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  • [GUIDE] Unlock 1.1.1 out of the box, NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
    All right guys, I know I'm a little bit late, sorry, but I've just now put up the latest 1.1.1 unlock guide, which doesn't need a computer at all. Works with either a FRESH upgrade of 1.1.1 (never connected to iTunes after upgrade yet) or a brand new 1.1.1 iPhone which is not yet activated at all.

    This method uses the *#307# trick to access the WiFi and web, jailbreakme.com to activate/jailbreak, and anySIM to unlock.

    Activate/Jailbreak Guide (do first)
    Unlock Guide (assumes you have an activated, jailbroken guide with Installer on it.
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    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Nice and easy to do. Great job PF
    1. thedirtyone's Avatar
      thedirtyone -
      i read a guide on the interweeb, which states as the first step (prior to the ones in your guide):

      Make sure you have a SIM-card with PIN turned off, and power on your phone (the supplied AT&T card works fine).

      has the method been tested with and without a sim card? or for the sake of simplicity, can we say, just leave your sim card in? Thanks.

      Edit: And while we're answering questions. Kinda related: If we upgrade the firmware with iTunes 7.5, any post-activation issues in iTunes?
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      if u have no sim, the calling wont work.. it doesnt matter what kind of sim though.. so yeah u must have a sim installed.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Sure, good call. Guide updated. Always good to assume NOTHING is common sense when dealing with these type of guides!
    1. cruid's Avatar
      cruid -
      Good one PF. Very simple.
    1. zal's Avatar
      zal -
      I've tried this guide with my unactivated 1.1.1 but when I click the AppSnapp and it goes through the unlocking process it does not reboot, so I reboot it manually and it's still not activate :S any ideas?
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      poetic.... will u be my dad????!!! lmao... confirmed.. tested.. working perfectly.. but u ust install the youtube folder.. u find it in unlocking tools... lass than 5 mins all in all... depending on ur download speed.

      great work all.. thumbs up poetic

      zal even if it doesnt reboot, when u slide to unlock u will see the installer icon... i didnt reboot through the entire process....

      how can i uninstall installer? im unlocking for clients and i dont want to leave the icon there.. is there anyway to do it from the iphone without sshing or using ifuntastic?

      oh my god!! ifuntastic sees it as a shackeled phone!
    1. wildonrio's Avatar
      wildonrio -
      Sadly this perfect guide will be no good come tomorrow
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      its good anytime!!! today, tomorrow....
      sorry for the spelling mistakes.. i realize i had made so many.. im so excited.. typing very fast...

    1. theguyz's Avatar
      theguyz -
      Actually this past week i went through similiar steps on a 1.0.2 upgrade other than using pc to update to 1.1.1, all same steps involved that I did.

      This indeed will be very usefull in future when 1.1.2 is introduced tommorow, and a baseband downgrade has been achieved.

      No need carnival, etc... unless you want utube functionality.
    1. elfribo's Avatar
      elfribo -
      You are such an incredible dude, I will nominate you today the Master of The Faster ( guides )
    1. BLOWNCO's Avatar
      BLOWNCO -
      you can also go here http://appleiphoneschool.com/category/jailbreak/ and theres a video you can watch
    1. krazeazn's Avatar
      krazeazn -
      is i.unlock.no using anysim 1.1p??
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Quote Originally Posted by wildonrio View Post
      Sadly this perfect guide will be no good come tomorrow
      Sure it will, there'll be plenty of stock for weeks to come, and plenty of folk still have 1.1.1.

      Guide will of course be updated when 1.1.2 methods are out.
    1. thedirtyone's Avatar
      thedirtyone -
      Quote Originally Posted by krazeazn View Post
      is i.unlock.no using anysim 1.1p??

      Great question. Anyone know?
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      what would the world do without you??
    1. spunkpod's Avatar
      spunkpod -
      I have existing (non-iPhone) service with ATT in the USA. Just bought a new iPhone. I don't want to "upgrade" my ATT service to the iPhone version. If I follow this procedure, using the SIM from my old ATT phone, will that work? The iPHone will then just have the same phone number my old ATT phone used to have? Is there any "normal" iPhone functionality that I won't have, other than the visual voicemail?

    1. tvborda's Avatar
      tvborda -
      Hi everyone, i read the whole documentation everything looks great.
      I have a 1.0.2 jaibreaked and unlocked iphone running on Brazil with TIM and I´m a windows user.
      I understand the process and i would like to ask something simple, can i change the upgrade process from the iNdependence to the normal iTunes process and then follow the rest of the process throught the *#307#, ?
      I´m asking this because as i told you guys i´m a windows user and dont have a mac to run iNdependence, and this is the only step that i really need one.
      Thank a lot, best... Thiago B.
    1. alex5213's Avatar
      alex5213 -
      It is necessary to install BSD Subsystem before running Anysim ? or with this instructions do it automatically ?

      Do i need to install the youtube fix or not ?

      I read in other forum the following :
      Beware! iPhone new firmware 1.1.2 is official and may be there on 9 Nov.

      I plan to buy 2 iphones on Nov 17, could i get a v1.1.1 on that date ?, is there a posibility to check the version on the phone before buying at the store ? and how to do it ?
    1. denmer_99's Avatar
      denmer_99 -
      Quote Originally Posted by zal View Post
      I've tried this guide with my unactivated 1.1.1 but when I click the AppSnapp and it goes through the unlocking process it does not reboot, so I reboot it manually and it's still not activate :S any ideas?
      try restoring the iphone with itunes again that should help, also this method was out for a while now since appsnap came out so it is not really new.....