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  • Report: Sprint Actively Testing iPhone 4S Ahead of September Launch

    Reports surfaced Monday that Sprint has entered into an active test phase for the next generation iPhone - the so-called iPhone 4S. All signs now point to a September release of the the 5th generation handset which is now almost universally believed to be a hybrid unit capable of working on both CDMA and GSM networks. If reports are accurate, the iPhone 4S would initially run on Sprint's 3G wireless network, not Sprint's considerably faster WiMax.

    Sprint carrying the iPhone has been among the hottest rumors in mobile since the previous biggest rumor - the iPhone coming to Verizon - became reality earlier this year. Beginning on the very afternoon of the Verizon iPhone announcement, speculation started to swirl that Sprint was all but certainly going to offer the iPhone, likely even before year's end.

    "Not having an iPhone puts Sprint at a competitive disadvantage," Jack Gold, an analyst at J.Gold Associates, tells ComputerWorld today. "Sprint currently doesn't have a 'halo effect' device, even though they have tried with devices like the HTC Evo and now the coming Motorola Photon."

    Lat month, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek said that the iPhone 4S would sport the A5 dual-core processor (same as iPad 2); boast an 8MP camera, work with Sprint, T-Mobile USA and China Mobile; and would be HSPA+ capable. Reports from around the industry, including those from Reuters Reuters, maintain that production on the next-generation iPhone will commence in July.

    Source: ComputerWorld
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    1. ziger's Avatar
      ziger -
      Quote Originally Posted by fbiryujin View Post
      Off Topic: I hate the new ModMyi layout.

      On Topic: I hope that Sprint gets this phone just so my friend who "hates" Apple now has a temptation to get an iPhone.
      Off Topic: And the fact that the very useful, if a bit buggy ModMyI app no longer works.

      On Topic: Combine that with unlocked US iPhones, and the game really begins in earnest.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      So if it's beginning production in July, then it could very well look different than the current gen iPhone. There's still hope! They've got to change something on it, even if it's just a bevel here or there.
    1. transam7816's Avatar
      transam7816 -
      I wonder how much the plans will be if the iPhone gets released on Sprint