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  • EXCLUSIVE: Toys R' Us Reportedly Training Employees for iPad 2 Sales

    We received a tip this morning from a Toys R' Us employee that the venerable children's toy store will begin selling the iPad 2 next month. Although there have been rumors in the past about Toys R' Us possibly carrying the iPad at some point in the future, this is the first we've heard from an actual employee that an iPad launch at the toy store is imminent.

    And there's photographic evidence to back up the claim. Obtained during an employee training session, the pic clearly illustrates the iPad 2 presented in some form of employee training and testing process - something that would naturally take place shortly before a new product launch.

    If the iPad 2 joins the Toys R' Us product roster next month, it will mark yet another significant move by Apple to expand the company's retail horizon. From Best Buy and Walmart to Target and (possibly) now Toys R' Us, the second generation Apple tablet is clearly receiving no shortage of shelf exposure across the broad consumer retail sector.

    We'll keep our ears close to the ground on this one and provide follow-up information regarding a potential Toys R' Us iPad 2 launch as soon as more details - or evidence - becomes available.


    Product knowledge sheet for employees to become familiar with the iPad 2

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    1. hoqts's Avatar
      hoqts -
      The ToyRUs stores I go to in Manhattan and Queens, the place is crazy and is a mess. You see stuff all over the place and kids hogging on to the kinect, ps3 or xbox in the store. You dont even have the chance to try it out. I cant imagine a ipad being sold there. There will be "MORE" crazy kids hogging them.
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      They mind as well start selling laptops Lcd's and other electroncis.
    1. sammo123's Avatar
      sammo123 -
      What 6 year old doesnt need an ipad...
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Quote Originally Posted by Antman217 View Post
      Toys r us sells many electronics. They have TVs, digital cameras, laptops, iPods, dvd players, camcorders, GPS devices and many more. Don't judge a store by its name!
      The iPod touch is sold at toys r us too. I really don't see anything wrong with toys r us selling iPad 2 either lol
    1. emtee25's Avatar
      emtee25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by delusion950 View Post
      They mind as well start selling laptops Lcd's and other electroncis.
      They do already sell them items
    1. GranDaddyPurp's Avatar
      GranDaddyPurp -
      Can you imagine all the kids walking out of the store with an iPad 2 and you're on line like "Are you serious?" You get to the front to see if they have more and then they break your heart with the words "Sorry. We're out of stock."

      LOL that will be funny!
    1. brbortscheller's Avatar
      brbortscheller -
      I know the iPad is great and everything, but it shouldn't be considered a toy for children to use!
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      They have plenty of time for training. Shoot... Im still waiting for the stores that do offer it to get some in... :-(
    1. RICO_'s Avatar
      RICO_ -
      Quote Originally Posted by zoso10 View Post
      Toys R' Us? Really? I figured that would be one of the last places to see an iPad, other than a grocery store. I figured that would be a horrible idea letting a bunch of little kids with sticky jelly fingers pounding away on an iPad 2.

      I do, however, let me niece (6 years old) use my iPad and she hasn't destroyed it yet. Cat piano amuses her for hours
      Actually it's a genius idea. A 6 yr old pounds away at the iPad2, banging the screen, shaking it, dropping it, spilling grape koolaid all over it. Sooner rather than later it craps out from the abuse. So what happens? Little Timmy throws a huge fit and cries and kicks and screams. Mommy has to take it to the Apple store to get it fixed or replaced.

      Final Result: more money for Apple compliments of Little Timmy.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Quote Originally Posted by brbortscheller View Post
      I know the iPad is great and everything, but it shouldn't be considered a toy for children to use!
      Why not? From reading the news and watching the 1st 48 a lot of them already have guns and do drugs! Why not give them the ipad.

      Joking people.... I could care less if McDonalds gets it.
    1. Radex's Avatar
      Radex -
      Haha, who hasn't seen the "Year of the iPad" video by Apple? iPad can be used from the medical field to helping kids in education <.<. iPad demographic is pretty much... "Everything and everyone..."
    1. iCR4C's Avatar
      iCR4C -
      I'm a have to find out when they come out.

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    1. gthugballin's Avatar
      gthugballin -
      i feel like i could get an A on that training test they are using
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Quote Originally Posted by pacmac View Post
      Now kids are going to be lazy and fat..

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      That's already happening unfortunately!
    1. eman561's Avatar
      eman561 -
      I honestly don't think any average person has $500 (minimum) to spend on a device for their child that the screen can easily be cracked from a small drop. But hey, if you have money like that to throw around then why not just buy two??
    1. bonum83's Avatar
      bonum83 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Silencer_0 View Post
      Not surprising. My 5 yr old niece knows how to use my iPad perfectly.
      So does my 2 year old.

      I can see that as a great move. Picture your in the store with your young child and they see the pad with angry birds on it? Or cartoon network? Classic move.
    1. Andrewji's Avatar
      Andrewji -
      Even if this seems to be a bit outdated but in my oppinion children shops like Toys r Us or other comanpys should not sell such an device like the iPad.

      It's the same with Computer Games, there are too much children out there that start to play Games with around 8 Years or even earlier. I've seen one of those kids by myself, being a 12 Year old loner for the simple reason that he sits infront of the xBox, iPad, Computer the whole day.

      On the other hand the iPad has a good amount of other features and is not only made to be used for playing games all-night-long. It's great for people that have to complete tasks while being on some kind of vacation, business tasks or writing.

      Like it has been said already, kids are getting fat, lazy and unhealthy. Even worser, being loners.