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    , and
  • Elite Dev Team revirginizer Tool
    Is out!

    A guide will be up later today...


    EDIT: Guide is up now.
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    1. ianhutch1's Avatar
      ianhutch1 -
      does this work with 1.0.2 phones unlocked with anysim?
    1. craig's Avatar
      craig -
      i used the tool on my iUnlocked 1.0.2 phone and then used iNdependance to update to 1.1.1 i then ran the new anySIM and it went through fine. But i still get incorrect sim and no signal...anyone know the problem?
    1. heespharm's Avatar
      heespharm -
      should be fine.... I had an unlocked phone through anysim and did the revirginization the long way.. Now im rocking 1.1.1
    1. zetex's Avatar
      zetex -

      so if i have a hardware unlocked 1.0.2 iphone and the modem firmware is 03.14.08_G

      can i use this program to get it back to its locked state then update to 1.1.1 then run anysim1.1.1

      can someone give me a bit of advise, been reading some many guides and now i think i'm more confused now then when i started...

      i'm currently on O2 in the Uk...

      thanks alot

    1. craig's Avatar
      craig -
      it hasnt worked for me...my IMEI is howing up as 004999....could that be the problem? if so any solution?
    1. artjr's Avatar
      artjr -
      Quote Originally Posted by Destructo View Post
      Thats good to hear, but I would like to point out some notes very closely so people don't download and run it without reading about it.

      Q: Can I use this method to re-virginize my iUnlock/anySIM'd phone in either 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 firmwares?

      A: Yes. However, this process involves reflashing the 3.14 baseband firmware so it is safer to downgrade to 1.0.2 OS firmware prior to proceeding.

      Q: I attempted to virginize using geohot's server but it failed. Is it safe to use this method now?

      A: Maybe. If the previous attempt to re-virginize accidentally wrote zeroes in the baseband seczone then this method will likely not work. However, if the failure was non-damaging then you are welcome to try and see if this works. Be sure to backup your seczone first!
      This guide assumes you've already established ssh access to your phone. For added peace-of-mind it is advisable.
      I like to upgrade my locked BUT freed iphone to 1.1.1 but I been reading about SSH and I have no idea what this is? I have a locked iphone to AT&T but I have a few 3rd party apps installed. So its a freed iphone but locked. Can I safely upgrade to 1.1.1 without damage? Once I upgrade, can I simply free the iphone to allow 3rd party apps? Are there any process out now for my situation?

      Thank You
    1. oxeneers's Avatar
      oxeneers -
      Any word on a guide, poetic_folly?
    1. bookmark's Avatar
      bookmark -
      Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
      Politics. Same initial base, two separate groups.

      Should you trust ANYONE's release? All this is beta software, tested before release obviously, but at the end of the day, we're still modding. But not to worry, we get guides up to make it all as easy as possible. I'm working on one now.
      can't believe things like this also works on politics..
    1. Giies's Avatar
      Giies -
      this one is 100% work for me, it's so much easier than the other one with the sever. It's completely set my phone back to normal, but there one problem, it won't let me connect to my itunes, it said that my IMEI is incorrect, even though when i check the phone, it exactly the same as in the back of the phone. Luckily i got an new ATT sim, which hasn't been activate, i swapped it with my activated ATT sim, it fixed the problem. (I used my Activated ATT sim to do the revirginize) Now my phone is firmware 1.1.1 and i will try to jailbreak and unlock later see if it will work.
    1. meatwagon's Avatar
      meatwagon -
      can i use this on my sony w300i???

    1. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
      wannagotopopeyes -
      Quote Originally Posted by musa88 View Post
      i thought that the virginalizer of dev team was something easy to do, like 1 click, i waited patiently in unlocked 1.0.2 to see that in this virginalizer u also need to mess with terminal and all that complicated things...
      so? if you haven't noticed, poetic and cash and everyone else makes excellent step by step guides (most of the time with screen shots too) for everything we have for the iPhone whether its all in terminal or just one click in an app, so just be happy you can finally upgrade to 1.1.1, wait for the guide, and be thankful like me!
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Has geohots server been taken down? Most importatnly is the data gone from it?
    1. cruid's Avatar
      cruid -
      Quote Originally Posted by ianhutch1 View Post
      does this work with 1.0.2 phones unlocked with anysim?
      Buddy, do you even bother to read the post or the link at all??? This is quite the pathetic question. That's like asking "where's my mouse?" Maybe on the table right in front of you? LOOK FIRST!

      People have the answers here but we aren't here to hold your hand and walk you accross the crosswalk. These great people only show your the right way and give the proper instructions. If you cannot execute the instructions then you need to start from reading the guides from the very beginning.

      I'm not burning anyone this is just disappointing to read.

      Quote Originally Posted by artjr View Post
      I like to upgrade my locked BUT freed iphone to 1.1.1 but I been reading about SSH and I have no idea what this is? I have a locked iphone to AT&T but I have a few 3rd party apps installed. So its a freed iphone but locked. Can I safely upgrade to 1.1.1 without damage? Once I upgrade, can I simply free the iphone to allow 3rd party apps? Are there any process out now for my situation?

      Thank You
      I believe it is wise to restore your iphone before upgrading personally. The 3rd party apps that you have installed on your 1.0.2 FW do not transfer over to 1.1.1 but installer.app still thinks that you seem to have them installed in their list even though you do not. Although if you do choose to upgrade with out restoring first it didn't cause any problems other than what I mentioned because I did it personally.
      If you already have upgraded without restoring.. Once you get installer.app installed onto your phone again go to the uninstall list remove the previous apps that were installed on 1.0.2 and then download and install them once again on the 1.1.1.

      Hopefully that was not too confusing I'm not a professional when it comes to this stuff but pretty damn sure I'm right on this one. If I'm wrong someone please correct me.
    1. 360boi's Avatar
      360boi -
      YEPPEE! my dreams have come true.

      running 1.11 on my tmobile sim!

      did the virginize thing, then used independence for pre-1.11 and from there ran the steps located at hacktheiphone.com

      thanks to every1 who worked on this!
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Guide will be up tonight. Have all screenshots taken, just organizing now...
    1. Junk13's Avatar
      Junk13 -
      Elite Dev Team rocks!

      The other thing I've been waiting on advice about is whether or not we can/should upgrade iTunes. I was of the understanding that until we get our 1.11 issue worked out we shouldn't upgrade past iTunes 7.4.1.

      Am I taking the right approach?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      I am still on 7.4.1. Once you are running 1.1.1 you should be able to upgrade without issue.
    1. chasev2's Avatar
      chasev2 -
      Yippee. This sounds good and thank you Poetic for the guide. I have no doubt i'll be able to do this, as the google instructions themselves don't look too hard.

      However, I have a couple questions still:

      About AppTap... what is the current status of that? Have the programs availabe in 1.0.2 been rewritten to work with 1.1.1? I am fond of Apollo Chat and iLight. I use my iPhone as a flash light a lot. lol

      Also, will my music, video and contacts remain or will I have to reload them? I'm thinking everything should remain, but i'd like confirmation of that.

      Thanks everyone.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      AppTapp has nothing to do with those applications - it is simply one of many ways to actually install the apps to your phone. Yes, most of the apps work on 1.1.1 now, including the ones you mentioned.

      Feel free to use the Google guide, its not too tough, although I did run into a few issues, which I will detail in my guide, out later tonight.
    1. remyzero7's Avatar
      remyzero7 -
      I'll be trying this as soon as you post your guide, as I've had very good luck following your simple instructions in the past. Thanks for all of your hard work!