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  • ModMyi.com is All New . . . take 3ish

    Kyle's original post before i killed it:

    Yes, we know it's long overdue. We've finally made the move to vBulletin 4, and along with the move we've had a major site redesign. We've been working hard for months to get this design ready and live, and here we are.

    Of course we expect some issues to carry through our testing, and some we already even know about (but we figured you'd want the site back SOMETIME, heh). If you could leave a comment here with your thoughts, criticisms, or bug reports for the new design - we'd appreciate it.

    This marks the 4th version of ModMyi.com, and the third major revision of design. We've grown from summer of 2007 with a handful of members to over 800,000 members now and one of the top sites on the net. The jailbreak community is awesome, and we're proud to be a large part of it.



    ANYWAYS, since I'm the last one awake I think I'll turn this live before I go to sleep. Many things aren't as polished as we'd like, there are some bugs, more things that aren't done than I'd like, but it's time to throw the switch (I hope it doesnt crash while I'm asleep)
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    1. ProZack27's Avatar
      ProZack27 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CabooseLoL View Post
      Holy balls. Its way different now lol.. Gonna take some getting used to.
      Uhm, ya.
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      Can we get an ETA on the MMi app update? I hardly ever look at this site on my laptop.
    1. It's Mi's Avatar
      It's Mi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pinoy View Post
      I understand things are a work in progress and appreciate the effort. You guys here are awesome. That being said you should take note that not a single creator or modder has chimed in with any positive input. I'm not insinuating that they are the only ones with credible input, as every member here is as important as the next. BUT- these are the guys that have a sense of cosmetic sensibility. The ones that create the themes that bless these threads. This place for me was a outlet that promoted creativity and artistry. This new color scheme does just the opposite. In fact to be honest my eyes hurt after looking at threads for an hr. Ive said this before today but this should be viewed just like a theme wallpaper. Ive yet to see a plain white canvas on a successful theme and the simple reason is it is not visually appealing!!!! Maybe a couple, but in contrast to the thousands of other themes my point should be obvious. The thanks stats need to be implemented again. that's just the bottom line. That alone will make you loose a good portion of your followers that have worked hard to achieve a status in this community. Again I understand things can easily be changed and it is still a work in progress. That being said I really hope the input is being absorbed.
      I totally agree!!

      But first: thanky to all involved for the update and the time and effort they put into it
      It surely was a massive amount on work and it still will be ...
      And hopefully we all will get a great final at least ...

      Now: This white isn't the best choice imao
      Maybe it's just because I'm more in dark ...

      But exactly that's the point: there are different tastes and there is no possibility to please all of them, except there would be a chance to alter the colours ourselves as we like it or to give at least the possibility to choose between a light and a dark theme ...

      If this can't be done, colour is definitely needed! At least in pastell, if it has to be as light as possible ...
      Or what about an inverted version ... ?

      All the other points had been mentioned several times, so I don't want to repeat them
      Imao the layout should be altered soon to provide the forums from loosing members ...
    1. sbs8331's Avatar
      sbs8331 -
      The new Cydia app is not as good IMHO. It's really just like using Safari. A step backwards. I'd like to see presentation like the original app.
    1. winhhh's Avatar
      winhhh -
      What the ****. The theme threads.... No previews ? Can we please have that back...?
    1. Rytchy's Avatar
      Rytchy -
      For some reason my modmyi iPhone app won't let me log on. Asks me to retry or logoff everytime. Does this have to do with the new site and if so when will the app be compatible to work?
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Previews will be fixed as well as the MMi app. Just have to give them some time.
    1. Petrit H's Avatar
      Petrit H -
      and please give us the ability to use the old theme.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Just to show people that don't want to look at the pages of comments. Like an update for people just getting here.

