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  • [GIVEAWAY] Lucky Labs Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 Skins

    We've covered Lucky Labs before with their MacBook and iPad decals. Recently Steve from Lucky sent me out one of their new products to test - real carbon fiber skins for the iPhone 4.

    Lucky Labs have been doing decals for a while now on iDevices, and the cuts are precise. These iPhone 4 Tru Skins are not carbon fiber finishes or designs - they're actual carbon fiber, with a clear epoxy resin over them for a deeper shine.

    Application is easy, remove the backing and apply the skin. The adhesive used comes off with a little effort and leaves a clean iPhone back. The strong material also fully protects the back of your iPhone (there is not a front skin in this style - for the same reason they don't cut out the logo, material constraints) from scratching and dirt. It's a relatively thick skin, although I was able to still fit any cases over the iPhone easily. Not that you'd want to cover that shine up.

    The Tru Skin comes in 2 colors: traditional black carbon fiber, and a silver fiberglass color. My photo here shows the silver a little white - it does look much more silver in real life (see their photos on the Lucky Labs page).

    The skins retail for $24.99 (although they're currently on sale for $19.99 at Lucky Labs). Of course, if you don't want to pick one up, Lucky Labs is giving away a couple to two lucky ModMyi members - one black and one silver. Simply leave a comment of why you should have one more than the next guy, and we'll ship a couple out this weekend!

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    1. firstcherokeekid's Avatar
      firstcherokeekid -
      I should get one because I <3 you guys. I think these are
    1. prybar's Avatar
      prybar -
      I think I deserve one cause I've been around forever and have 2 iphones (mine and my gf's) that these would look killer on.

      Oh, and then I could resurrect the hashtag #winning!

    1. SirDude's Avatar
      SirDude -
      well first up I don't know the next guy, but I think that should be more than enough that he doesn't get it. well he can get the white one. I will gladly take on the black burden of this awesome case
    1. staterunner180's Avatar
      staterunner180 -
      I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these skins because I don't yet have a good protective backing for my VERY expensive toy. We all know how much fun jailbreaking makes our iDevices, especially thanks to ModMyI I would love to protect my investment!
    1. pakoala's Avatar
      pakoala -
      I will give a nice touch to mi iphone with this one.
    1. ayaghoubi's Avatar
      ayaghoubi -
      Sexy belongs with Sexy!! Make it happen!!
    1. Cowboy's Avatar
      Cowboy -
      I am a super mod
    1. compilez's Avatar
      compilez -
      I need it because I LOVE my iPhone4 and don't have a case and I don't want to scratch my iPhone!
    1. brian609's Avatar
      brian609 -
      I think I should get this cause my sister badly needs something to protect her iphone. It gets tiny scratches on the back from putting it in her purse. Was going to purchase invisible shield for her but this is so much nicer. She loves it, hopefully we get one!
    1. Sindervhit's Avatar
      Sindervhit -
      Woo!! Pick me! I have the Black Ops bumper chassis on my i4, this would look killer with it!!
    1. cyborg20x12's Avatar
      cyborg20x12 -
      Now, you see that i just got an iPhone 4 yesterday, without that case, bad things might happen such as cracking, and then it would lose all of its awesomeness

      Give me a case, and you will save an iPhone and its beastness
    1. ghostroke's Avatar
      ghostroke -
      Send one my way. I simply just love carbon fiber.
    1. Polo King 6's Avatar
      Polo King 6 -
      I personly feel that I should be rewarded with one of these beautiful carbon fiber skins because many reasons, 1. The skin would go perfectly with my white iPhone and i very much love to customize my phone with only the best of the best accessories . 2. I am also that type of person that wants the best protection for my phone. 3. I love the cases lucky labs produce I recently bought a case/skin (call it what u want to call it) from them and have never been more happier, there very detailed and exquisite. 4. Last but not least me and my friends take a 10th grade advanced computer class and for our most recent project we had to make a real carbon fiber skin and with the material given we also had to build the computer from scratch So for a bunch of teenage boys in high school to build and make a carbon fiber skin is a pretty high achievement for us. Now I might not be on the same level as that one guy which I congratulate for him on his wonderful achievement in life but I do feel that is pretty good for a bunch of 16 year olds. So u
      You can think of it like a reward for being positive and staying on the right track and not being in the streets. So that's why I feel i deserve a skin thank u for your time and stay blessed
    1. fraikonz's Avatar
      fraikonz -
      I want to receive a giveaway because i have a fetish (non-sexual) for carbon fiber materials and if you satisfy me I will be very very happy! Also I tend to scratch up the back a lot so I thought I'd use this to stop the horrendous marks that appear out of nowhere on the back of my iPhone!

      I'm sure the next guy would love one too, you are giving away more than one right?
    1. chrisw05's Avatar
      chrisw05 -
      Just so when my buddys are bragging about all the carbon fiber on there car i can brag about the carbon on my phone
    1. jenra's Avatar
      jenra -
      Well I will love to have it just because I never won a giveaway and I'm just waiting 2 win something...
    1. ahlee2326's Avatar
      ahlee2326 -
      nice skin!! this is real awesome man!! that the only reason for me to wish to have one!
    1. SoBeMe86's Avatar
      SoBeMe86 -
      I have always wanted to make a carbon case for my phone but I have been so busy with school and a big project student org project that I have yet to.

      See we compete in a competition called Formula SAE. Each year we design and build a new car from scratch and compete on a international level.

      I am the leader of the composites group and our sole task is aerodynamics and anything carbon fiber. Like the past few years the entire bodywork made from carbon along with the seat, a diffuser, splitter, fluid catch cans, and the entire engine intake.

      The biggest competition of the year was only a couple week ago and the results are something to be proud of... Wisconsin claimed the national title while placing 5th internationally. This is out of 104 other teams.

      So the reason why I feel I deserve this skin is because I slaved away all year to produce one bad *** car that can only be beaten by Germans and Austrians. Think of it as my trophy.
    1. Spliff1's Avatar
      Spliff1 -
      Well I would love one of these cases. I have had a fake carbon backing so would love the real thing. The other guy will probably get it and I would just like to say congratulations to him/her. Great give aways as usual. Love Modmyi
    1. xpate's Avatar
      xpate -
      Carbon fiber is my Birth Stone, lol, so I really desrve the black one. Thanks in advance, I will sell a million of them to business associates here in Japan, if I am the winner.