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  • iPhone/iPod security through the power supply?
    Apple has developed a new technology (patent received today) which can selectively disable a device by either not letting it recharge or powering it off when it became clear it was being used without permission. It could be activated by a geographical restriction, or simply a timer between charges with the paired charging dock/device.

    In order to prevent this locking up on the owner, a simple password could be inputted into the iPhone/iPod to disable or bypass the system when leaving your area, buying a new charger, etc.

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    1. Stephenstudios's Avatar
      Stephenstudios -
      does that mean if your iPhone is stolen it would also be possible to track it's location?
    1. thewhiteguy1's Avatar
      thewhiteguy1 -
      probably. but i thought the iphone didnt have gps. or does it?
    1. BorysK's Avatar
      BorysK -
      it is possible to track a phones location now, according to regulations the phone company has to be able to locate a phone within 100 meters. but if your phone is stolen, they of course want you to buy a new phone. plus i think its for law enforcement anyway. haven't you ever seen fast and the furious??