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    Cydia, the brainchild of Jay Freeman (saurik), is out. What is it? Think Installer, but open source and more features. The technical description, for those who get it, is a GUI front-end for a port of the Debian APT system which saurik himself ported to the iPhone, along with a whole suite of Unix utilities he's also ported.

    This isn't a replacement for Installer - I have both installed, and apps from both packagers on my iPhone. Saurik also says the same thing - "Cydia/APT does not conflict with Installer. I run both on my phone and have a large amount of software installed via Installer. There are currently no known compatibility issues between applications that expect BSD Subsystem to be installed and devices running Telesphoreo, and no reason to suspect anything major on that front. Finally, no one is forcing anyone, packagers and users alike, to start using Cydia instead of Installer."

    Cydia is easy for you to get on your iPhone - if you've got Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you just add http://apptapp.saurik.com to your sources, and install Cydia Packager from the System category. Give it 5 minutes (its a big install), and you're good to go.

    You may notice Cydia is at the moment very developer friendly - many of the available installs are Unix utilities which the average user won't need. ModMyI, and especially francis (of the MMi sponsored DRP Dev Team, and author of WiSync) have been working with saurik to put together a variety of other apps as well - games, themes, utilities, and more. Anything can be installed from Cydia.

    So... what's the point? Here's a few features of Cydia:
    • Open Source - while this doesn't directly affect the average user, it is incredibly useful for developers, and bugs are also easily reportable via the project's Trac site.
    • Search - Cydia has a great built in Search function (screenshots earlier in this post), and also the iPhone's Contacts-style alphabet scroll on the side for quick finding apps you're looking for.
    • Resume-able Downloads - You can pause downloads at any time, and resume later. If you lose connection, Cydia will resume downloading as soon as you tell it to.

    Bottom line? Saurik has done some incredible work with Cydia. Bringing open source package installing to the iPhone is a first here, and since saurik stresses the fact that Cydia is still under active development, we can expect to see some great improvements to the app, which is already at version 1.0.


    Developers - want your app on Cydia? Send cash7c3 or myself a pm with the link to your app, and we'll get it listed within 48 hours.
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    1. fastdump's Avatar
      fastdump -
      Quote Originally Posted by wbjunkie View Post
      ... did you install the complete BSD subsystem or only the files needed to get pericam to work ?
      I only installed the files/paths mentioned and not the complete BSD Subsystem.

      As an aside, I've actually ditched Pericam all together!...
      • Partly because even after my 'fix' I noticed that it was not saving the photos anywhere.
      • Partly because I didn't have an actual use for it apart from what 1shot now provides (see my previous post).
      • Partly because, after raising this with the Cydia developer and receiving a prompt response that CRON support would be begrudging added, there were some caveats as to why this was not the best solution.
      • Partly because I'd had enough of messing around with it!
    1. Outofscope's Avatar
      Outofscope -
      Is there still no possibility to uninstall Cydia, if needed?
    1. z3n's Avatar
      z3n -
      installed it few days ago, and when i refresh the "changes" section by touching that symbol on upper right corner, it just got freezed...
      have waited for about 15 mins keep touching the screen periodically for not letting it got timed-out, and still no luck. so i decided to press the home button hoping that it would get close and i'd able to try it again.
      but then, everytime i open it, it just got crashed and kicked me back out to the home screen again and again.
      had tried to reinstall it again via installer twice with rebooting iphone after, but still no luck.
      any solutions please?
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      z3n (or anyone else for that matter), join our IRC and we can help you there:

      server is: irc.moofspeak.net

      channel is: #ModMyI

      If you don't know what IRC is, or you don't know how to get on, click here
    1. benderbends's Avatar
      benderbends -
      can someone help me?
      i just restored my phone to 1.1.4.
      used ziphone 2.6 to do everything.
      i then installed cydia.
      now im trying to find fake BSD subsystem...but it is not showing anywhere.
      i also tried finding Saureks Coding Toolbox but cant find that either.

      please help as i cant install some things until i get this fix.
    1. ArTek's Avatar
      ArTek -
      Quote Originally Posted by benderbends View Post
      can someone help me?
      i just restored my phone to 1.1.4.
      used ziphone 2.6 to do everything.
      i then installed cydia.
      now im trying to find fake BSD subsystem...but it is not showing anywhere.
      i also tried finding Saureks Coding Toolbox but cant find that either.

