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  • Red Pop Brings Real Shutter Release Button to iPhone

    The iPhone takes great pictures for a smartphone, but you can hardly compare it to a regular point-and-shoot camera. You can pick up just about any camera in the world, even the most sophisticated DSLRs, and know right away where the shutter release button is located. This is not the case with the iPhone, however. It may be a marvel of engineering, but when it comes to taking pictures, it’s hardly the most intuitive camera. That’s not to say it’s difficult to take pictures with, but it could be better. That’s where Red Pop comes in.

    Red Pop is an iPhone 4 accessory that connects to the 30-pin dock connector and gives you a real button to take pictures with. It works in conjunction with a free app and photos are saved directly to the photo album. The device is made of aluminum and plastic and the developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the camera button has the right feel to it. “Red Pop also allows you to shoot away like you would with a camera, with less downtime between shots.”

    The developers of Red Pop have a great love of photography in general. They state, “let's bring the button back! To us, buttons are beautiful, an invitation that screams out ‘c’mon press me’. Red Pop's design is rooted in the now but with a subtle and respectful nod to the beautiful and iconic cameras of the past.” Having a real button to take pictures with will be a welcomed change of pace. I’m sure it will lead to a slew of photo’s that would have otherwise been missed.

    Beep Industries is an English company that is funding the project through Kickstarter. The developers hope to have Red Pop in stores by September. If you want to be the first kid on your block to own one, then you’ll have to pony up $75 or more. Hopefully, the price will be somewhat lower when Red Pop comes out this fall.

    Source: Gizmodo
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    1. steeda763's Avatar
      steeda763 -
      The idea of having a camera built into your phone is so that you don't have to carry extra stuff around. Now with this stupid attachment you're defeating the purpose.
    1. fungrified's Avatar
      fungrified -
      i think apple just killed this already as in ios5 you can now use your volume button to take photos with
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      When they put a better camera that isn't so light sensitive in the phone and can do ANYTHING the average point and shoot can in menu options, call me then.
    1. brownan's Avatar
      brownan -
      with ios 5 theres really no use for this cause you can just use the volume up button as a shutter button
    1. sladester's Avatar
      sladester -
      iOS 5 killed this dream idea