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  • 1.1.2 Confirmed for Rollout Tomorrow, Friday

    Pocket-lint has received confirmation that 1.1.2 WILL in fact launch as an update for ALL iPhone users tomorrow via iTunes.

    If you are unlocked or modded, you should give it a few days for the existing modding software to come about. This is a minor update, so most modding applications should not need heavy tweaking to continue working. The TIFF exploit WILL be fixed in this update, however, so jailbreaking will be tough again for a bit.

    Hang tight ya'll, for now we're the mice.
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    1. oogotbagsoo's Avatar
      oogotbagsoo -
      1.1.1 firmware...

    1. jeremymobile's Avatar
      jeremymobile -
      I have been waiting too long to get the halo 3 theme for mine.. No it will be even longer

      most sites say that the phone rollin out to the UK already have it loaded, and phone here will update via iTunes as soon as Friday
    1. Gazoo's Avatar
      Gazoo -
      Quote Originally Posted by JedixJarf View Post
      Yes please do help my. I need know happen to iphone with 1.1.2.

      Ps sorry my for english bad.
      I NEED HELP BADDD!!! I don't have time to read anything anybody has posted anywhere and I want all of your attention RIGHT NOW!!

      I have an unlocked jailbroken 1.0.2 with a 3rd party waffle-iron mod. If I upgrade to 1.1.2 will I lose all my hair and have to repeat 5th grade?

    1. teufel657's Avatar
      teufel657 -
      Quote Originally Posted by x0bry7x View Post
      Thanks for answering my first question Poetic, I have another one also; Is it going to be released EVERYWHERE on Friday or just in the UK?
      1.1.2 will be released Everywhere for ALL iPhone users Friday November 9th.
    1. muccaeppollo's Avatar
      muccaeppollo -
      I had a 1.0.2 version unlocked, then I upgrade to Service Pack 2, then downgrade to win 3.11, jailbroken then upgrade to 1.1.1 with anysim but tiff expolitation turned it to vista: do you think if I upgrade to leopard and with iTunes to firmware version 1.1.2 I will lose my "incredible machine" widget and "turn the microwave on" remote control application ?
      Pls. help me right now, sorry for my english and for my stinkin socks.
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      man.. ur going crazy!! all of u who always answer questions and help out... ur losing it!! lmao!!!!
    1. teufel657's Avatar
      teufel657 -
      We're just getting used to the same question over and over again.
    1. shadow_cruiser's Avatar
      shadow_cruiser -
      I tried changing the firmware download link to reflect the new firmware, didn't work because the two parts in bold are wrong. Meh, we can only wait till tomorrow. I'm not updating anyways

    1. Modmedia's Avatar
      Modmedia -
      I can indeed confirm our UK iPhones over here have 1.1.2. Out of the Box..

      No new features, I found while playing apart from O2's deal with Some free WiFi company to allow us free access to their hotspots.
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeremymobile View Post
      Hey Pf, This may sound stupid and you may get this a lot but, the up up down down left right left right b a select start.... Is that from Contra?
      Its the konami code, works on contra and other konami games.
    1. defkonmusic's Avatar
      defkonmusic -
      Here we go again.... Good luck everyone

    1. chasev2's Avatar
      chasev2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by smackjack View Post
      connect to itunes = auto update? or do you need to press the update button to update? Should we not connect the iPhone to iTunes?
      Just turn off automatic updates. Set your iTunes to only check for updates when you tell it to check for updates.
    1. rabrown345's Avatar
      rabrown345 -
      1.1.2 is out now!!! Anybody want to test an unlocked iphone and see if it brick's it?
    1. BiGBaD's Avatar
      BiGBaD -
      1.1.2 Download: - 160 MBs....

      Suprised i havent seen this posted yet but heres the link to the restore file.


      Happy hacking. PS dont install this until its safe to do so. i.e wait to hear from dev team or others.
    1. mrlilguy157's Avatar
      mrlilguy157 -
      updating as we speak....

      i hope it fixes my speaker not working, as well as my microphone.

      problem started today. i know it most likely wont. we'll see.
    1. ~W~'s Avatar
      ~W~ -
      upgraded my... actually had a 1.0.2 and then 1.1.1 after virginizing using iunlock.no and then restored ACCIDENTALLY to 1.1.2
    1. eddieanger's Avatar
      eddieanger -
      ~W~, do you need the 1.1.1 firmware?
    1. metelskiy's Avatar
      metelskiy -
      Quote Originally Posted by MackenzieKelley View Post
      So if I was to update tomorrow and my phone is using installer app, my phone would be dead basically? I didn't make a restore for it... Uh oh! Thanks in advance.
      That's what i wanna know too, I'm an AT&T user and jailbreakme.com just yesterday and now today there is a new update.. oh man.... so what's gonna happen if i update to 1.1.2 with installer. SO basically i can't now even restore my fone back to factory settings for 1.1.1???
    1. nelse92's Avatar
      nelse92 -
      OK....all you modding noobs....back away from the itunes, take a deep breath, and listen closely before touching your computer, iPhone, or mouse again!

      No-one should do an update yet until more is known about the potential damage to modded phones. But, if you f-up and hit the update button or just want to wing it and see what happens, the last update affected modded phones in the following ways (do not click update yet, keep reading noobs);

      *If you had any basic mods on your phone such as jailbreak, ringtones, third party apps, etc....they were cleaned off of your phone after clicking on the update button. iTunes restored your phone before updating in order to wipe off 'unauthorized' software and mods. Your phone was not, however, bricked, it was just updated into a newly 'jailed' phone. Very likely, whatever means you used prior to the update to jailbreak and mod your iPhone no longer worked. Dev teams quickly found new methods to work with the new update.

      *If you had a jailbroken and UNLOCKED (meaning modded to allow you to use your phone with carriers other than ATT) phone and updated, then most likely you suddenly had a beautiful Apple paperweight.

      I would think that history will repeat itself so I would advise one of three things;

      1: WAIT...WAIT...WAIT...DO NOT UPDATE. Until dev team has had a chance to evaluate the update.

      2: Re-jail, re-lock, 'virginize' your phone before updating. Restoring will work for jailbroken phones but I am not sure about for UNLOCKED. There are other methods for this though...use the search function on this website.

      3: Throw caution to the wind and hope for the best....by all means, let us all know how it goes.

      OK Noobs, now proceed with caution!

      Disclaimer! I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the 'facts' listed in this post. I may be an idiot for all you know so why would you listen to me?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Thread closed, please continue discussion in the 1.1.2 release thread.