      please help as i cant install some things until i get this fix.
      I believe you'll find Fake BSD on installer, unless BSD is already instaleed.
    1. jmel42's Avatar
      jmel42 -
      I'm seeing a section in Cydia that has 'X Windows' packages. Does this mean I can install an iPhone-compiled version?
    1. rs6er's Avatar
      rs6er -
      I'm confused by all of these posts. (Newbie) I unlocked my 1.1.4 iphone with ziphone 2.6, installed Cydia. I see the app on my phone. When I hit the install button on the bottom of Cydia, it goes to folder All Packages, but there's nothing in this folder. So how do I use Cydia to install apps, and where do I find the apps for Cydia to install? Do I still use Installer to find the apps? Also, where can I see what Cydia has installed?
    1. starlox's Avatar
      starlox -
      First to all developers, I want to say THANK YOU. Because you bring us possibilities and function.

      This (Cydia) completely, and I mean completely messed up my iPhone to the point where I can't install anything from Installer. I can't Reinstall BSD. I can't install anything from Cydia, can't uninstall Cydia. I can't open half of my web icons. Safari crashes when trying to go to "More info" in both Cydia and Installer. From what I'm reading, I guess that my permissions were changed.

      I'm not really a noob, as I have been Jailbreaking since the first 1.02 jailbreak. But, I'm not a coder or programmer either. I can follow the simplest directions. I don't need to be the first to try out a new app or jailbreak/unlock procedure. I just want to have the options to install and use my 3rd party programs.

      I understand the need for open-source packagers, but this program is not for the non-programmer community. I HOPE THAT DEVELOPERS DO NOT ABANDON INSTALLER FOR CYDIA.

      Listen: we do not need to have one-click solutions, but we also don't need to spend countless hours researching what just broke my iPhone. But, again, I do want to say thank you for your efforts in bringing this to us. Because you didn't have to.
    1. laz305's Avatar
      laz305 -
      o boy will this install Summerboard & Customize on 1.1.4? and do i want both cuz I got Customize 2.0 working.
    1. AotW's Avatar
      AotW -
      Anyone of you guys was able to add sources to cydia manually, because I really want to use cydia instead of installer but cannot add sources via SSH...

      Is there a "simple way" to do it?
    1. zoolander369's Avatar
      zoolander369 -
      I believe that Cydia WILL be great, but at this time it's too unstable.
    1. pierre74's Avatar
      pierre74 -
      Why saurik do not make cydia compatible with the old version of BSD subsystem ?
      or with all the application ?
    1. WyldPhoenix's Avatar
      WyldPhoenix -
      Hey Guys,

      I am getting the following error while trying to update my sources. It does update some packages, but I think that this is limited to a domain not being found ?!?!

      Package Error
      Domain #0: 0
      Any comments???
    1. watson_paul2000's Avatar
      watson_paul2000 -
      what apps under cydia can i export my contacts on to my iphone from my sim card
    1. foureight84's Avatar
      foureight84 -
      eww sexual innuendo with the topic title
    1. watson_paul2000's Avatar
      watson_paul2000 -
      i've downloaded a theme from cydia and where does it go to??

      i may sack this cydia off how do i get installer?
    1. Rip's Avatar
      Rip -
      Quote Originally Posted by francis View Post
      You can, however, go into terminal, and run the following command to remove the GUI (and keep the subsystem):

      apt-get remove cydia

      You will then be asked to confirm by responding with: Yes, do as I say!
      Can I do this from WinSCP terminal?
    1. cphillips1009's Avatar
      cphillips1009 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rip View Post
      Can I do this from WinSCP terminal?
    1. jarvis's Avatar
      jarvis -
      I have done so much digging to fix this problem myself, it is driving me crazy. I have searched MMI and Ipodtouchfans forums and have found a few people with this same problem, but no concrete answer, and certainly nothing that has worked for me. I get the error when installer gets to the "slowly extracting telesphoreo" part. I have tried changing permissions. I even tried manually installing all of the files. Nothing seems to work. I can still use all of my apps including installer. Cydia appears on my homescreen but just crashes after trying to run it. Since trying to install cydia, mobile terminal won't let me login as root:alpine. Unlike most of the posts on this thread who bash this app after successfully installing it, I understand the beauty of the program and its incredible subsystem. Is there anyone who has found a real solution to this problem? I really do not want to restore and start all over, but if it means getting cydia, I guess I'll have to. Can nobody help me? Saurik? Please....