      Quote Originally Posted by Cody Overcash View Post
      ......... I literally am on a plane in 6 hrs and decided to put things live now . . . otherwise the site would be down until thursday
      All bugs could not be found by the few that had been testing on the test site. We did however find many; but as with many tests few people can find several bugs but when a member base of 700k gets a hold of it when it is live they are sure to find a ton more that were missed. We tested it on many different browsers also, IE v6-9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

      The owners also mentioned in this thread that they will be working out some of the minor bugs while out of town. Owners and staff are making lists for the todo list for the owners; majority coming from this thread.

      So keep the list coming but be aware it will take some time.

      Quote Originally Posted by Petrit H View Post
      and please give us the ability to use the old theme.
      Here you go for that answer.

      Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Matthews View Post
      The old design will not be available or coming back - vBulletin destroyed the ability to use any previous version themes with the new system they moved to. This new system will be better in the long run though.

      We may make a style similar to this one when we've ironed out all the bugs, but with a darker bg (not much, but a little more contrast for people who hate white space). I doubt it though - the answer if there's an overwhelming majority who hate the white space is simply to better differentiate the relevant bits WITHIN the white space. We've tested this style for literally months, but it will alter over the next couple months as we get user feedback and see what works best.

      Either way, thanks for the feedback.
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      Site looks like a big white turd. Also, it doesn't seem to display right in Chrome. Guess you decided to take on the Apple way of designing things eh.
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by GmAz View Post
      Site looks like a big white turd. Also, it doesn't seem to display right in Chrome. Guess you decided to take on the Apple way of designing things eh.
      We have staff members that use Chrome and alignment seems ok. Can you please post image?
    1. Pronup's Avatar
      Pronup -
      I would have to agree with some of the other members. The white is just too much! I think the new layout will work well once all the bugs are worked out, but the original color was so perfect. It was easy on the eyes, easy to read, and the colors were kind of a part of modmyi. I mean just look at the logo, the blue and black was perfect!!

      I know it's probably impossible to let us use the old design, but maybe the ability to use the old colors would be possible.
    1. blkcadi's Avatar
      blkcadi -
      I feel certain that we will see more colors, borders etc. Just give us some time.
      I find that site is much smoother and faster then before.

      Bare with us during the "construction phase" as it were.
    1. phluid13's Avatar
      phluid13 -
      I don't like it. Everything is all jumbled. Where am I supposed to look? Too much going on yet too simple.
    1. doctorvik's Avatar
      doctorvik -
      agree - white is terrible -- plus what happened to the dates on comments ??? A lot if the time someone says a theme is 2-3 days away but now there is no date to see when the comment was posted ???
    1. delldude1989's Avatar
      delldude1989 -
      The white is too much, it faster but looks bad
    1. nexus76's Avatar
      nexus76 -
      hideous!!!looks unfinished at moment,does it come with free sunglasses or is this just virgin white month??,serious though its terrible,i had no probs with the old look or speeds.whats that saying?" if its not broken dont fix it!!"
    1. DaEliminator's Avatar
      DaEliminator -
      sorry for being picky but on the homescreen the modmyi banner is overlapping some text. it drives me crazy haha
    1. lao3hero's Avatar
      lao3hero -
      While we wait for the site to be finished....

    1. szr's Avatar
      szr -
      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      People always complain when things change - I seem to be one of the worst offenders!

      The changes were made for a reason - and I'm sure weren't done lightly. A lot of hard work has gone into this and I'd like to thank poetic folly and Cody and everyone else involved.
      While I don't doubt a lot of time and work went into it (I've done my fair share of hacking the hell out of forum engines like VB, IPB, PHPBB, etc, so I know it can be quite time consuming), that doesn't mean all the new re-design decisions are the most ideal. Frankly, the previous theme had a lot more character and distinctiveness that visually identified this site, and a modern design could have been be based on the previous site, giving both an update of features but still having a certain level of familiarity to those who have frequented this site regularly. IMHO, it really seem to be lacking on the latter aspect.

      Again, I applaud the all the effort, but speaking from experience, these sort of redesigns are seldom finished when officially live; very often changes were called for here and there, and I'm sure we haven't seen the end of it here.