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  • [GIVEAWAY] Yogi for iPad: The Stand that Shows Itself Off!

    GorillaMobile is known for making high quality, unique cases and stands for iDevices so naturally when they sent me a Yogi for iPad I couldnít wait to test it out.
    After getting this out of the box and trying it, I have to say this is one of the most interesting, and fun, stands I have ever seen for the iPad. With its flexible design and easy attachment, this unique stand has a myriad of uses thatís limited only by your own ingenuity.

    The stand starts with a hard plastic backing that your iPad easily pops into and itís just as easy to pop it out. Fear not though, it holds it quite securely and your device will not accidently fall out (I turned it upside down and shook it, didnít budge an inch ). Attached to backing are 2 flexible ďarmsĒ that are very firm, yet easy to manipulate. These ďarmsĒ are what set this stand apart from the others out there. The arms attach to the back of the stand in one of the 2 ďslotsĒ you can see on the back of the case, and detach just as easily for quick on-the-go storage (see the photo at the top). This allows you to view your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode, whatever your personal preference may be.

    Hang, set, rotate, basically put your iPad anywhere you want, and change the viewing angle to whatever you need. The arms of the stand are strong enough to hold your iPad completely off the ground so (watching a movie and spill your drink on the table? Not a problem, your device is sitting mid air!). Or you can bend the arms and hang the device (my brother decided to hang it on his birdcage outside, Iím quite sure you can find somewhere more suitable lol). You could even put the arms between the headrest and the seat in a car and hang your iPad off the back of your seat, allowing your child behind you to watch a movie hands free (great if your kids are young). As I said, the number of uses is limited only by your ingenuity.

    The only downside I could really find for the Yogi for iPad is its not very practical for every day business/work use as its not particularly ďprofessionalĒ looking. Not a problem at home or with friends obviously, but if you use your iPad predominately for business, or need to carry your device around with you in a work environment, you would be probably be better off with a different stand, perhaps something like this. For those of you with an iPad 2 donít worry, GorillaMobile plans on releasing their line of products for it this month!

    GorillaMobile really got this it right with this stand in my opinion, though Iím a sucker for the interesting, unique and unusual and at $49.99 the stand doesnít set you back too much. The Yogi for iPad has a great, unique, look that will keep people commenting. The guys over at GorillaMobile were nice enough to send us an extra one, so comment below and you could be the one lucky winner we randomly choose to receive their very own Yogi for iPad, free of charge.

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    1. locobans's Avatar
      locobans -
      Please !
    1. TheBeastSS2's Avatar
      TheBeastSS2 -
      you know what those look like.....lol
    1. carlwithaK's Avatar
      carlwithaK -
      Looks interesting. Plenty fun possibilities you could do with this stand.

      Very interesting! Plenty fun possibilities you could do with this baby.
    1. TimVFR's Avatar
      TimVFR -
      I could make use of that, should work great in the kitchen.
    1. Yensid's Avatar
      Yensid -
      Odd but veritile
    1. Gom33's Avatar
      Gom33 -
      nice! would love to get this!
    1. aznpryde864's Avatar
      aznpryde864 -
      omggg this is so awesome!!!!
    1. iamjamieq's Avatar
      iamjamieq -
      That stand looks great!
    1. dencio1234's Avatar
      dencio1234 -
      very cute and ay to sue standor ipad, GREA!!!
    1. ELSock's Avatar
      ELSock -
      looks awesome... especially if for ipad 2...
    1. Doran's Avatar
      Doran -
      Looks pretty kool, wouldn't mind having that.....
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
    1. iPh0neCrack3r's Avatar
      iPh0neCrack3r -
      This is awesome, This is the one thing I do not have for my ipad ( a stand ) and this one looks amazing. I would kill to have this ( lol, not really but this thing is awesome! ) Anyways props on the review and as always you guys rock! I usually don't ever enter giveaways really expecting anything but this is one I would LOVE to win. I could really use that so I stop scratching up my ipad!
    1. Daerid's Avatar
      Daerid -
      That's sick!!
    1. Mrteacup's Avatar
      Mrteacup -
      entering for me dad he would love this
    1. olajosgatya's Avatar
      olajosgatya -
      Nice stuff. I definitely need one.
    1. Marcus77's Avatar
      Marcus77 -
      This could be used to hang on the car seat as well. Cool!
    1. Zanmato's Avatar
      Zanmato -
      Looks like a perfect all-in-one design to attach the iPad into pretty much everything! Good job, hopefully i'll win one
    1. Ste_Moore01's Avatar
      Ste_Moore01 -
      That does look pretty cool. There's so many place I'd be able to use it just at home.
    1. joe97's Avatar
      joe97 -
      I would really love to get picked for this one! It would go awesome with mine- so cool!!