is why we have a strong stance against illegal/cracked apps here at ModMyi. Hopefully what Apple is working on is a way to close the door on cracked apps by some sort of encryption or signature, similar to the firmware signing and verification.
      There is also a large assumption here that "when people can no longer pirate it, they will buy it" I REALLY doubt this is the case. People will move on to wherever else they can get what they want for "free" if that was their goal to begin with or simply just live without it. Case in point I am REALLY happy I didn't pay for the POS TomTom app. On the other hand there are plenty of apps I DID buy (such as Beejive) because they were THAT good. Will profits increase if piracy is completely eliminated? Probably, but more money will be pumped into fighting it than is made.

      I will also add that many (note I didn't say most or all) of these people who "are trying to feed their family" as you put it are taking this appstore as a get rich quick scheme in that they are shoveling trash into the appstore to hope it sells. Look at the TOP SELLERS. They are not complaining about piracy (or at least I see way more of those who are butthurt that 500 people are using their app and only 200 paid. I think we can all agree that even 500 people using your app does not equal success/good app.). Why do the ones that make goods apps not complain? Simply because they made something that people are willing to pay for. It is just as important to put piracy into your profit margin as it is for any retail store to put shoplifting into theirs. Obviously shoplifting losses vary by area, but I am still astounded at the losses my girlfriend reports at the local Best Buy monthly in a small town in Iowa.
    1. eyepoper's Avatar
      eyepoper -
      Guess we`ll have to say to GEOHOT and DEVTEAM.....HAve a nice Job there at APPLE.......
      Thats what said in the line..they are searching for people...the only people are those people.!!
    1. redmagic's Avatar
      redmagic -
      Hay wait !! I though USA is place of freedom !!!
      HuH !!! ??? But you can't do where ever you like on your own Phone ??? !!!!
      What a joke ????? !!!!! Funny Apple !!!!!
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      If Apple were interested in stopping pirating they should just ask. Neither the Dev Team nor Geohot condone pirating apps.
      I am sure Apple have read Oh no! Complicated stuff!
      Apple are, IMHO, concentrating on the wrong things but it's Cat & Mouse....
      Geohot has already said that he has applied and under qualifications he listed BlackSn0w....
    1. lissajway's Avatar
      lissajway -
      whats apple's problem? y cant they just let ppl personalize their phones!!! we bought the goddamn things from them f*ck!!!
    1. shabz_de_don's Avatar
      shabz_de_don -
      i dont thinik i can see my iphone without jailbreaking! if its unjailbroken i donno i tihnk i'd move to android, open source open market cant go wrong!
    1. squaresoft's Avatar
      squaresoft -
      Boooo to Apple... Those who needed jailbreak for blacksnow/ultrasnow will defo give up their iphone... those who travel alot will give up their iphone... looks like 89.67% of people will give up their iphone... goodbye Apple good luck with your ipod sales instead...
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      I doubt they'll stop the train. They especially cannot do it from a "legal" standpoint. Remember when Metallica sued their fans and they lost like half their fanbase? Same rules apply here. IF Apple did succeed in stopping jailbreaking, whatever Apple won't let us do,.......... Droid does.
    1. VampireV's Avatar
      VampireV -
      maybe if apple made the phone themeable and many other features by default we wouldnt need to jailbrake to make the phone do what it shoudl out of the box.
    1. NegativeBeef's Avatar
      NegativeBeef -
      The day I can't jailbreak my iphone will be the day I stop using it. I am preemptively looking for alternative phones already just in case that day comes sooner than anticipated.
    1. evolasme's Avatar
      evolasme -
      I love my Iphone right now... i dont think they can make an upgrade to the FW thats going to make me want to move forward with the OS. I been jailbroken for a while and tried life without it and sorry once jailbroken i cant go back. the phone is just that much better with it. If Apple finds a way ( which i don't think they will really) but if they do, ill sell it and get something else. Dear Apple please pull your head out of your *** and see a JB iphone as an opportunity and not a demonize it.