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  • Apple co-founder likes his iPhone unlocked!

    Laptop: Is there anything you would change about the iPhone?
    Steve Wozniak: I think it could be more like a computer. It should be open like a computer. Anyone should be able to develop their own games and programs on it. And keep the phone and the phone services off guard so it's protected.

    L: So you're in favor of the unlocking and jailbreaking for third-party applications?
    SW: From a business point of view, Apple owns what they have done. They have a right to lock it. But I am really for the unlockers, the rebels trying to make it free. I'd really like it to be open to new applications. I'd like to install some nice games. Why in the world can I not install a ringtone that I've made? How would that hurt AT&T's network? Here is Steve Jobs sending letters to the record companies saying [they] should provide music that's unprotected, but here he is taking the opposite approach with the iPhone. I don't know to what extent AT&T is involved in the thinking and direction.

    Source: http://laptopmag.com/Features/The-Wa...ings-Apple.htm

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    1. buddyyou69's Avatar
      buddyyou69 -
      Woz 4 President!!!
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      I WISH this guy was in charge his cool not like that steve *******

      Iphone is an amazing product bit APPLE doesnt know how to run bussines. But it doesnt matter anyway becasue we have unlocks, bypassing activation and **** like that so who cares what APPLE says

      ALL the 3rd party etc
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Woz..Staggering genius. What more can you say about him? I remember reading he showed up to stand in line with everyone else to get his iPhone the night they were released. People realized who he was and everyone was like "Nooo.. you go to the front of the line and get the first one". It would be like meeting Edison..only way cooler