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  • Rock Out With Your Cydia Out

    Cydia, the brainchild of Jay Freeman (saurik), is out. What is it? Think Installer, but open source and more features. The technical description, for those who get it, is a GUI front-end for a port of the Debian APT system which saurik himself ported to the iPhone, along with a whole suite of Unix utilities he's also ported.

    This isn't a replacement for Installer - I have both installed, and apps from both packagers on my iPhone. Saurik also says the same thing - "Cydia/APT does not conflict with Installer. I run both on my phone and have a large amount of software installed via Installer. There are currently no known compatibility issues between applications that expect BSD Subsystem to be installed and devices running Telesphoreo, and no reason to suspect anything major on that front. Finally, no one is forcing anyone, packagers and users alike, to start using Cydia instead of Installer."

    Cydia is easy for you to get on your iPhone - if you've got Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you just add http://apptapp.saurik.com to your sources, and install Cydia Packager from the System category. Give it 5 minutes (its a big install), and you're good to go.

    You may notice Cydia is at the moment very developer friendly - many of the available installs are Unix utilities which the average user won't need. ModMyI, and especially francis (of the MMi sponsored DRP Dev Team, and author of WiSync) have been working with saurik to put together a variety of other apps as well - games, themes, utilities, and more. Anything can be installed from Cydia.

    So... what's the point? Here's a few features of Cydia:
    • Open Source - while this doesn't directly affect the average user, it is incredibly useful for developers, and bugs are also easily reportable via the project's Trac site.
    • Search - Cydia has a great built in Search function (screenshots earlier in this post), and also the iPhone's Contacts-style alphabet scroll on the side for quick finding apps you're looking for.
    • Resume-able Downloads - You can pause downloads at any time, and resume later. If you lose connection, Cydia will resume downloading as soon as you tell it to.

    Bottom line? Saurik has done some incredible work with Cydia. Bringing open source package installing to the iPhone is a first here, and since saurik stresses the fact that Cydia is still under active development, we can expect to see some great improvements to the app, which is already at version 1.0.


    Developers - want your app on Cydia? Send cash7c3 or myself a pm with the link to your app, and we'll get it listed within 48 hours.
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    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      Excellent work, saurik.

      This app is great. I sincerely hope that it either replaces Installer altogether, or at least compels Nullriver to open-source their software (which they've promised to do but haven't yet).

      Installer 3.01 keeps crashing my phone, but I'm enjoying Cydia so far. Wayyy more features. What in the world caused the Installer developers not to put in a search function?!
    1. Cocchiararo's Avatar
      Cocchiararo -
      it would be nice if updates to already installed stuff werent in the same place *** new stuff added / stuff modified that its not installed
    1. mustang50187's Avatar
      mustang50187 -
      There are major conflicts with the installers. Some apps that are on both as I found out will kill your iphone and you will have to start all over. I dont know why maybe its more the apps fault then the installers fault cant say yet. I am running old school iphone 4GB with 3.9BL and jailbreaked 1.1.4. If someone knows whats the problem then let me know I dont have time to look over the bugs nor do I care I just use the phone for educational use only. I use a linux phone there better. I am just letting some know my problems with having both of them installed.
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      I don't like the purple icon, so I made my own

      Those of you who own Macs will see that Installer's icon uses the .Mac icon from System Preferences, so I decided to use the Network one right next to it so that they go together
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Ha nice.
    1. Wongster360's Avatar
      Wongster360 -
      Many thanks to Saurik for the great app and to Poetic for such a detailed intro...and to everyone else involved....this is awesome!
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      As of today (3/3/08) cydia has an incompatibility. I just received notice that updates were available for (iphyssics 1.1,iphysics level Fixes 1.2 and Summerboard 3.2) when I went to install it said I had to install the bsd subsystem ( had that installed before cydia was installed) or had to install cydia , which is installed. So can I remove cydia and reinstall the bsd subsystem ? I like cydia but want an installer I can rely on, only put cydia on because "there were no compatibility issues".
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Install FakeBSD from Installer. This has been addressed. No incompatibility.
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      Not listed in my installer, I have most sources apptapp, bigboss,mmi, conceited,saurik, iclarified,ste. So is there another I need to add ?
    1. Cocchiararo's Avatar
      Cocchiararo -
      i have the same problem with the new iphisics, and i too, have no fake bso on intaller or cydia.

