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  • MyWi Released! Turn your iPhone into a Wifi hotspot!

    Create a WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger! Wherever you are - you can connect your laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone easily!

    - Create WiFi Hotspot to connect mutiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone's internet connection
    - 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
    - Ability to enable USB and Bluetooth Tethering on your iPhone as well
    - Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) - no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
    - Uses less battery and much faster then PdaNet due to native routing
    - Shows up and down bandwith usage

    NOTE: MyWi does not support the iPhone 2G. Please see your carrier contract for eligibility and/or additional fees.
    I played around with this all afternoon, and it seems to work great. A nice addition to this app is that you don't have to have tethering enabled from a custom ipcc either, you can enable tethering from MyWi. I had three laptops connected to my phone earlier this afternoon and they all were able to cruise the net quite nicely. MyWi sells for $9.99 and is a great application to have on your iPhone. There is a free 10 day trial available also

    cash edit: you can get it via rockyourphone

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    1. iphoneuser2008's Avatar
      iphoneuser2008 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wipeoutxxl View Post
      Per your instructions: WHAT YOU SHOULD BE SEEING EACH TIME YOU TURN ON THE MyWi APP, TO KNOW IF IT IS WORKING CORRECTLY: Remember to have 3G and Wi-fi BOTH turned on. When I pressed the MyWi "turn on" blue button, it would load and show the spinning loading wheel rotating. It may take "up to" 60 seconds to connect so just let it keep loading and don't mess with it at all. Once loaded, I then ALWAYS got the blue colored “tethering on” at the top of the iphone screen. It also showed the upload and download megabytes parts on the screen as well. The data megabytes section WILL show as increasing as you use the program online. So this is what you should see each and every time to know if it is correctly working. If you turn on the MyWi app and the blue colored "tethering on" does not come on at the top of your iphone screen, then the app is not working correctly. Even if the MyWi blue turn on switch is showing as "on", but you are NOT ALSO seeing the blue colored "tethering on" at the top of your screen, then the app is NOT working correctly. This is how you will know if the program is working correctly right from the beginning.~~~

      I just installed this on my 3GS and it's not working - When I hit Wi-Fi tethering the "spinning wheel" is turned on the whole time and does not connect to anything. Do you have any additional documentation on how this works or step by step instructions on how to get it to work? Thanks!

      This program is real sensitive when installing,,,as my instructions indicated,,,it is best to install it right after you freshly have restored and jailbroken your phone. It seems to get set up right if you do it like this, I realize that doing a new restore and jailbreak is a pain,,but the program is well worth it. Again,,,for my 3GS,,,it ran perfectly once I installed it after I freshly jailbroke my phone. If you decide to do it,,,let me know if it works. I had the same problems as you,,,then I did it the way I listed above and it works perfect. Just restore and rejailbreak and this program should work good.
    1. jabbawalkee's Avatar
      jabbawalkee -
      Will this affect anything with my AT&T monthly bill or can they cancel my contract with them if they find out I have used this?

      BTW I have unlimited data usage.
    1. mythrol's Avatar
      mythrol -
      I had MyWi 93 installed and it would connect and work for roughly a minute (sometimes more sometimes less, but averaged a minute). It always showed that it would connect and I never had any problems other than dropped connection.

      I have since updated to 95 and it will connect and work every time but now after about a minute my phone crashes to safe mode. It doesn't matter how I have it tethering, how I set up the wifi, nothing. It always connects, works perfect for a minute and then crashes.

      I've tried restarting my phone, soft restarting, but restoring is not an option right now unless I have NO other choice.

      I'm running FW 3.0, iPhone 3G, JB with Pwnage Tools 3.0 on a Mac. No settings changed doing JB. I have SBSettings, mQuickdo, winterboard, irealQuicksms, backgrounder, and notifier installed on my phone. I haven't had ONE crash to safe mode while running FW 3.0 until I updated MyWi to 95.
    1. skeels's Avatar
      skeels -
      All - please post a link to a pastie.org of your syslog if you would like to help resolve a issue.

      PdaNet conflicts with any other tethering app as it binds to the DHCP port even when it's not enabled . We have added a "conflicts/replaces" tag when you install MyWi now (those of you who have PdaNet - simply uninstall it - MyWi will begin working for you).

      Update: We have released an updated version - 0.96 - which should fix the remaining issues with disconnect and also the SpringBoard crash. Thanks everyone for all the logs (please do not submit any new ones until you have updated to 0.96). Would love to hear feedback (positive and negative if they exist on the new release. Thanks everyone for your patience!

