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  • iToner 1.0.4 update
    The iToner 1.0.4 update is free to all registered users, and may be downloaded here:


    iToner 1.0.4 features the following improvements and changes:

    -- More robust iPhone OS 1.1.1 support to fix non-playing ringtones

    -- Fixed a bug with the playlists being updated when a ringtone was added from iTunes

    -- Other bug fixes and enhancements
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      Quote Originally Posted by afinite17 View Post

      I get easily sidetracked, because everyone jumps the gun and starts talking about other things in the same topic forum lol. So my question is, before I download iToner, does it work with 1.1.1? I don't see why it would, being you can't run the 3rd party apps on 1.1.1 yet. (off-topic) now,
      I downloaded iIndependence, has a great GUI, but it won't let me install unless I d-grade to 1.0.2. Just seems like a lot of hasty work. I'm pretty good with this stuff to a certain point, but I'm really no programmer, so if anyone can give me the best route I would greatly appreciate it. I can't wait for appInstaller for 1.1.1!!!
      that's why iToner was updated -> to work with 1.1.1