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  • Rock Out With Your Cydia Out

    Cydia, the brainchild of Jay Freeman (saurik), is out. What is it? Think Installer, but open source and more features. The technical description, for those who get it, is a GUI front-end for a port of the Debian APT system which saurik himself ported to the iPhone, along with a whole suite of Unix utilities he's also ported.

    This isn't a replacement for Installer - I have both installed, and apps from both packagers on my iPhone. Saurik also says the same thing - "Cydia/APT does not conflict with Installer. I run both on my phone and have a large amount of software installed via Installer. There are currently no known compatibility issues between applications that expect BSD Subsystem to be installed and devices running Telesphoreo, and no reason to suspect anything major on that front. Finally, no one is forcing anyone, packagers and users alike, to start using Cydia instead of Installer."

    Cydia is easy for you to get on your iPhone - if you've got Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you just add http://apptapp.saurik.com to your sources, and install Cydia Packager from the System category. Give it 5 minutes (its a big install), and you're good to go.

    You may notice Cydia is at the moment very developer friendly - many of the available installs are Unix utilities which the average user won't need. ModMyI, and especially francis (of the MMi sponsored DRP Dev Team, and author of WiSync) have been working with saurik to put together a variety of other apps as well - games, themes, utilities, and more. Anything can be installed from Cydia.

    So... what's the point? Here's a few features of Cydia:
    • Open Source - while this doesn't directly affect the average user, it is incredibly useful for developers, and bugs are also easily reportable via the project's Trac site.
    • Search - Cydia has a great built in Search function (screenshots earlier in this post), and also the iPhone's Contacts-style alphabet scroll on the side for quick finding apps you're looking for.
    • Resume-able Downloads - You can pause downloads at any time, and resume later. If you lose connection, Cydia will resume downloading as soon as you tell it to.

    Bottom line? Saurik has done some incredible work with Cydia. Bringing open source package installing to the iPhone is a first here, and since saurik stresses the fact that Cydia is still under active development, we can expect to see some great improvements to the app, which is already at version 1.0.


    Developers - want your app on Cydia? Send cash7c3 or myself a pm with the link to your app, and we'll get it listed within 48 hours.
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    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      mike - those are, essentially, the "bsd subsystem" that comes with Cydia. You should NOT uninstall those, no, as they are useful to many apps.
    1. alex2k10's Avatar
      alex2k10 -
      love it....
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      This is great and all but here is my concern: with the drama in the iphone developer community, splits, get back togethers, infighting and what not, Cydia exists at Nullriver's whim. Should they decide to flip the switch (for whatever reason) this ALL goes under. There certainly appears reason for them to feel slighted/threatened by all this. Right? They have had a rift in the past when this all began back in July and refused to allow some things on THEIR system. What's to say it doesn't happen again?

      Correct me if I'm wrong, please. We need a server(s) for Cydia to reside on permanently, on its own and not subject to anyone's potential temper tantrum.

      Has anyone considered this?
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      exNavy, i believe saurik is just using installer to install it, it isn't "residing" on any nullriver servers. If situations change I am sure saurik will come up with another easy install solution.
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      As I understand it, you must add saurik as a source and there lies the potential problem. I guess you could always install this program via SSH then. Just want to think out the options here...
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Yup. The source URL for Cydia kinda gives that away - apptapp.saurik.com.

      I suppose if Nullriver REALLY got mad they could block one specfic URL from being added... which would be plain ol dumb. People add sources all the time, thats no big deal.
    1. francis's Avatar
      francis -
      exNavy, if Installer flips the switch, it would have to mean stopping ANY and ALL 3rd party sources, (which this is). Needless to say, thats not happening, and also, if that were to happen, it would hardly be harmful to Cydia as it will be the only solution out there at that point
    1. stereo313's Avatar
      stereo313 -
      looks great
    1. daniellelutz's Avatar
      daniellelutz -
      I installed this and there was a main error while installing. Now my phone is stuck at the apple start screen.
    1. reppin4you's Avatar
      reppin4you -
      Looks nice, I'll try it out
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Awesome work guys!
      Just a quick question... It's safe to have installer.app and Cydia installed? Yes I know u need installer.app first to install the source and etc. but afterwards to keep it both on iPhone will not cause greif? and just to clear something up, this is basically just like installer.app where with Cydia u can still install NES, iPhysic, Emulaotors and the works?? Just need the sources to be added....

