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  • [GIVEAWAY] Lucky Labs Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 Skins

    We've covered Lucky Labs before with their MacBook and iPad decals. Recently Steve from Lucky sent me out one of their new products to test - real carbon fiber skins for the iPhone 4.

    Lucky Labs have been doing decals for a while now on iDevices, and the cuts are precise. These iPhone 4 Tru Skins are not carbon fiber finishes or designs - they're actual carbon fiber, with a clear epoxy resin over them for a deeper shine.

    Application is easy, remove the backing and apply the skin. The adhesive used comes off with a little effort and leaves a clean iPhone back. The strong material also fully protects the back of your iPhone (there is not a front skin in this style - for the same reason they don't cut out the logo, material constraints) from scratching and dirt. It's a relatively thick skin, although I was able to still fit any cases over the iPhone easily. Not that you'd want to cover that shine up.

    The Tru Skin comes in 2 colors: traditional black carbon fiber, and a silver fiberglass color. My photo here shows the silver a little white - it does look much more silver in real life (see their photos on the Lucky Labs page).

    The skins retail for $24.99 (although they're currently on sale for $19.99 at Lucky Labs). Of course, if you don't want to pick one up, Lucky Labs is giving away a couple to two lucky ModMyi members - one black and one silver. Simply leave a comment of why you should have one more than the next guy, and we'll ship a couple out this weekend!

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    1. sevenstrails's Avatar
      sevenstrails -
      It would be fantastic to cover the shattered back of my phone with this amazing skin!
    1. FRiiTOZ's Avatar
      FRiiTOZ -
      i should get one cause i pull females but my plastic case only pulls dirt eh?
    1. jenra's Avatar
      jenra -
      i wanna win this because I like how the product looks and because i never won a giveaway and would love to win this 1
    1. meatholes's Avatar
      meatholes -
      Mr. Kyle Matthews, I wont say why I should win this giveaway. I will instead say that I would love to win this awesome skin because I've NEVER won anything, but then again some people never do despite how many they enter.

      I could name 5 reasons why I feel I should win, but nobody deserves it over the next person.

      Modmyi is #1 when it comes to support, thank you for that and this opportunity.
    1. hiitsmikee's Avatar
      hiitsmikee -
      i bought one a while back but my phone got stolen love to have it again !
    1. KingRedmer's Avatar
      KingRedmer -
      I would love one of these for my phone, since it's back is scratched up and rather unsightly. Plus I've always wanted a little extra protection on the back so I could use just a bumper.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      I think I should get it cause I'm going to buy it anyway. That looks spiffy boi
    1. doc_mufasa's Avatar
      doc_mufasa -
      After serving in the military with the Marines, I have developed the remarkable ability to put a crack in an anvil. This would go a long way towards compensating for my destructive habits.
    1. miladjuckel's Avatar
      miladjuckel -
      very simple, because my bday is coming up and i've been a good boy all year
      ship it please, thanks
    1. trentmorris's Avatar
      trentmorris -
      I've never used a cover, case, bumper, or skin. But looking at that carbon fiber sexy-ness -- I'd slap that on my phone in a heartbeat!
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      I wish they had a front to go with it. I'm going to get the back but I'm not sure what will go good with the front , any suggestions anybody???
    1. ensigma's Avatar
      ensigma -
      This would make my phone match the carbon fiber on my car!
    1. emerica6708's Avatar
      emerica6708 -
      I'd love one of these, I have a crappy silicone cover right now, I hate it and I can't afford to buy a better one right now. Plus I have a carbon fiber hood on my car, so it would match.
    1. michael-z's Avatar
      michael-z -
      Why I Should win?

      It’s pure Mathematic:
      Lucky Labs= modmyi x (a A (s)+b B+ (aq) = c C (s) + d D2+ (aq) Cu (s) + 2 Ag+ (aq) Cu2+ (aq) + 2
      Remove the crucible from the cell: c C (s) + d D2+ (aq) = ME
      It was Easy

      Hops, I forget to remove (Ag (s)Cu,Cu2+||Ag+,Ag) but i’m sure corrected it yourself !

      Keep it Simple, Have a Nice day
    1. Red-231's Avatar
      Red-231 -
      I think that i should have this because I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      I deserve one because I know more math than the guy before me. I can simplify that equation for him: Modmyi + Lucky Labs = My Skin
    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
      I need this case because I have purchased approximately 3 cases for my iPhone4 believing that each would be able to support the iSimple car adaptor. After extensive research and scrupulous searching of pictures, I purchased each one just to be disappointed over and over again. I don't care much for simple snap on cases due to very little protection and loss of aesthetics. Currently, my iPhone is not sporting a case and is suffering for it. However, this adhesive case looks absolutely amazing offering protection against scratches while adding a unique look in return of losing the already unique glass back of the iPhone4. Clearly I won't have issues with plugging in the iSimple adaptor and my phone will be the envy of my friends.
    1. jeepshots's Avatar
      jeepshots -
      These things look fantastic! I would love to be the dude to rock one of these on my iPhone 4!!
    1. SuperBillyson's Avatar
      SuperBillyson -
      I am currently in Iraq in the United States Army, I could use it to protect my priceless gem from the harsh enviroment!
    1. Ashengrace's Avatar
      Ashengrace -
      I should get the black carbon fiber skin because I'm awesome.