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  • [Released] iLocalis - Never lose your iPhone 3g again!
    Just released via the MMi Cydia source iLocalis the ultimate in iPhone tracking, remote control, and more.
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    What's that image above? That is from my account on the iLocalis website and it is where my iPhone was located 22 mins ago. With iLocalis you can set how often you want your iPhone 3g to send its current location to the iLocalis server and your iPhone will be tracked.

    What can this be used for?
    • Never lose you iPhone. If it is missing just log onto the iLocalis site and you'll know where it was located last. These things are expensive and losing them sucks. Problem solved.
    • Retrieve a stolen iPhone. If your iPhone is stolen you can log into the site and check out where it's at. Extra features built into iLocalis allow you to send text messages or make calls on your iPhone when you don't even have it with you. If you iPhone is stolen log in and send yourself a text message. If the thief changed the sim card you'll have their phone number!
    • Allow your family and friends to know where you are. iLocalis will send a message to your friends when you are near by. You can also set it up to allow your friends to locate you. If your friend also has iLocalis you can send messages to each other for free. No txt messaging charges.

    • Need family or someone else to know where you are? You can share a map of your location data with whomever you choose with a temporary URL that will expire when you set it to expire.
    • iLocalis can also be used for a business that needs location services for their employees. Employees carrying iPhones with iLocalis can be tracked via the web site easily.

    This app really works! Although there are a few bugs with cookies expiring and having to log back into the app occasionally on the iPhone it appears to send your location the the iLocalis web servers the whole time. I turned it on and went for a little drive and the app did a great job tracking where I went. I also tested the send text message feature. I sent a text message via my phone from the iLocalis website and it worked just like it is supposed to.

    Need your iPhone's location to be tracked? Want to increase your chances of recovery if your iPhone is stolen? iLocalis is for you so grab it from Cydia already! Once installed on the iPhone just hop on over to the iLocalis site and you can see what's going on! Unfortunately at some point (10 days) the free trial will end and you'll have to donate to keep the features going. The good news is that at a minimum donation price of $2.50 for an entire year subscription it's really not unreasonable at all.
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    1. acalatrava's Avatar
      acalatrava -
      Hi everyone!

      I'm iLocalis developer and I'm glad to know that almost everyone likes it!

      I want to clear some points:

      Cookies issue: This is not really an issue but it is bad developed, I will correct it in the near future. If you log into the system from iLocalis.com and after that you log from your iPhone using iLocalis app your cookie will change, so you won't be able to navigate from your computer. And viceversa. I will correct this behaviour in the next few days.

      Firmware 2.0 issue: I have received the feedback of some people telling me that iLocalis is not working on their iPhones. They have been waiting but their locations does not come into iLocalis. I identify this issue with a problem with the firmware. I'm using some features only available on firmware 2.1 but I have corrected them to be compatible with 2.0.x. I just send the upgraded packages to ModMyI so in the next few hours (I hope) all the people with firmware 2.0.x will can update ilocalis and it will work. I think that the problem of some of you that keep your iPhone on your home screen is maybe because of this issue too.

      Uninstalling iLocalis: Some people was unable to uninstall iLocalis. I don't know exactly why this is happening, it's like the uninstalling process was stucked in the middle or something... Maybe following this steps you will can uninstall it correctly:
      1.- Log into your iPhone through SSH
      2.- Unzip the file attached and upload to /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
      3.- Issue the following command: launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.ilocalis.daemon.plist
      4.- Go to Cydia and try to remove iLocalis Daemon

      The future: A lot of people has requested me more and more features. I will set a page on iLocalis.com to allow everybody make suggestions and vote them so I can choose what develop first. One of the things I will develop is that if your iPhone is stolen the app won't be able to uninstall from Cydia unless you allow to from iLocalis.com. Of course if the iPhone is restored or updated iLocalis will be out... Maybe if iLocalis Daemon came into PwnageTool like Cydia or Installer if your thief jailbreak your iPhone you will track it because the serial number is the same and it was registered... But I have to make more progress with the developing of iLocalis and after that I will talk to iphone-dev to make them this proposal.

      Thank u everybody!!
    1. dmighty's Avatar
      dmighty -
      I recently traveled and lost my IPHONE in the airport. Fortunately, after a few days, i recieved a call from the airport stating the phone was retrieved. You cant imagine how happy i was. It would have cost 400 to replace and how can you have any other phone but the iphone once you have enjoyed it..

      This application would have come in handy then so i am going to give it a shot.
      I have Installed this application and so far so good. No issues to report
      Located me after a few minutes. The cookies issue is annoying but the dev said he would fix that issues with an update. Also tried the remote text and phone call and it worked flawlessly.

