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  • Steve to Everyone: Just two, thank you.
    If you haven't heard yet, Apple is now limiting iPhone buyers to 2 maximum, no cash sales, and you must provide your ID and credit card. No more than 2, folks!

    This is obviously due to the 250k unlocked iPhones out of 1.3 million sold since the launch of the iPhone - although you can still apply for a resellers license like Apple wants.

    USA Today

    [Thanks to everyone who linked me to this]
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    1. mikef's Avatar
      mikef -
      tensions running high i guess..... welcome to MMI
      "its just a phone you guys" hahahahah
    1. dooey5's Avatar
      dooey5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by maXimus View Post
      Where'd you go to school? That is 12, not 10!!!!!!!

      (obviously they're for unlocking and reselling)
      hahaha i cant count..thank the KY education system for that lol
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Quote Originally Posted by yowiphone View Post
      and the reason of doing this is?...
      because i made a good amount of money.
    1. meatwagon's Avatar
      meatwagon -
      yeah dude, i buy em for 399 US so thats like 395$ cnd, i unlock em, and then sell them for $575 cnd, x10 well since your not that great at math that is $1650 profit do that 3x a month, thats $60k/year to work 2 hrs a day selling iphones.
    1. PhusioN01's Avatar
      PhusioN01 -
      But what exactly is the risk for one individual that wants to export and unlock one iPhone (only one) to send to a friend on another country, breaking obviously the "short-term purchase agreement"? How can Apple or AT&T know that that specific phone was exported and what they can do about it? Sue the person that bought it?
    1. renzo75's Avatar
      renzo75 -
      I wonder if this means 'no more than 2 AT A TIME'?
      Or will c/c details be kept to prevent more transactions occurring...
      2 at a time is a pain, but manageable...


      They GET SALES... who cares how.. they get them!
    1. geoffl1's Avatar
      geoffl1 -
      so its really 2 per day?

      how often can you buy 2?
    1. Trasterus's Avatar
      Trasterus -
      Does someone know when this rule is over?
      How can I buy iphones in ATT stores?
      I heard one must have an ATT account, but how many phones can I buy with one account? And will I have to pay a monthly payment if I'm selling them overseas?
    1. ReVan's Avatar
      ReVan -
      ** Thread closed for further discussion **

      PM each other if you'd like