    1. Xplic1T's Avatar
      Xplic1T -
      I am using the trial and sadly i am experiencing much of what everyone else is experiencing. PDAnet would connect sooner but had problems consistently serving the edge network. This software will rarely show up on my laptop and if so i would get a timeout when connecting.

      It looks really promising but i cant seem to figure out whats wrong. Has anybody else been having tethering issues period specifically with EDGE through t-mobile usa?

      BTW - Iphone 3g 16gb 3.0 unlocked redsn0w/ultrasn0w

      *Uninstalled PDANET, now i can connect when using my usb wifi card(doesn't work with my atheros laptop card) and it works for about 30 to 40 seconds before it looses the signal. Is it mywi ... or is it just edge tether ?
    1. skeels's Avatar
      skeels -
      xplic1t - I use Tmobile USA Edge (of course it always works for the developer). Have you tried the latest version (0.96)? If so, please send your syslog (post via pastie.org preferably)
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      The last version worked perfectly. Now there's an update, but I'm kinda scared to in case it might stop working again. :P But I can't stand not updating my apps.

      Oh well. Here goes... *crosses fingers*

      EDIT: Okay. Guess it's working fine (wifi tethering). But I did have to restart my computer to get it working for some reason.
    1. HighTymes's Avatar
      HighTymes -
      I'm on the new 9.6 on my 3G on 3.0 and everything works great now. Gonna give it a whirl today and if it works flawlessly I shall buy it today.

      Thanks psuskeels
    1. highlight's Avatar
      highlight -
      not sure if anybody answered this already. but does this app allow you to share iphone's wifi connection (instead of 3G/Edge) ?
    1. sbd's Avatar
      sbd -
      Very tempting..
    1. kingjames2586's Avatar
      kingjames2586 -
      HELP...ok did when i go to connect it just says accuiring network address and then doesnt connect..it does the same thing for usb..it shows the connection but wont connect????????
    1. mythrol's Avatar
      mythrol -
      After the most recent update to 0.96 I no longer am having the crash to safe mode and it seems like the connection is rock solid. I tested it for about 15 minutes with absolutely NO problems at all. I will do more extensive testing to make sure that everything is working but as it stands now, MyWi looks like a good candidate to receive my money. It now is a solid wifi hotspot maker.

      psuskeels great job in pumping out updates to get this app working.
    1. sbd's Avatar
      sbd -
      This also seems like a lot of BS to get this app btw.
    1. kraziebone's Avatar
      kraziebone -
      I have updated the application and I am now running smoothly. I use this all the time and am loving it! I am on vacation in Hawaii and do not have wifi, this could not have come at a more perfect time.
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Quote Originally Posted by sbd View Post
      This also seems like a lot of BS to get this app btw.
      Then don't get the app. Simple solution.

      Quote Originally Posted by highlight View Post
      ...but does this app allow you to share iphone's wifi connection (instead of 3G/Edge) ?
      What???? In that situation, everyone would simply connect to the same AP the iPhone is connected to.
    1. highlight's Avatar
      highlight -
      Quote Originally Posted by MikePA View Post
      What???? In that situation, everyone would simply connect to the same AP the iPhone is connected to.
      Not exactly, there are several scenarios where you will need iphone to be able to share a wifi connection to other devices:

      1. For devices that don't have a web browser to authorize the wifi connection. For example, the wifi in panera/starbucks...
      2. For Boingo mobile unlimited...
      3. For extending the range of the wifi, using iphone as a wifi bridge so that you have a wider range of your original wifi

      So back to my question, anyone actually test sharing the wifi connection instead of 3g/edge yet? If it does, it will be definitely a buy for me.
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by TheOrioles33 View Post
      The Pre can turn itself into a wireless access point or do you mean just tether?
      WEP enabled Access point with DHCP ;-)
    1. MikePA's Avatar
      MikePA -
      Quote Originally Posted by highlight View Post
      1. For devices that don't have a web browser to authorize the wifi connection. For example, the wifi in panera/starbucks...
      I give up. If they don't have a browser, why would they need to connect to the Internet?

      Quote Originally Posted by highlight View Post
      So back to my question, anyone actually test sharing the wifi connection instead of 3g/edge yet? If it does, it will be definitely a buy for me.
      No, MyWi can't do this. It disables the WiFi connection on the iPhone. MyWi won't bake bread or do your taxes either.
    1. balistikb's Avatar
      balistikb -
      Ok I downloaded this app and I am not sure what to do.
      When I start the app I click on WiFi tethering to on. It says searching for network. But nothing connects. Am I supposed to set up something before using this?
    1. Jackf's Avatar
      Jackf -
      yay tethering! i cant get it so thats cool