    1. ikerside's Avatar
      ikerside -
      SO NICE!!!! thks a lot DEV!!!
    1. roger505's Avatar
      roger505 -
      acalatrava can you explain the Checking Rate time to me alittle more, I want to use the least battery possible and only track the phone when I need to when its lost. What setting will allow me to find my phone when I need it only and have no other battery drain until I track it ???
    1. spikedfo's Avatar
      spikedfo -
      count me in. it should be useful
    1. carlbgc's Avatar
      carlbgc -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
      After using this for a few days, I uninstalled it. The daemon it also installs runs my battery empty in 4 hours.

      Then you are obviously using it wrong. My battery lasts just as long as it did before, and I just made my donation.
    1. heath_rox's Avatar
      heath_rox -
      i can see alot of parents buying this
    1. gbadude's Avatar
      gbadude -
      Quote Originally Posted by carlbgc View Post
      Then you are obviously using it wrong. My battery lasts just as long as it did before, and I just made my donation.
      What are your settings?
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
    1. roger505's Avatar
      roger505 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ronfin44 View Post
      ?? what are you talking about works great
    1. kevinsickles's Avatar
      kevinsickles -
      I uninstalled, constant text messages from myself How do i stop this?
    1. acalatrava's Avatar
      acalatrava -
      what do you mean? I don't get it...
    1. CodeSmoke's Avatar
      CodeSmoke -
      I have been using this for a couple of days on my iPhone and my wifes iPhone, so far it works like it is suppose to. I did have to change it from updating every 15 minutes as that did cause the batter level to drain faster.

      I actually have the location set to off and check in with the server every hour. when I need to find one of the phones I go to the website and turn tracking on, send a txt msg to have the location sent to me and turn it off. Works great and I love being able to see the battery level on the website.

      As for making it to where the theif can't turn it off, just use SBSettings to hide the icon and no-one will know it is installed.

      Also I had to turn off notify friends since I was getting constant txt msg's that my wife's iPhone was next to me and the same on hers.

      Check the settings and tweek them to your liking. I would at least install it and turn off the location service to save power, then change the connection frequency to the max which is an hour I believe. That way if your phone is stolen or lost you just go to the website and turn on tracking.

      The one thing I would like updated is when you send the txt msg to the phone "COMMAND LOCATE" and the gps cordonates are sent back, it should be linked to google maps app. As of now I have to go to maps.google.com and enter the two numbers.
    1. johnrs's Avatar
      johnrs -
      Hi. Has anyone else had this problem.. Turned my iphone off when I went to bed last night (which i don't normally do) and when I came down this morning and went to switch it back on again the battery was flat. Thought it was a little odd, and assumed that I had not turn it off after all. But this evening I turned it off again and then about 15 mins later I saw it turn back on again

      Is this because the daemon is still running and powering the iphone on to connect to the ilocalis server?

      iphone has just been JB and ilocalis and BossPrefs are the only apps that I have installed since

      Anyone help please.

    1. Pistol1's Avatar
      Pistol1 -
      That's a point actually - I've turned my iPhone off for flights a couple of times recently, and when I went to switch it back on, found that it was on already!!

      I've also noticed that my iPhone is running a touch more sluggishly with iLocalis installed. I've turned off the tracking, figuring I can just turn it on remotely if my iPhone ever went missing, so the battery drain isn't too bad, but the slowdown is making some apps a bit flaky.

      I really love the concept of this app, and the peace of mind it brings, but to be honest I think I'm probably not going to keep it too much longer - I don't want my phone's usability to be compromised.
    1. johnrs's Avatar
      johnrs -
      What I have noticed now is that if you have the front end app installed and not hidden then it seems to be OK and when switched off it stays off.. its just when the app is hidden via bossprefs or if you uninstall the front end. This I guess is something I hope the creator of the app is aware of this possible problem with the app

      I have turned off tracking and set the updated to 30mins. not really noticed much slow down, but then again I dont really have too many other JB apps installed. I have seen a slightly reduced battery
    1. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
      Real_Iphonecrazy -
      Is it a trial version or do you have to donate to use it at all?
    1. johnrs's Avatar
      johnrs -
      Its a 10 day trial and then you donate to keep your access to the server side of things. Depending on your donation you either get Basic or Premium, but with both your get 1 years access.

      Now the odd thing is I access the tracking from my Mac book last night and changed setting and it seems that when I turned off my iphone it stayed off..


      Great app thought and even with the power back of thing I will be keeping it
    1. wgm214's Avatar
      wgm214 -
      does this work on 3.0?? and do u need a 3g, ik it obviously wont be as accurate with a 2g...
    1. Donbo's Avatar
      Donbo -
      Regardless of the merits of the program, I cannot use or subscribe to a program that connot be uninstalled. I receive two text messages each day reminding me that my iLocalis subscription has expired. Even after uninstallation the messages continue. I certainly will not contribute to any program that exibits aggressive behavior such as this.