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  • Best Buy Officially Halts iPad 2 Sales, Denies Bad Apple Relationship

    Last night, we reported that Apple is apparently angry at Best Buy for an iPad 2 sales stunt pulled by company personnel. A Best Buy employee claims that the store was intentionally hoarding reserves and holding off on selling the supply it had in stock. According to rampant speculation, Apple had got upset and effectively turned off iPad 2 supplies to the retail giant, "blacklisting" Best Buy for the time being.

    By Friday morning, many had chalked up the report to unfounded rumor-mongering. But on Friday, Best Buy curiously announced that it is suspending sales of the iPad 2 due to "supply constraints." Some are naturally seeing this as evidence of Apple carrying through with its threat to temporarily "blacklist."

    "Our stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion," Best Buy spokesman Jeff Haydock tells CNET. "Best Buy continues to receive iPad 2 inventory from Apple on a regular basis. As we've said previously, we are fulfilling customer reservations first. This is a customary practice for us when there are supply constraints. Best Buy enjoys a great partnership with Apple and we're delighted by the customer response to iPad 2."

    Following Crunch Gear's initial report about the Best Buy-Apple skirmish, the publication followed up today with a revision to last night's report saying that Apple COO Tim Cook has denied any knowledge of Best Buy withholding iPad 2 supplies, provoking Apple's hot temper. Still, some aren't buying the "all is well and fine" talk coming out of Best Buy and Apple. For many, the timing of last night's report and today's admission that iPad 2 sales are suspended at Best Buy is far too suspicious to chalk up as mere coincidence.

    Source: CNET, Crunch Gear
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    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      LOL The probably are cause they know people will wait for the iPad2. What BETTER way to make them wait even longer, then to mislead people so that they can get their products on the floor quicker.LMAO!!! Such Poor Tactics on Best Buys and all those "WHOM" maybe involved lol
    1. johnr9412's Avatar
      johnr9412 -
      I feel sorta bad about it, but Boy do I love reading articles like this on my iPad 2!

      Anyways, seems like Apple might've blown up too much in the first place, and they might've realized that and are now trying to cover up their injuries. Hmm Great fun
    1. tdeniston's Avatar
      tdeniston -
      My local BB had two.iPad 2s in stock on Wednesday but wouldn't sell me either due to what they said was an order from Apple. I checked back.Thursday and Friday and they said the same story. I believe it for sure now.
    1. Evilsaint's Avatar
      Evilsaint -
      That's what she said.
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnr9412 View Post
      I feel sorta bad about it, but Boy do I love reading articles like this on my iPad 2
      Me too!!!!!
    1. Kil0111's Avatar
      Kil0111 -
      Was a misunderstanding....employee was told to hold back on selling only because it was going to be part of an ad...and you know customers who can't wait...wrote an email in reference to their impatience to tcook...got carried away...normal best buy protocol...anything best buy gets posted to yahoo financial...anything
      SOURCE: BBUY Sup.;apple rep;apple expert
    1. tim2lman's Avatar
      tim2lman -
      I work for the Geek Squad. Best Buy can now sell iPad 2 inventory AFTER fulfilling reservations.
    1. fant's Avatar
      fant -
      **** bestbuy! will not shop at bestbuy anymore
    1. tim2lman's Avatar
      tim2lman -
      Your loss...

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    1. mustard05's Avatar
      mustard05 -
      I wonder if the writers will take this thread down or at least make it credible?

      Also, what is the deal with all the best buy haters? Has Best Buy done something to people that I don't know about?
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Well this article is just a little false. Apple and bestbuy claim rumors stating this were exaggerated. Plus bestbuy is still selling them
    1. tomybomby's Avatar
      tomybomby -
      Exaggerated or not, this must be some great PR/damage control on both Apple and BB. Or Apple is playing us all again, creating artificial demand (even when they don't need to).
    1. m3sport's Avatar
      m3sport -
      Mine just came in. Order day after release at BB in Reston. Looks like they are still at least getting some shipments.