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  • [GIVEAWAY] iCushion - An iPhone Pillow, I Mean, Right?

    Sometimes weird things come to the ModMyi.com review desk from China. Today I'm looking at a hilarious one - an iPhone pillow called the iCushion. I almost decided against publishing this one, as it's wrought with fail, but then I thought - hey, the ModMyi.com readers like a good comedy post sometimes, right? So here you are.

    First off - these will most likely only be available as long as it takes Apple lawyers to convince Chinese webhosts to take down trademark infringing content. Who knows how long that is - so grab your collectable iCushion (which comes in both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G[S] models) while you can. These iPhone pillows come with a host of features, including a strong, strange chemical smell which could be the ink used, or the not-quite-full-amount of polystyrene beads inside the pillows. You'll also be pleased to see they come with all your stock iPhone apps, and apparently are unlocked as they're running on the ICUSHION network. Attempting to make a call resulted in lackluster results during our review.

    While the spandex covering doesn't quite compare with the cool iComfies we reviewed earlier, they ARE actually silky smooth enough to prop your head up with after you've let the chemical smell slough off the pillow a week or so to get a pillow which doesn't nauseate as much as it comforts.

    In true "this came from a factory somewhere where all novelty items are made" fashion, the backs of these awesome iPhone pillows sport a custom Dual Bitten Cored (TM) Apple logo, the iCushion logo with an off-centered leaf above the i, and the descriptive and inspiring slogan:

    love cushion
    Indispensable for everyday
    Give you a good mood
    For only $29.95 you can pick up the iPhone 4 iCushion, and the 3G[S] will knock you back $24.95, both from the iCushions website. Free worldwide shipping is included in that price, my sleepy iPhone friends. Course, I'm giving away one to a lucky commenter, as I'm afraid the chemical smell has become my one-year old son's first high, and he won't let go of the review copy. Don't worry, I'll send you the other one.

    As the site states, it's time to sleep with your iPhone.
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    1. infectionfx's Avatar
      infectionfx -
      Haha I may just have to buy one ;P
    1. seaock's Avatar
      seaock -
      Can you jailbreak the pillow?
    1. scottfrobb's Avatar
      scottfrobb -
      These look fantastic and would make the perfect iphone addicts couch complete
    1. apwtwenty's Avatar
      apwtwenty -
      i'd like to sleep with my iphone...literally xD
    1. InitialD's Avatar
      InitialD -
      this is awesome would go great with my iComfies
    1. 51504rock's Avatar
      51504rock -
      Very cool!
      A must have for this couch potato
    1. i_love_baseball's Avatar
      i_love_baseball -
      an iCushion to go w/my iPhone while I am on the couch reading modmyi.com Now that is nice
    1. 13mx's Avatar
      13mx -
      Sweet, I want one, that would go great in my office

      Sweet, i want one for my office!
    1. Whetto939's Avatar
      Whetto939 -
      I have got to have one of these....i would like to pay free. because that would give me a good mood.
    1. zinjen's Avatar
      zinjen -
      Would love it! Wow that looks very realistic, does it have wifi? hahah
    1. ELSock's Avatar
      ELSock -
      is it possible to jail break it? i will have one... either win it or buy it... i will have one.
    1. MontyQ's Avatar
      MontyQ -
      this is awsome like a huge phone for my jumbo man hans lol sweetness
    1. syedsufyan's Avatar
      syedsufyan -
      Does it got a good alarm clock to wake you up?
    1. one_crazy_dude's Avatar
      one_crazy_dude -
      My ip4 would enjoy resting with me on the icushion. Will they have iPad models soon
      Don't want iPad to get jellious
    1. CsSxPlay3r's Avatar
      CsSxPlay3r -
      I have to have one of these! I can see it now...sleeping in my bed with an iphone listening to music with my iphone pillow :]
    1. sn71295's Avatar
      sn71295 -
      That would go great in my room
    1. tfrecker's Avatar
      tfrecker -
      This would be a great addition to our apartment!
    1. seanG's Avatar
      seanG -
      I'd love one of these xD
    1. mstaJ's Avatar
      mstaJ -
      I wonder if the reception to dreamland will be blocked if I lay my head on the side of the pillow...
    1. b3rx's Avatar
      b3rx -
      If you can make it go to DFU mode, then you can definitely jailbreak that thing.