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  • Apple Approves Unlocked iPhones
    Well, kinda. Basically, French law mandates specifically that cell phones sold in France (such as with Orange, the carrier Apple signed with in France) must not be locked to any carrier.

    Apparently, Apple and Orange will release TWO versions of the iPhone in France. One locked to Orange, at around $540 (399 Euros), and another unlocked version which "will cost more".

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    1. canadianiphone's Avatar
      canadianiphone -
      usually a phone is more expensive without the contract...isnt it?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Yes, but thats because generally the carrier subsidizes a portion of the cost because they are making up it by gaining a new customer on a 1-3 year contract. The iPhone doesn't have any subsidization, so price differences are merely an annoyance.
    1. chiro's Avatar
      chiro -
      So how would apple differentiate between approved and non approved unlocked phones?
      How would unlocked phones bought in France be able to perform upgrades? Will there be some code aquired by activating in itunes that will allow this approved phones to perform upgrades?
    1. iphoneroeth's Avatar
      iphoneroeth -
      Why is this on "news" today?
      It's quite old news! --> last week!
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      They have to sell an unlocked version by French law lol
    1. IriQuel's Avatar
      IriQuel -

      Hopefully the Dev-Team gets their hands on an unlock phone from France. This could very well make unlocking even easier!!!
    1. udayc's Avatar
      udayc -
      I doubt if this will mean anythng for us who have unlocked their phone - cause im sure there will be a verification process - using a french credit card or something which will allow a user to activate the iPhone - so even though it will be unlocked - I think it will only be for a person with a french credit card who will be able to access only the french itunes store.

      So it basically means we will still havee to keep modding and unlocking our phones.

      well at least thats wht I think anyway
    1. brand1130's Avatar
      brand1130 -
      I expect it the unlocked iphones to cost approximately 718 euros, probably a 699 euro price tag. I calculated this after figuring 18$/month * 24 months is what Apple is losing. Comes out to a nice number While this does seem ridiculous (near 1000$US), it's probably very likely as Apple does not want a swath of unlocked iphones masquerading all over the planet.
    1. jedinight's Avatar
      jedinight -
      mmmm.just wait till we get that firm....yummy.and we will too