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  • iPhone demand in UK 7 million strong
    According to a recent report by M:Metrics, the demand for the iPhone in the UK is roughly 7 million users--16% of the cell phone user base over there.

    So who's it gonna be? Which carrier will bow to Apple's demands and be the UK vendor? If the initial reports about AT&T's prospected growth from iPhone sales are any indicator, whichever UK carrier picks it up stands to do very well...

    Electronista via MacNN
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    1. ColsTiger's Avatar
      ColsTiger -
      I don't know. Most of the European carriers are balking at Apple's demands right now.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Right, because Apple is not as big of a name there. However, it looks like the Brits want it... so carriers may reconsider after seeing those reports.