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  • Rock Out With Your Cydia Out

    Cydia, the brainchild of Jay Freeman (saurik), is out. What is it? Think Installer, but open source and more features. The technical description, for those who get it, is a GUI front-end for a port of the Debian APT system which saurik himself ported to the iPhone, along with a whole suite of Unix utilities he's also ported.

    This isn't a replacement for Installer - I have both installed, and apps from both packagers on my iPhone. Saurik also says the same thing - "Cydia/APT does not conflict with Installer. I run both on my phone and have a large amount of software installed via Installer. There are currently no known compatibility issues between applications that expect BSD Subsystem to be installed and devices running Telesphoreo, and no reason to suspect anything major on that front. Finally, no one is forcing anyone, packagers and users alike, to start using Cydia instead of Installer."

    Cydia is easy for you to get on your iPhone - if you've got Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you just add http://apptapp.saurik.com to your sources, and install Cydia Packager from the System category. Give it 5 minutes (its a big install), and you're good to go.

    You may notice Cydia is at the moment very developer friendly - many of the available installs are Unix utilities which the average user won't need. ModMyI, and especially francis (of the MMi sponsored DRP Dev Team, and author of WiSync) have been working with saurik to put together a variety of other apps as well - games, themes, utilities, and more. Anything can be installed from Cydia.

    So... what's the point? Here's a few features of Cydia:
    • Open Source - while this doesn't directly affect the average user, it is incredibly useful for developers, and bugs are also easily reportable via the project's Trac site.
    • Search - Cydia has a great built in Search function (screenshots earlier in this post), and also the iPhone's Contacts-style alphabet scroll on the side for quick finding apps you're looking for.
    • Resume-able Downloads - You can pause downloads at any time, and resume later. If you lose connection, Cydia will resume downloading as soon as you tell it to.

    Bottom line? Saurik has done some incredible work with Cydia. Bringing open source package installing to the iPhone is a first here, and since saurik stresses the fact that Cydia is still under active development, we can expect to see some great improvements to the app, which is already at version 1.0.


    Developers - want your app on Cydia? Send cash7c3 or myself a pm with the link to your app, and we'll get it listed within 48 hours.
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    1. francis's Avatar
      francis -
      That's actually a misprint. Cydia makes space for itself, you do not *need* BossTool although if you've used it, it's not a problem.

      To install Cydia, add http://apptapp.saurik.com/ as a source in installer, and then install Cydia Packager.

      Upgrade All is a button in the "Changes" window, click Changes, then you will find "Upgrade All" on the top-left corner of the screen

      Edit: @metaljay, just noticed your comment about jailbreakme.com:
      Unfortunately, the jailbreakme.com method has limitations, most importantly, size, the tiff can only contain so much code, and frankly, 11MB is way beyond the limit.
    1. robjrussell's Avatar
      robjrussell -
      i wish that it would have said in the review that this was un-removable.
      i'm not interested in this anymore considering i can get everything on installer. definitely lame i'm going to have to restore now..
    1. francis's Avatar
      francis -
      rob, you don't have to restore, just do "apt-get remove cydia" in terminal and you'll be back to normal again.
    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      to be fair m8, dont be hatein, its experimentle
      francis has explained alot through this thread

      i gurantee people will be using this alot more than installer eventually!

      shows great possabilities

      also the 11mb would not have to be embedded into the .tiff

      but rather a link? to a smaller compressed file that once the ihpone was restarted, would connect to the internet and download the full version

      im not much of a developer, but just an idea

      ignore me if useless lol
    1. wPz's Avatar
      wPz -
      Nice JOb Gratz
    1. danny1966's Avatar
      danny1966 -
      Quote Originally Posted by francis View Post
      For now, just like the BSD Subsystem, you can only reinstall Cydia Packager, not uninstall. About the Fake BSD, I agree that it requires better explanation, and here it is:

      Quite a few applications on Installer require the BSD Subsystem, Cydia Packager provides better versions of exactly the same files as BSD Subsystem, now if you start out fresh, and install Cydia without having BSD, Installer.app repos don't know that you have these files because BSD isn't installed, but you DO have these files because they came with Cydia. So in this situation, you would install Fake BSD in order to trick installer into thinking you have BSD, and allow applications that require it to install properly.

      Note: If you have previously installed BSD Subsystem, you do NOT need Fake BSD, because Installer.app still thinks BSD is installed, and you're fine.

      Also, do not reinstall or update BSD Subsystem after installing Cydia, as this will break Cydia, you will never need BSD again after installing it, so don't worry about it

      I'd also like to point out that Cydia comes with a working 'passwd' utility, so you can now safely change your SSH password without breaking your phone!
      Thanks man, you gave good info, only I have problem with this app in my 1.1.3 iPhone which I was jailbreak with ziphone 2.4. after installation was down and I restart my iphone, I see only the apple logo !! I try to SSH and worked by chance and delete the Cydia. app from iphone and restart by holding home and wake, after some while iPhone back to the good position again, I check installer and the Cydia Pak was there and I re-instling again but I got this WARNING: BSD Subsystem attempts to install broken versions of the same tools you might install vis Packager.. After I push OK, and the job down, I restart but again am back to the apple logo, any help, can I make some thing wrong ?
    1. robjrussell's Avatar
      robjrussell -
      i dont have to restore? i thought its like bsd subsystem..
      doesn't that mean i can essentially uninstall but the files are still there?

