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  • LivingArcana.com Announces Open-Source 3D Game Engine for Apple iPhone
    Gregory Ray, lead organizer of LivingArcana.com announced today that he has hired the Brazilian programmer, Gutemberg Ribeiro, of “Conceptus” an open source game engine, to port his engine over to Apple’s iPhone platform. The port of the game engine will remain open source and will be available under LGPL license to allow true 3D game development on the iPhone.

    When asked why Gregory would make this available for free and pay for it out of his pocket he was quoted “I am trying to stay true to the LivingArcana.com ideal of having a free community ran online game. The 3D engine is vital to the project but it is also only a very small part of a very large project and once we integrate it into the LivingArcana.com project I have no other plans of using it for other projects. Why would I want hundreds of hours to goto waste?” The first public release of Conceptus for the iPhone is scheduled for early 2008.

    The Conceptus game engine which already runs on the Windows, Mac, Symbian and even the Nintendo DS platforms will bring ParticleFX, BSP, Octree, PagingLandscape, Zip Compression, GlGenerator, GlPostProcessor, OpenAL, and an Extension Loader to the new iPhone. This benefits of these is that it will enable game developers to focus on writing game code and will leave the low level hardware code to the Conceptus engine.

    It should also be mentioned that this project is being done without the support of Apple. Apple has said they will be offering official 3rd party support for native applications February 2008, however, the developers behind LivingArcana.com have been developing for the iPhone platform using a community released SDK for the iPhone. Gutemberg was quoted “We will need to update our engine to run off the the official Apple SDK when made available. Until then we will continue to use the community based SDK and just cross our fingers that Apple will appreciate what we are doing for their mobile platform.”

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    1. ohnonotme's Avatar
      ohnonotme -
      Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
      They're developing a 3D graphics engine for the iphone -better looking games and apps. MAYBE for other emulators, but I personally don't see the PSP/PS2 happening, The roms are too big to be put sensibly on the iPhone, an average PS2 rom is 2gb, an average PSP rom is 1gb.
      who cares about space when my ipod cant barely play gba games(hopefully soon i will though) how do you think it will play psp isos? if sony could have made the psp slim as small as the iphone they wouldve. ipod touches and iphones dont have the power to play psp games
    1. chemicalcomfort's Avatar
      chemicalcomfort -
      wait, suddenly my iphone becomes a handheld gaming device that supports 3d graphics?? that is SO cool.

      it really is a shame that apple refuses to support the modding community. it's like they get to reap all the benefits (i.e. people buying an iphone for such funtionality) without contributing anything (other than the phone itself). the least they could do is not screw us over every time they update the firmware. :/

      psp and ps2 games will never be playable on the iphone. that's totally improbable once you understand emulation.

      it takes anywhere from 3 - 5 TIMES the processing power of the original system to emulate it. it can barely handle NES emulation, even after the awesome guys who worked on it slimmed it down a ton and made it extremely efficient, and you think you'll be able to emulate a PS2 or even a PSP? that's just ignorant. and what about mapping controls? go buy a psp if that's what you really want.

      P.S. a huge thanks to the guys who worked on the NES emulator. it's really come a long way and we all really appreciate it.
    1. Greenkirby21's Avatar
      Greenkirby21 -
      Ya, playing PSP games could be possible, but because of emulation, it is impossible. If you see the specs of iphone vs PSP, they have similar specs graphic and process wise. However, when you emulate a system it usually takes 4-6x the original specs to do it. That is why we see GBA and Snes emulators. Instead of PSP, I would much rather see nintendo DS emulators, because the iphone and DS are both touchscreen, and IMO it would be better to have touch screen games from the DS playing on iphone rather than button based PSP
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      yes b/c of emulation, that's why this has the potential of being so great, no emulation.
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      I'm a dork! I just want a good bowling game!

      I wish I had some mad skills to contribute to the community but alas I am just an end user.

      Keep up the good work guys!
    1. leochu's Avatar
      leochu -
      would it in installer?
    1. djxtc21's Avatar
      djxtc21 -
      Mario 64 on the iphone would be ill
    1. bmai's Avatar
      bmai -
      I'm not a huge gamer, so I can't really imagine any games that would would be mind blowing or awesome on the iPhone with only the use of the touch screen for controls.
    1. bluemax189's Avatar
      bluemax189 -
      Maybe some can finish the doom program for iphones with this. Also would he nice for them to get flash working on the iphone and numerous other things before 3d gaming. Sadly i am just an end user but things i would like way more than psp or ps2 games on my phone would be YahooIM flash support, a way to change the dialer keypad on 1.1.1 since customize wont do it, finish doom, and really just being able to use this device like a computer with programs that mock word, excell etc. Thanks dev team and all the ithers for theirneork and i know you all arent really part of this 3d thing anyways but i just think they should have asked users what they want and not guess on wat they want even though we reallybwant it all. Lol .......
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Yay! If only i could play halo 3 and gears of war on my iPhone, then my life would be complete...
      Oh well, i can dream can't i?
    1. automat's Avatar
      automat -
      i think its gonna be a while before we start seeing good games on the iphone. the iphone interface is a completely new philosophy, so game devs need fresh ideas.

      ..unless of course we get a bluetooth gamepad
    1. krino1's Avatar
      krino1 -
      Yea.. and SUPERGLUE the iPhone to our foreheads while holding the Bluetooth gamepad! lmao