    1. ericidle's Avatar
      ericidle -
      A great tool, many thanks saurik, I've already installed a few things without problem, also iAno refused to work for me under installer but works beautifully now, maybe something to do with the BSD replacement tools you packaged with this.

      Keep up the good work and I look forward to more sources converting over to Cydia

      Also I could hardly believe it when I clicked your thanks button and realised I was the first to do so, so you currently have one thanks in one post from me and many more to come i'm sure
    1. Angry78's Avatar
      Angry78 -
      Hi guys, I have a question. I am a complete novice at modding my phone as you can tell from some of my old posts and it has taken me almost forever up until about a month ago to jailbreak my phone. I want to try out cydia but im afraid i will mess something up and mess up my phone. My question is, is worth me installing cydia in just checking it out and not that i will uninstall it but would i be technically able to uninstall it and would it work with my apps from installer like summer board or would i have to download it again.......Man i havent even upgraded to 1.1.4 yet because i dont want to left without these great apps again. And i know ziphone 2.5 is out. Any insight would be great. TY
    1. mr_gfunk's Avatar
      mr_gfunk -
      I have a jailbroken 1.1.3, and I use Windows... is this safe for me? Anything I need to know or just straight download and go...
    1. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
      SiLeNtKiLLa -
      Quote Originally Posted by danny1966 View Post
      Thanks man, you gave good info, only I have problem with this app in my 1.1.3 iPhone which I was jailbreak with ziphone 2.4. after installation was down and I restart my iphone, I see only the apple logo !! I try to SSH and worked by chance and delete the Cydia. app from iphone and restart by holding home and wake, after some while iPhone back to the good position again, I check installer and the Cydia Pak was there and I re-instling again but I got this WARNING: BSD Subsystem attempts to install broken versions of the same tools you might install vis Packager.. After I push OK, and the job down, I restart but again am back to the apple logo, any help, can I make some thing wrong ?
      When you are able to SSH into your device after installing, double check to see how many total folders are in your Applications folder, if you have more than 80, meaning Cydia has become your 81st, then you have to delete an app and reboot as this should fix your issue. I just realzied this 2 days ago, after installing so many apps off installer, restoring, installing apps again, stuck at apple logo but able to ssh, checked how many apps, was at 83, deleted 4 apps, BAM! back in business.
    1. telling75's Avatar
      telling75 -
      how u doing i am new to the sight i got the web page from the guy at att when i got my iphone how do u download the downloads
    1. SiLeNtKiLLa's Avatar
      SiLeNtKiLLa -
      Quote Originally Posted by telling75 View Post
      how u doing i am new to the sight i got the web page from the guy at att when i got my iphone how do u download the downloads
      Go to downloads section at top of page, go through the different categories, click on pic to download or go click on name, takes you to another screen with more detials of what you are about to download, then click download button. Welcome to the boards. Before doing any hacks with your device, please read all info in wiki first.
    1. freefone's Avatar
      freefone -
      dawn of a new era. now we're talking. love the direction things are going ... kudos, thank you, many, many thank you's.

      ==== just installed more packages ... AMAZING!!!! no sleep tonite ++++
    1. CyberGreg's Avatar
      CyberGreg -
      For those that are claiming that Cydia has broken Installer, please note this is simply not the case. Installer performance has been degrading over the past few weeks to the point of working 50%-75% of the time. Simply read all the posts related to Installer, well before you started using Cydia.

      I expect to fully support this effort and give major props to the developers and supporters.

      Great job!
    1. SERBIAN's Avatar
      SERBIAN -
      Great work!..Kudos to dev's..