      i had bsd 2.1 before installing cydia.
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      Add "apptapp.saurik.com" as an Installer.app source, then refresh sources.
      There's a package called "Fake BSD Subsystem" in the System category. Install that.
      That should fix all problems...
    1. Cocchiararo's Avatar
      Cocchiararo -
      i have the source but i dont have the package (i do have bsd 2.1 under installed sources).

      i added the package to iappcat.com custom repo and im refreshing to see if it appears there :/

      EDIT: ok, i added 2 packages, just to be sure, fakeBSD never appeared, the other one did :/
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      so is there going to be a grand list of sources compatible with cydia or is pretty much everyone? i like cydia's search. its so much better. but if not a lot of dev. are using it then its kinda pointless right? i wanna use it but i wanna know who else is gonna be on it.
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      ok I did that and have "surik'd coding toolbox" ini sources ( did refresh) but still no fake bsd in install list , I looked in all packages to make sure. So how do i uninstall cydia, I would rather have the installer back where I can count on it (like cydia interface but need reliability).
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Cydia is completely reliable. We're talking semantics. iPhysics actually updated today to be compatible with both.

      The problem is not with Cydia, its that some apps on Installer needed specific small utilities, which were parts of BSD Subsystem, but are included in Cydia without having to download extra stuff. Those apps don't check to see if they have what they need - they just check to see if BSD is installed. Its a slightly flawed that was put in place because we had no other way.

      Fake BSD just make Installer THINK BSD is installed, since its not needed, Cydia's utilities are fuller and less buggy.

      @Iman - we have over 75 apps now on Cydia, there's a rumble in the Bronx that Ste is converting the 200+ apps on his repo to a Cydia repo as well. Not to worry.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      @ LGgeek

      did you have bsd subsystem installed b4 the Cydia installed?
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      I pragmatic so the semantics of this are lost on me. I have installer app which has updates available but will not install them because cydia did something that made the bsd subsystem uninstall. so I now have two installers with no way to update the apps I have installed.

      Further investigation shows the bsd subsystem in the installer app's uninstall list with a reinstall button, pushing that tells me i need to install the "SUID lib fix".
      Going to the install list and finding SUID lib fix and pushing install gets an error that says "install the SUID lib fix first". I guess this is conceptual semantics since I don't understand the structure.

      I would think the how to get from here to there would be made know before here went away. :-)

      cash yes , the post I read here on MMI said they would coexist no problemo , so I just installed cydia without uninstalling anything.
    1. hubjub's Avatar
      hubjub -
      theres nothing under all packages in my cydia ?? any idea?? i am using an iPohone 1.13 ..thanks
    1. meisterlumpi's Avatar
      meisterlumpi -
      Quote Originally Posted by hubjub View Post
      theres nothing under all packages in my cydia ?? any idea?? i am using an iPohone 1.13 ..thanks
      go to install and hit refresh once. (upper right corner i think)
    1. Aws3ya's Avatar
      Aws3ya -
      I had cydia for a week and when i had to restore my fw and after i got my Iphone running again i ssh to mod an App and i cant find my Applications the folder is there but empty, do i need to unistall cydai first before i restore my fw, does Cydia revert my Applications back after i uninstalled Cydia, what is the best way to unsitall Cydia is it like Installer than cannot uninstall? Help please.

      Quote Originally Posted by Bianca View Post
      I have Cydia and it's not ready for primetime needs alot of work So I removed it and what a pain to remove also...
      How did you manage to removed Cydia, i restore my Fw to 1.1.4 and i lost my Apps, well Folder is there but empty i know they were moved when i installed Cydia, any other way to removed Cydia, .