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  • Developer “Shocked” to Learn His Rejected App Now a Feature of iOS 5

    The jailbreak community routinely develops apps and other iOS enhancements that Apple either can’t or won’t come out with on their own. Sometimes, however, Apple does get inspiration from the jailbreak community and releases new features eerily similar to those first found in the Cydia online store. UK jailbreak developer Greg Hughes has now had a first hand experience with this phenomenon. When Apple unveiled iOS 5 earlier this week at the WWDC, he was quite surprise to find Wi-Fi Sync included as a new feature.

    Now you may be thinking that Apple was bound to come out with this feature sooner or later. However, Greg Hughes submitted an app called Wi-Fi Sync to the app store about a year ago. “I'd been selling my app with that name and icon for at least a year. Apple knew that, as I'd submitted it to them, so it was surprising to see that.”

    It was quickly rejected because of Apple’s claim that it violated the terms of the iPhone SDK. Apple representative did call him personally, however, to inform him of their decision.

    According to Mr. Hughes, "They did say that the iPhone engineering team had looked at it and were impressed. They asked for my CV (resume) as well." Since Wi-Fi Sync’s rejection from the App Store, Greg has sold more than 50,000 copies at $9.99 through the Cydia store.

    If you look at the two apps side by side, it’s easy to see why Mr. Hughes was "shocked" when he found out about it. Not only do both apps offer the same features, but the icons are remarkably similar as well.

    Would Apple have eventually come out with Wi-Fi Syncing. More than likely. Is this a bitter pill to swallow for the developer who first introduced this feature? Absolutely. I wonder what jailbreak features Apple will be inspired to include with next major iOS update?

    Source: Gizmodo
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    1. nyxerus's Avatar
      nyxerus -
      I wonder what jailbreak features Apple will be inspired to include with next major iOS update?
      I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but the PhotoAlbums+ app was also duplicated on iOS5. you can now create and edit photoalbums all on the iPhone. Looks amazingly close to PhotoAlbums+
    1. kingmofo's Avatar
      kingmofo -
      I'm guessing Apple really does want future jailbreaking! Create an app: get rejected: put it on cydia: make some coin: Apple notices: Then comes out with their own app.
    1. bignighttrain's Avatar
      bignighttrain -
      This is a thin line Apple stole his idea I bought it for $10.00 and another app from Cydia that let's you use your idevice while it's syncing with iTunes. I don't know apple didnt want 3rd party apps at the time when the guy made and relased WiFi Sync logo in all, he also made a small chunk of change apple seen this then said they would relase it for free (thanks Apple for not charging us a second time for the same app) this sounds very wrong, maybe they should get a pat on the ideas like apple dose and there would be no issue of stealing on a Corp level. And I feel for the guy cause he will never receive the proper credit for creating releasing now bing jacked by Apple good luck on this one guy hope you win.
    1. TheGrandFinale2001's Avatar
      TheGrandFinale2001 -
      Wow, that's amazing. They definitely could have used another icon at least.
    1. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
      TheDirtyDiddler -
      Quote Originally Posted by virtualcappy View Post
      The guys a jerk. Stole my 10 bucks, the app never worked, and he doesn't respond to customer service email. Really ticks me off he's getting this press for a BS app that's already making him ill-gotten money.

      Screw him.

      I'm glad someone else understands this (although I'm not glad that you were also intentionally duped out of $10.) The guy whines about Apple using the most generic of ideas, something that is a guaranteed natural progression of technology, yet he doesn't appreciate the fact that he was able to make a ton of money off paying jailbreakers for something that ke KNEW didn't work. People like him are the reason other people pirate apps. Don't feel sorry for the jackass.
    1. jamesgunaca's Avatar
      jamesgunaca -
      If he patented his application before Apple has, he should sue. But I'm sure most jailbreak developers don't patent anything which is their own fault.

      If I was a developer, you bet your *** I'd be patenting anything I made for iOS if it wasn't something yet provided by Apple.
    1. mathieuvp's Avatar
      mathieuvp -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
      Not sure how much difference you can make an item like this. I woudln't say palagerism.

      I say that because the wifi symbol is a standard symbol already and the arrow circle that Apple has in the image above is their standard for syncing. You see this same circle while syncing mobileme or timemachine, and several other items of thier's. So pretty natural for Apple to just combine the two.
      did you forget what apple did with 'app store', everybody uses 'store' and everybody uses 'app' so why can't others make an 'app store'? Because apple thinks they can do everything and the others may not do anything.

      this is the same, they may steal from others but don't dare to steal from them.
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      50,000 Apps @ $9.99 on Cydia? I'd say he's done ok with this making 1/2 a mil.
    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      maboroshi -
      Did anyone else notice Apple also basically implemented LockInfo in iOS5? It even has the InfoShade feature.
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Yes we have noticed.
    1. virtualcappy's Avatar
      virtualcappy -
      Quote Originally Posted by trek-life View Post
      WiFi Sync worked perfectly fine for me with no issues at all
      I'm sure it worked once a long time ago. The point is it hasn't worked for a long time and DEFINITELY ISN'T COMPATIBLE WITH CURRENT ITUNES VERSIONS. And the scumbag doesn't tell people that or return their money when they complain that they paid ten dollars for crap. He knows exactly what's going on and sits back collecting more money. The really sad thing is he's probably going to rake in a bunch more money because of all this publicity. I wish saurik would just pull the app.

    1. dbrown1177's Avatar
      dbrown1177 -
      does anyone know if thir is a jailbreak for 4.3

      does any one know if theren is a jailbreak for 4.3? for a i phone 4
    1. Turnamental's Avatar
      Turnamental -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lakunsta View Post
      Wow! That sucks big time. He should at least be compensated in some ways.
      50,000 copies @ $9.99 each.... I think he did ok...
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Quote Originally Posted by dbrown1177 View Post
      does anyone know if thir is a jailbreak for 4.3

      does any one know if theren is a jailbreak for 4.3? for a i phone 4
      It's called using the search button, but if you refuse to use it yes there is. Use redsn0w 0.9.6 rc16