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  • Apple Officially Going to War Against Jailbreaking

    Apple is officially in the market for a new top cop on their jailbreak police force. With the booming business that is jailbreaking only growing bigger by the day, Apple is planning to seriously crack down on the ease with which hackers exploit the iPhone platform and modify their devices' operating systems.

    And Apple isn't making any secret of its intentions. In fact, a new position is posted for all to see on the company's website. They are hoping in the very near future to fill the position of "iPhone OS Platform Security Manager" - aka, a jailbreak cop.

    Apple Insider reports that "The company is looking for someone to oversee its team which ensures secure booting and installation of the iPhone OS and protecting and hardening it against outside threats."

    It's not clear whether the position is new, or if Apple is looking to replace someone on an existing team. The Santa Clara Valley job was posted on Oct. 16, 2009.
    It seems plausible that this is an entirely new position altogether at the company, as Apple is likely surprised with how easily and readily the iPhone is being jailbroken by more users than they can possibly imagine. Consequently, the obvious purpose of this position is to invent and erect as many barriers to jailbreaking as possible.

    Sounds like Apple is really going to war with jailbreakers this time.

    It has been a long back-and-forth battle between Apple and hackers since the iPhone debuted in 2007. While those working to crack the phone have, until now, been able to maintain their ability to run unauthorized code, Apple, at the moment, appears to have the upper hand. The most recently updated iPhone 3GS, released mid-cycle in October, requires what is known as a "tethered jailbreak," meaning that the iPhone must be attached to a computer via USB and have a hack applied each time it is restarted.

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    Thanks to Melech518 for the heads up!
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    1. dwightmcc's Avatar
      dwightmcc -
      I really like my iPhone too, but only if it's jailbroke.... So if by some chance apple makes it jailbreak proof then I too will move on to the moto-droid.
      iPhone OTB is a cool phone that gets boring after a month... After jailbreak it's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PHONE.
      So go ahead apple.... Commit suicide 
    1. Mr. Swagger's Avatar
      Mr. Swagger -
      The people are correct. A very large percentage of people buy idevice's knowing they will be jail broken in the near future. Though I believe it is almost impossible to stop them from being jail broken. "It was put together, it can be taken apart." if they succeed to stop the jail breaking community. Then they will undoubtedly lose large numbers of customers with their future products. Very wise apple. I say do your thing and we'll do ours. The choice is yours,... Android market is looking better every day you choose to stray away.
    1. jeffs64's Avatar
      jeffs64 -
      The only real way that I think Apple could stop or slow us down would be to stop your device (Iphone Ipad Ipod) from syncing with itunes if your device is jailbroke and BTW they can tell if it is. But at the same time there are just as many people that do not or won't jailbreak their device. Their just to chicken to do it. Apple just love's it when you bring in your Iphone and it's jailbroke or somebody tried to jailbreak it and they say the warranty is void. We would love to sell you a new at full price!! The jailbreak Police are not coming to your house any time soon. And if you can't sync I guess you could end your contrack and sell your phone or throw it away. AT&T - Verzion would loose customer's I don't think they want that. If that's the case the jailbreak police woukld have find a new job and right now that's no fun. What's half the fun is to Jailbreak it. So I agree Apple do your thing and I'll do mine
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Why has this thread been revived after a year and a quarter?
      Jail breaking older devices is not AA problem, untethering them can be.
      Newer devices are harder, the iPad2 still has no public JB