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  • Get ready for some iPhone shortages...
    Maybe I should be buying two iPhone, one for me, and one to put on eBay...

    Launching any product, especially one so hyped, means that the main task is ensuring sufficient supplies are available across the US market on launch. Undoubtedly there will be shortages, service issues and challenges for call centers set upto support users. Depending on reliability of the product, there may also be a rapid ramp up in returns and warranty claims. Using a global supply chain will likely cause more of a problem 4 – 8 weeks into the ‘first season’ of the launch.
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    1. brinox's Avatar
      brinox -
      i was kinda planning on that in the first place that is if its possible to buy one without a contract attached to it
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Heck, if the shortages are really happening, then I'll buy it, pay the termination fee, and sell it for a grand on eBay.