    1. jkfox121's Avatar
      jkfox121 -
      I'm a location with no wifi, and EDGE is too slow to download the 11mb package. Is there any way I can manually install this package?

      I have access to my iPhone's file system using AFP. Is there any way I could put the package (zip file) in the temp folder of Installer, and have installer install it?
    1. pgazda's Avatar
      pgazda -
      Pimp! I love it. Great job!!!
    1. francis's Avatar
      francis -
      robjrussel, this is nothing like BSD, which is an utter pile of crap. You can completely rid your system of cydia and friends by running the following commands in terminal (but i really dont see why you'd want to do this, and i strongly advise against it in any case, but here goes

      apt-get clean
      apt-get remove apt (when it asks, respond with Yes, do as I say!)

      Boom! you're done, and you have a phone thats infinitely less useful now :P But yes, as I said, although it IS uninstallable, so many apps rely on tools provided by Cydia/BSD that you really should keep one or the other installed, its not hurting anything and can only help if you run into trouble in the future (having remote shell access to your iPhone can be a lifesaver)
    1. mark121uk's Avatar
      mark121uk -
      I got a script execution error! what have I done wrong I am using a activated and jailbroken unlocked 1.1.2 upgraded to 1.1.3. Please help!
    1. lh99's Avatar
      lh99 -
      This is an awesome release! While installer works great, I've never been totally comfortable with the closed-source and minimal communication from Nullriver. I was sad to see the Pixel Package standard (iBrikr/Breezy) disappear and have been patiently waiting for an alternative to Installer for a long time. I've never taken their open-source claims seriously; we'll be paying for Installer one of these days.

      For a work in progress, Cydia is an excellent alternative and has already surpassed Installer in features and usability in my opinion. Keep up the good work! And many thanks to ModMyI for supporting this project.

      I have two random comments:

      1. As more sources are added, it may be valuable to have some "super categories" to keep things clear. Most users won't be interested in (or understand) the command line and development tools, so having them mixed in with everything else may cause the average user to shy away from Cydia. I know the goal of the project is to bring real UNIX tools to the iPhone, and it does exactly that, but it's so capable of being a true Applications manager as well. What I'm picturing is a few tabs for Applications (end-user GUI apps), Services (non-GUI stuff like SSH and TaskBarNotifier), and Developer Tools (the rest). Just a thought.

      2. It's great to hear that you're already looking at enabling Cydia to tell what applications were already installed by Installer. Something that I've always wanted is an ability to reload my applications after a restore. If I could manually load a large number of applications (from a backup using FTP), then tell Cydia that they're already installed somehow so it could continue to provide notification of updates, that would make the restore process so much less painful.
    1. mfleigle's Avatar
      mfleigle -
      Wow I wish this was a installer.app replacement
    1. Core627's Avatar
      Core627 -
      after installing cydia, my installer no longer downloads packages and it says cannot find host on installer. Any way to fix this?
    1. Ethan021's Avatar
      Ethan021 -
      can you dload it?
    1. Core627's Avatar
      Core627 -
      so i tried to install pocket guitar off of cydia, and my iphone froze in time for about 5 minutes. I reset it and it is stuck on the apple screen. Restoring now...not much fun
    1. Cocchiararo's Avatar
      Cocchiararo -
      after i installed Cydia i notices my apps were moved to the media partition, and ringtones too (fonts were moved by me before to make space)

      was it really necesary ? i was left with 144 or so mb of free room in the root partition, that wont be used, ever, right ?

      i always moved apps to media partition up to firmware 112 (i liked to have TONS AND MILLIONS of them installeD), but since 1.1.3 and the 80 app limit, i started moving the fonts instead.

      now i moved fonts back to the root partition and i have 59 mb of space there, should i move ringtones too or will Cydia use the root partition for something ?
    1. peteo's Avatar
      peteo -
      I totally agree with this "super categories" thing to keep things clear. I just installed cydia and its pretty overwhelming. 99% of the stuff that is in there is stuff I will never "use" per say my self, its for programs and developers which is fine, but please "hide" these from me I only want to see apps with gui's and not x11 core library or FAAC library (though this is really cool) Keep these things to their own Developer or library tab and let me just see end user apps. Good Job. Thanks!
    1. mikejones's Avatar
      mikejones -
      Even though I have not installed anything using Cydia the "Uninstall" section is full of apps to uninstall. Why is that? These are apps that I do not use. Should I uninstall them?
    1. Mann22's Avatar
      Mann22 -
      Looks great...I'm really pissed i forgot my iphone at home today. Othewise i'd be adding it right now!